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What is an RV Leveler?

Leveling your camper is important but challenging, especially for beginners.

Close enough isn’t gonna cut it when it comes to level. It either is or it isn’t. Technology can help you quickly, easily, and accurately get the job done.

Because we want to help you to have a stress-free camping experience, we’re sharing everything you need to know about the RVLevelerPRO.

Let’s dive in!

What Is the RVLevelerPRO?

The RVLevelerPRO device allows you to balance your rig as quickly and easily as possible. The box installs out of the way in a storage compartment. After perfectly leveling your rig, you can record the position on the leveler.

This device is handy when you arrive at a new campsite. You can open up the app on your phone and know how to adjust your rig to get it as level as possible. It eliminates the tedious guessing games that frustrate many campers at the start of each trip.

You can make the proper adjustments based on the feedback from the device. It can drastically reduce the time to start setting up your rig. You’ll be camping and enjoying your camper before you know it!

What Are the Differences Between the RVLevelerPRO and LevelMate Pro?

The RVLevelerPRO is very similar to the more popular LevelMatePro. The most significant difference between the two is the price. LevelMatePro typically costs around $160. The RVLevelerPRO, on the other hand, comes in at a fraction of the cost at less than $100.

While the RVLevelerPRO has with a more budget-friendly price, it’s missing some important features that LevelMatePro provides. Things like being able to plug into a power source instead of relying on batteries and connecting to your Apple Watch are two LevelMatePro features that users appreciate.

Additionally, in September 2022, the RVLevelerPRO app was removed from Apple’s App Store. This has left iOS users unable to update or install the app on new devices. However, the app remains available for Android users.

Pro Tip: Use our guide on How To Level An RV The Right Way to make the process easy.

Leveling RV at campsite
Leveling your RV is easier than ever before with the RVLevelerPRO.

Benefits of Using the RVLevelerPRO

There are a few benefits to using the RVLevelerPRO. Let’s look at how this valuable piece of technology can be helpful to you during your adventures. You may just be adding this product to your shopping list.

Bluetooth Connectivity

As mentioned, the RVLevelerPRO uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your mobile devices. You can access the data regarding how balance your rig if you and your phone are within 30 feet of the device. If you’ve ever arrived at camp in the pouring rain, you know how frustrating it can be to get soaking wet while trying to get level.

The app shows you exactly how much you need to raise a specific side of your camper to get in the correct position. Additionally, this can help find the most level position for your rig when boondocking.

Users love not having to get out of the driver’s seat during the process. This minimizes time and effort while ensuring you find the perfect parking place. What’s not to love about that?

Easy Install

Installation for this device is insanely easy. All it requires is for you to find a flat spot to screw it into your trailer. Most users install it under storage compartments or a cabinet towards the front of their camper. Just ensure it’s out of the way and won’t cause any issues with other gear or equipment.

Once installed, follow the included instructions to connect your mobile phone and calibrate the device. This typically requires you to use a level to ensure your trailer is as balanced as possible. Once calibrated, it’ll store the position and communicate what you need to do to get your camper back in that same position.

Budget Friendly

You don’t have to RV long to realize that gear and equipment can be expensive. However, while similar products can easily cost over $150, you can typically pick up the RVLevelerPRO for less than $100. 

You don’t have to break the bank to get a device to make camping life easier for you and your loved ones. Many users find this product worth every penny and have no regrets about their purchase.

Leveled RV by lake
Leveling your RV is a crucial step while camping.

Reasons to Level Your RV

While strolling through the campground, you may see some incredibly unlevel rigs. Let’s look at why you should level your rig every time you use it.


You need to get your camper as level as possible. Even if your RV’s only off by a few degrees, it can be incredibly uncomfortable. It can make it very difficult to relax and enjoy your rig. You’ll feel like you’re constantly walking uphill or rolling downhill, which is never ideal.

Getting your vehicle balanced can help you fully enjoy it without discomfort. You don’t have to feel like you’ll roll out of bed or that all the blood will rush to your head while lying down. 


One of the biggest complaints from RVers is that they don’t like the instability they feel when in their rig. Typically, this results from their rig needing leveling. You can reduce the amount of instability in your rig by reducing the distance your landing gear needs to extend.

Using the RVLevelerPRO lets you know exactly how to get your rig balanced. This can help you avoid overextending your jacks and stabilizers during the process. You won’t have to worry nearly as much about the bouncing and movements you feel inside your camper.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to invest in plastic leveling blocks. These blocks work like Legos, and you can stack them on top of one another to reduce the distance between the ground and the landing gear for your rig. Remember, the less they have to extend, the more stable your rig will feel.

Avoid Damage to Slide Outs

You should only open and close your slides when your rig is level. In addition, you shouldn’t make any major adjustments to your trailer with extended slide-outs. This can cause binding and serious damage to the mechanisms and moving parts.

Getting your camper as level as possible helps ensure that all moving parts can efficiently do their job. While many RVers open their slides when they’re not balanced, it can potentially do some serious damage. Luckily, with the RVLevelerPRO, this isn’t something you’ll have to worry about any longer. You can easily find a spot to park and open your slides without fear.


Safety is one aspect that many users don’t consider when it comes to leveling their camper. Many refrigerators in RVs rely on propane to keep them cool. These devices rely on ammonia and water to keep them cool. Being unlevel can allow the materials to sit at a low point, which can cause a fridge to overheat.

Not only can this cause a fire, but it could also ruin your food. Depending on the food, you may need to store it at a certain temperature. If your fridge gets too warm, you may have to toss all the food you brought for meals during your adventure.

Pro Tip: Before you start leveling out your RV uncover if you should keep your Slides Out Before or After Leveling.

Is the RVLevelerPRO Worth It?

The RVLevelerPRO has historically been a fantastic option and receives excellent reviews. However, it’s hard to recommend due to the recent reports that the app is no longer available on Apple’s App Store and inventory issues. Whether or not they plan to put it back into the App Store or resupply their inventory remains in question.

As a result, you might want to spend a little extra and purchase the LevelMatePro or LevelMatePro+. These products get fantastic reviews and are readily available on their website and on Amazon.

When it comes to important things like leveling your RV, cheaper isn’t always better!

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