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The Best Nike Hiking Gear of 2023 (From shoes to shorts to tops)

If you need to flush out your hiking wardrobe, check out Nike gear in 2023.

This brand has an assortment of excellent hiking clothes that’ll cover you from head to toe this summer. 

We’ve picked out some of the best items to check out. Ready to get dressed for summer hiking?

Let’s go shopping!

How To Choose the Best Nike Gear for Hiking in 2023

If you want to hit the trails this summer, Nike has the gear you need in 2023. Before diving into the options, we’ll review some basics of getting dressed for hiking in the heat. For starters, you’ll probably want a brimmed hat to keep the sun out of your face. 

You should also wear a shirt rated for protection from harmful UV rays. For the best sunburn defense, we suggest choosing a lightweight long-sleeved top. Also, consider finding a shirt that dries quickly or wicks moisture to prevent chafing and discomfort. Avoid cotton and opt for wool or synthetic fibers instead.

Some backpackers prefer shorts, and others like to wear pants. We find that it depends on the hike. If you plan to explore the Southwest, you might want more leg coverage for protection against possible run-ins with cacti. In the absence of prickly plants, some people like to wear shorts to stay cool and expand their range of motion.

Finally, no one enjoys an extended walk with aching feet. We find wool socks and trail sneakers exceptionally comfortable on the routes. 

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Close up of Nike trail shoes
Hit the trails in comfort and style by investing in some Nike gear.

Best 2023 Nike Hiking Gear for Women

Everyone that hits the trail deserves to feel fashionable as well as comfortable. Nike has great options for quality hiking gear that’ll make you the best dressed on the mountain.

Nike Bucket Hat

To start things off, you’ll need a hat to keep the sun off your face and neck. The brim of this bucket hat will also protect your neck from UV rays; after all, no one wants a sunburn. This fashionable cap comes in three sizes and nine different colors. The large variety offered by Nike bucket hats means that anyone will look great with one of these on their head. 

Nike Dri-FIT UV One Luxe Top

Once your head and neck are protected with the bucket hat, you’ll also need a shirt with UV defense. Luckily, Nike has great options to help you prevent sun damage.

The Dri-FIT UV One Luxe shirt will shield you from the sun’s rays, and its moisture-wicking properties will keep you comfortable. The material for this shirt comes from recycled plastic bottles, so it’s not only good for your skin but good for the planet too.

Nike Pro Swoosh Sports Bra

The Nike Swoosh sports bra gives women a comfortable option for support. It has flat seams and removable padding. This medium-support bra has a high rating from reviewers who commented on the excellent quality. Previous purchasers have also raved about the fifteen different colorways available.

Nike Go Leggings

We’ve all heard women ranting about the lack of pocket space in their pants, but these leggings won’t disappoint. They have six pockets, one with a zipper, and some have enough space to hold a phone. The Nike Go leggings can be purchased in capris or full-length, so you can choose your favorite fit while keeping your gear handy throughout 2023.

Nike Wildhorse 8 Shoes

We think proper shoes might be the most essential park of any hiking outfit. Nike originally designed their Wildhorse line for trail runners, but we think the shoes serve hikers well too. 

These fashionable, lightweight sneakers have rugged tread to help you find stable footing on rough roads. It also has a rock plate to help prevent rolled ankles and breathable mesh to keep your feet cool.

Couple hiking in Nike gear
Nike has great hiking gear for both men and women.

Best 2023 Nike Hiking Gear for Men

Men deserve to be comfortable on the trail too. We’ve found some of the best Nike gear of 2023 for guys to wear for hikes this summer.

Nike Boonie Bucket Hat

The Boonie Bucket Hat will shield your face and neck with its wide brim. It’ll stay put because of its adjustable drawstring. Nike’s dri-FIT technology and embroidered eyelets help keep hikers cool and comfortable. It even features loops around the outside of the hat, so you can attach accessories if you’d like.

Nike Dri-FIT Miler UV Top

This sweat-wicking shirt will help hikers stay comfortable and avoid chafing during long days on the trail. Nike made the Miler completely from recycled materials, and the shirt is equipped with UV protection. This lightweight and breathable shirt will keep outdoor enthusiasts cool on even the warmest summer days.

Nike ACG Trail Shorts

These shorts will be perfect for your summer adventures, especially if you’re around water. The ACG shorts repel water and have been specially crafted from recycled materials. An adjustable belt and stretchy fabric ensure that the shorts will fit comfortably. They even have zippered pockets to ensure you don’t lose important items like car keys.

This piece of Nike gear is sure to keep you active in 2023. 

Nike Pegasus Trail 4 Shoes

Reviewers have found the Nike Pegasus Trail 4 running shoes extremely comfortable and durable. Its grippy traction helps hikers get a solid footing in any condition. The strong rubber sole helps absorb the impact of your foot strike, which can protect your knees. 

We also particularly love that you can get this shoe in nine colorways. Whether you like plain black shoes or some with a little more color, Nike’s got you covered.

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Your 2023 Nike Hiking Gear

When you start revamping your closet for the summer, consider checking out Nike gear in 2023. The company has a lot of options that would be great for hiking. Look for lightweight clothes made of synthetic materials on the company’s website for the best options.

While we think some clothes may be better for hiking, we encourage you to get out there no matter what you like to wear!

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