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7 Best Snacks from Buc-ee’s Gas Station

Buc-ee’s is where you want to be if you’re looking for your next favorite snack. 

Don’t be fooled, this store isn’t just any gas station. In fact, it holds the title of the World’s Largest Convenience Store. 

There are so many options to choose from it can be hard to know what to buy. We’ve put together a list of our favorite Buc-ee’s snacks, so you don’t miss out the next time you’re on the road.

Let’s get into it!

Buc-ee’s Doesn’t Skimp on Road Trip Snacks

When you think of road trip destinations, gas stations may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But Buc-ee’s is no ordinary gas station.

Buc-ee’s has thirty-five stores in its home state of Texas. Until recently, you had to travel to the Lone Star State to experience this one-of-a-kind store. But they have started expanding throughout the southeastern US and continue to grow.

Surprisingly, the company is well known for its bathrooms. Large and immaculately clean, they’re always a welcome sight for weary travelers. 

They’re also known for having low gas prices. There are dozens of pumps, so you don’t have to wait in line. You also won’t have to maneuver around massive 18-wheelers since big rigs aren’t allowed. 

This massive gift shop offers everything from clothing to home decor. You can find just about anything here. Even if a die-hard fan needs a Buc-ee’s beaver costume, they have you covered.

But the star of the show is their massive selection of snacks. Whether stocking up for a road trip or stopping in on your way to work, you don’t want to miss out on their best foods. After all, no trip is complete without the proper grub.

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Exterior of Buc-ee's
No road trip is complete without snacks from Buc-ee’s.

#1 Beaver Chips

Forget those boring potato chips that line the shelves at every other gas station. Beaver Chips are next level.

Fried fresh in-house every day, they’re the perfect combination of crunchy and salty. These are great on their own, but they’re also perfect alongside any of Buc-ee’s sandwiches. 

What could be better than a hot, savory brisket sandwich and freshly fried chips? We sure can’t think of anything!

#2 Beaver Nuggets

Beaver Nuggets might be Buc-ee’s most loved snack. The original variety is sweet corn puffs coated in caramel and brown sugar. They’re a lot like caramel corn but light and airy. So don’t be surprised if the bag disappears in a flash!

Of course, there are several other flavors to choose from. White cheddar habanero, sea salt caramel, and chocolate-dipped are all worthy contenders for the ultimate road trip munchie.

We’ve heard of Texans shipping boxes of this tasty treat to out-of-state friends. And we totally get it. They’re absolutely addictive!

#3 Buc-ee’s Fudge Snacks

The fudge at Buc-ee’s is out of this world, with many flavors to choose from. They make all the classics like chocolate, mint chocolate, and peanut butter.

But they also get creative. Banana pudding, birthday cake, M&M, and blueberry cheesecake are just a few of the options. In fact, Buc-ee’s has an entire display case just for their fudge, so you know they take it seriously. However, these treats are filling and addictive. If you buy too many, you may overdo it before you realize what happened.

Buc-ee's parking lot
Fuel up for your adventure by grabbing some food at Buc-ee’s.

#4 Jerky

Speaking of taking things seriously, Buc-ee’s isn’t messing around when it comes to beef jerky. 

Each location has two separate sections devoted to this savory snack. The wall has prepackaged bags of every kind. The jerky counter lets you mix and match flavors. 

You’ll find about fifteen flavors to choose from. You’ll find classic options like teriyaki and mesquite pepper, as well as more daring flavors like ghost pepper and bohemian garlic. 

#5 Kolaches

Of all the delicious Buc-ee’s snacks, their kolaches are one of the most scrumptious. 

These puff pastries are traditionally filled with a fruity center. But the Beaver takes these treats up another notch. 

They have all the classic fillings like cherry and cheese, which are delicious. But the savory kolaches are out of this world. Fillings like sausage, cheese, and jalapeno-cheddar will leave you returning for more. The fresh-baked treats are an excellent way to boost morale after a long day on the road.

#6 Roasted Nuts

When you first walk into one of the stores, the smell of warm cinnamon might be the first thing you notice. And if you follow your nose, it will lead you straight to their selection of freshly roasted nuts. 

Cones of cinnamon pecans, honey-roasted cashews, and lightly salted nuts are kept under a heat lamp. This means you don’t have to get there right as they come out of the oven to enjoy this classic Buc-ee’s snack at its peak. 

#7 Sizzlin’ Saltines

One of Buc-ee’s more unexpected snacks is their Sizzlin’ Saltine crackers. These tasty eats are buttery and spicy with the perfect amount of crunch. There’s also a ranch-flavored option if you’re looking to cool things down.

They’re addictive on their own, but you can also pair them with cheese and sausage or dip them into hummus.

And if you’re not on the road, you can use them as a tasty breading for chicken. Just try not to eat the whole box on the drive home. 

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Fuel Up on Snacks at Buc-ee’s

When it comes to snacks, the selection at Buc-ee’s has few rivals. You can almost certainly find it there whether you’re craving something sweet, savory, or spicy. From road trip treats to full-blown meals, they have you covered. 

Buc-ee’s offers so many tasty snacks that we may have missed your favorite one. It can be intimidating to see so many options when you’re hungry. But we hope you found some inspiration for your next pit stop.

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