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5 Best Doughnut Shops in Miami

The Miami doughnut scene is about as popular as slabbing on sunscreen and going to the beach. This may seem ironic since these sweet treats aren’t known for keeping a beach-fit figure.

But Miami is all about decadence. So it’s not surprising to see how fun and fantastic their doughnut shops have become.

So, where do you go for the best ones in Miami? We’re looking at some mouthwatering menus to find out.

Let’s dig in!

About the Miami Doughnut Scene

Foodies worldwide have been flocking to Miami to try the city’s famous artisan doughnuts. Legend has it that these specialty shops started taking off around 2015. But before then, pop-up doughnut trucks were pretty easy to find. Of course, if you go back decades, all you’d find is a chain as the local diner. But that’s changed.

National Donut Day has been around since World War II. But in recent years, cities like Miami started hosting special events in its honor. Local shops hold competitions, while others give away free doughnuts. But you don’t need a holiday to indulge in Miami’s thriving sweets scene.

Here are our top five picks for the best Miami doughnuts.

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Woman eating donut
Fuel up for all your Miami adventures with a delicious donut.

#1 Mojo Donuts and Fried Chicken

Mojo Donuts secured Miami’s crown as the doughnut capital of the U.S. That is at least according to the Miami Press. With over 200 varieties, you’ll always have something new to try.

They even serve fried chicken and fries! No wonder this place is the number one stop for comfort food.

If you want to try what’s popular, get the guava and cheese doughnut or the Slutty Brownie. Rock and roll fans love the Oreo Speedwagon. If you want something more savory, there’s the chicken brûlée sandwich – a hot doughnut with chicken, cheese, and bacon!

Mojo Donuts and Fried Chicken is the go-to choice for some celebrities. The restaurant made specialty flavored It’s My Party doughnuts for Jennifer Lopez and her VIPs at her 2019 end-of-tour afterparty.

#2 The Salty

Back in 2014, Miami locals Amanda Pizarro and Andy Rodrigues turned a dream into reality by opening a pop-up doughnut and coffee shop. Word about their tiny camper, The Salty, spread fast. 

By 2015 their first brick-and-mortar store opened in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami. They’re so good and making doughnuts and fun places to hang out, that The Salty now has 11 locations!

Flavors at The Salty depend on the season and the shop’s location. Miami doughnut fans love the maple and bacon doughnut. Then there’s the vegan dark chocolate passionfruit. But if you travel to Orlando, you can try the butterbeer flavor. And their Texas locations feature the horchata doughnut, made with chocolate and cinnamon meringue. Is anyone up for a doughnut road trip?

#3 Max’d Out 

Max’d Out brick-and-mortar store just opened this month in North Miami Beach. But the brand has clout from years of success as a pop-up shop. Chef Max Santiago helped stores like The Salty get started before he branched out on his own. With over 27 years in fine dining, Santiago’s creative take on doughnuts is hard to beat.

Try their Boston cream, for example. You get the custard creme filling, and the top is stacked with chocolate ganache and giant chocolate shavings. Or you can try the chocolate and peanut butter doughnut, designed like a piece of art. Specialty treats, like key lime pie, thrill regulars when they pop up on the menu.

Be sure to check the menu regularly. Max’d Out rotates their menu weekly, with monthly specials showcasing selections from their 52 flavors.

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#4 Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme doughnuts can be found all over the world. The first store opened in North Carolina in 1937, so they must be doing something right. According to the Miami New Times, Krispy Kreme’s classic glazed doughnut is one of the most popular treats in town.

The signature frosting of Krispy Kreme is the icing. Sweet, but not too sweet, it gives the soft fried dough a crisp, gooey texture that is too yummy to resist. The glaze is so legendary that the company keeps its recipe under lock and key – literally.

Some examples of Miami’s Krispy Kreme glazed delights are the lemon-filled doughnut, the blueberry doughnut, and the cruller. But if icing isn’t your thing, you might want to try their powdered sugar options. There’s the powdered cinnamon cake, the powdered strawberry-filled doughnut, and the old-fashioned cinnamon twist.

Grab an assortment of glazed doughnut holes if you’re trying to trim back your treats.

#5 Pink Love Donuts and More

If you want to keep it wild while in Miami, check out Pink Love Donuts on Miami Beach. The store looks like a pink-frosted sweet factory with unicorns on top. The cool thing about Pink Love is there’s much more to choose from than doughnuts. 

Come by for breakfast and try their chicken and waffles. You can also get eggs, french toast, and pancakes. Vegans like the acai bowls and avocado french toast. They even serve vegan empanadas!

But the menu doesn’t stop there. Aside from a plethora of lunch items on the menu, yes, they do serve doughnuts. Pink Love categorizes their doughnuts as classic, specialty, gourmet, and ultimate. Each kind gets crazier, in that order. As the menu frequently changes, be sure to stop by more than once.

Does Miami Really Have Good Doughnuts?

When it comes to decadence, you have plenty of options in the Magic City. And Miami’s doughnuts are no exception. There are so many creative recipes that a sugar high is hard to avoid! So why not go for it? Try a doughnut or two or five. Enjoy the scene at each shop. We think you’ll have a great time.

Have you been to any of our top Miami doughnut stores? Let us know if you’ve got a favorite.   

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