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What Is the Teenage Dirtbag Trend?

If you’ve been on the Internet recently, you’ve probably heard of the teenage dirtbag trend. 

While you may remember the song, you may not quite understand what it means. So, is it worth jumping on the bandwagon for this fad?

We have all the answers for you, plus some tips about making the perfect tribute to your biggest fashion flops.

Let’s rock!

What Is the TikTok Teenage Dirtbag Trend?

Recently, our TikTok feeds have overflowed with cringe-worthy pictures that reeked of the early 2000s. We’re suddenly staring down photos of our friends looking more like a bad parody of Avril Lavigne than themselves.

This is all thanks to the teenage dirtbag trend. 

Inspired by the song of the same name, this craze has people digging up pics of their most regrettable style choices from high school. Then they set it to a sped up version of the memorable track so everyone can enjoy. And it isn’t just for us normies. Plenty of celebrities have joined in, too.

Who Sings the “Teenage Dirtbag” song?

New York-based rock band Wheatus gained notoriety for their song Teenage Dirtbag in 2000. Lead vocalist Brendan B. Brown penned the hit. He was inspired by elements of his childhood, when he felt unpopular and helpless.

The single was Wheatus’ only hit, but it was huge in the US and abroad. Band members have come and gone over the years, but Brown has remained front and center. They’re still performing, so you might be able to catch a show and relive your most embarrassing years live!

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Teenage Dirtbag TikTok trend
The teenage dirtbag trend is taking TikTok by a storm.

What Celebrities Have Embraced the Teenage Dirtbag Trend?

Hollywood celebrities were quick to jump on the fad. And they have the Internet debating who takes the title of biggest dirtbag. We rounded up a few of our favorites we don’t want you to miss.

Joe Jonas

Pop-rock heartthrob Joe Jonas showed off pictures of his black locks straightened to a crisp and swooshed ever-so-neatly in front of his face. A haircut that can only be described as “scene” featured prominently in his teenage dirtbag TikTok. His throwback photos are almost unrecognizable from the coiffed, dapper Jonas Brother we know and love today.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is the celebutante-turned-DJ that the Internet loves to hate. She’s always been a polarizing figure, and her aloof persona gained lots of attention in the early 20000s.

But no matter how you feel about her, she’s come a long way from her teenage dirtbag years.

Hilton’s take on this viral trend began with the starlet showing off a diamond-studded Hello Kitty bag. Then we see a shot of her with longtime friend Nicole Richie in matching double-denim outfits. But heavily censored pics from her modeling days are the meat of this throwback. 

Gwen Stefani

No Doubt’s leading lady understood the assignment. Unlike many folks who use the trend to humble brag about how cute they were 20 years ago, Gwen Stefani embraced the burnout look.

She used pictures that hadn’t been edited or Photoshopped. Sure, she had a couple of unfortunate haircuts, and she looks like she may have gotten into a bit of mischief back then. But it was nice to see someone use this trend correctly. One thing is for sure. Gwen Stefani has only gotten better with age.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner also jumped on the teenage dirtbag trend. But her version was a little less grungy and a little nerdier. Pics of the actress wearing a marching band uniform, doing ballet, and playing the saxophone read more like a student who always got straight A’s.

At least you can tell someone took these photos of her using a camera with actual film. They really took us back to the early Millennial days. We love you, Jennifer Garner. But you were never a rebel. 

Lady Gaga

Pop icon Lady Gaga rounds out our list of celebrities who gave us a blast from the past. Her TikTok features images from her pre-fame New York party-girl days. In her pics, she sports her natural deep brunette hair and skimpy outfits, including a few barely-there bodysuits. Talk about unrecognizable.

Yes, the future Lady Gaga looks like she could sniff out a good time. But we could argue that her true dirtbag days came after she found fame. Has everyone forgotten her meat dress?

Teenage Dirtbag TikTok trend
Even celebrities have hopped on the teenage dirtbag trend.

How to Jump on the Teenage Dirtbag Trend

If you want to relive your dirtbag days, you can get in on the action too! It’s easy, and we have a guide to help you celebrate your embarrassing teenage self. 

Find Pictures from Your Glory Days

Dig through family photo albums or your oldest Facebook pics to find your most regrettable style choices. You might even have a long-forgotten MySpace page floating around out there, and that would be a goldmine for this trend!

Create Your Post

Next, you’ll need to put these pictures together. Kapwing is a video editing site that makes content creation a breeze. They offer free templates, so all you have to do is drag and drop. You can upload images from your computer or Google Drive. It couldn’t be easier!

Share on Social Media

Now you get to share your embarrassment with the world. Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram are all perfect platforms to post your memories as a teenage dirtbag.

Don’t be shy. When you click that ‘Publish’ button, you’ll join the throngs of others who’ve already released their shame into the world. 

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Should You Make a Teenage Dirtbag Post?

If you love getting a laugh at your own expense, it wouldn’t hurt to make a teenage dirtbag video. There’s nothing to lose except a little dignity.

Plus, getting just the right amount of bedhead was hard work. And you applied all that eyeliner without blinding yourself! You deserve to show off your skills. Just make sure you under

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