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5 Common Garage Items That Can Be Deadly

When working in your garage, the last thing you want to worry about is deadly things. Unfortunately, many everyday items you store here can harm you even when leaving the house. 

We’re not saying bigfoot is lurking behind your wheeled garbage cans. But we think all homeowners should know some common yet overlooked dangers.

Today, we’re sharing five things in your garage that can be deadly and how to make them safe.

Let’s check it out!

Your Garage Can Be a Deadly Space

Your garage is an asset. It typically increases residential property values by at least 4%. And who doesn’t love the idea of starting your own rock band? We use them for so many things, and it becomes a space we treasure.

But that special space can also be deadly. Storage areas can get so cluttered that slips and falls become common. But you can take steps to protect yourself. In fact, since we mentioned steps, put reflective tape on any you have.

See! That’s easy enough. Now we’ll go over even more ways to make your space safer.

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Man lifting garage door
There are many potentially hazardous items lurking in your garage.

#1 Car Maintenance Supplies

Almost all cars require fluids crucial for maintenance but toxic for humans. These include wiper fluid, oil, and carburetor cleaner. One tablespoon of antifreeze can cause kidney damage or death. Even car wax can irritate the skin.

It’s best to keep all car productions away from children and pets in one location. Ensure all caps are snug and that no corrosion forms on the bottles. It’s also a good idea to have work towels, a bin, and a water spritzer nearby for accidental spills.

And don’t forget to close containers when you’re finished. Vapors from these supplies can cause flash fires, so tighten those caps!

#2 Lawn Care Products

We store many lawn and garden products in the garage for easy outdoor access. In addition, fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides can be toxic to humans and pets. But they can also be harmful if not stored properly.

The best way to prevent lawn products from becoming deadly garage dangers is to read the instructions. You might need to store them out of direct sunlight or in a dry space. In any case, store gloves alongside these items in a childproof area.

Keep a few fire extinguishers handy and one near your lawn mower gas.

Inside garage
Clear out any dangerous chemicals and products from your garage.

#3 Carbon Monoxide

The scariest deadly garage item is your car. The fumes coming out of your exhaust pipe can quickly poison you. That’s why you should never start the engine with the door closed. Never.

In fact, pull it out into the driveway if you need to keep it running for any amount of time.

If you get a headache, feel dizzy, or have chest pain, you might already have carbon monoxide poisoning. For peace of mind, install at least one carbon monoxide detector.

Ideally, you should store all paint and paint products in a climate-controlled room. Keeping paint in your garage can be deadly due to fumes and toxic skin irritants. If you live in hot cities like Phoenix, the heat can chemically change it to hazardous waste. And thinners can start a fire.

But if you need to store it here, ensure all products are in a cool, dry location above freezing. Work with the door open when using any paint products. And cover the top with plastic wrap under the lid when finished.

#5 Garage Doors 

Doors, in general, aren’t something people think about and fuss over. We just want them to function correctly. But according to, the automatic ones cause 20,000 injuries and over 24 deaths yearly. 

Luckily you can take steps to avoid an accident. Mount wall buttons high and out of reach of children. Make sure your door has an auto-stop feature that activates when pets or kids try to sneak underneath. And look for one registered with the UL 325 safety standard. 

Lastly, invest in having your door inspected regularly and maintained. Twice a year is great. 

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Looking into garage
24 people die each year from garage door related accidents.

How to Make Your Garage Less Deadly

Organizing your garage is the best way to keep it useful instead of deadly. You can start with a floor plan. Even if yours is more than lived in, you’re best off assessing your goals on paper first. Write down where switches, sockets, and receptacles are. Note the dimensions and how your car fits within them. 

Next, you should store items that go together in one place. Think about how you operate best and maybe add open shelves or a workbench. And don’t skimp on lighting. The more you can see, the easier it’ll be to keep the floors clean. You might even want to keep cat litter for oil and grease spills.

You Can Prevent a Deadly Garage

Deadly garage items are easy to manage. It just takes a little thought. If you prioritize tidying your storage space, you’ll create a safe environment to live and work in. Have fun organizing items with clear bins, labels, and reflective tape. And don’t skimp on carbon monoxide detectors and regular door maintenance. 

Once you’re in the habit of taking care of your garage like any other room in the house, keeping you and your family is easy!

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