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Is Shreveport, Louisiana, Safe?

Shreveport, Louisiana, has a booming tourist industry, but it may not be safe. 

The area’s beautiful weather and exciting nightlife hide some surprising statistics. Before you plan a trip to this southern city, you’ll want to know just how dangerous it is.

Today, we’re exploring if Shreveport is a safe place to visit or if you’re better off steering clear. We also have some tips for how to protect yourself, regardless of your destination.

Let’s jump in!

About Shreveport, Louisiana

You’ll find Shreveport in the northwestern corner of Louisiana, close to Texas and Arkansas. With a population of nearly 200,000 people, it earns the title of the third-largest city in the state.

The city, founded in 1836, became an important port because of its proximity to the Texas Trail. It sits along the Red River and has a close relationship with its sister city over the bridge, Bossier City. You may even hear it called Shreveport-Bossier. 

Shreveport used to be considered a major force in the oil business. The industry recession caused the city’s economy to collapse in 1980. As the town rebuilt, they focused more on the tourism industry. 

Today, visitors enjoy the mild climate in the city. Riverboat casinos line the waterway and draw lots of tourists to Shreveport. The recent addition of the Louisiana Boardwalk shopping center has helped make this destination more popular. Sightseers also like to check out the many historic areas in town, like the waterworks station from 1887.

Shreveport, Louisiana map
Unfortunately, Shreveport, Louisiana has quite a high crime rate.

How Safe Is Shreveport for Travel?

This city can be an enjoyable place to visit, but you’ll probably want to know more about crime there before you go. Shreveport has a crime rate of 51 per 1,000 residents, so we can’t promise you’ll be safe there. In fact, it ranks as one of America’s most dangerous cities. For comparison, New York City’s crime rate is around 25 per 1,000 residents, and Detroit’s hovers around 59.

Shreveport has high amounts of violent crimes and even more instances of vehicle theft. One out of every 24 residents experiences property theft of $50 or more.

The residential neighborhood of Queensborough is one of the most dangerous, along with the Sunset Acres community. Caddo Heights and Spring Lake are the safest places in the city. Touristy areas like the downtown riverfront and Shreve Island have moderate criminal activity.

But we have some tips for you about staying safe in the city. 

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How To Stay Safe While Visiting Shreveport

You’ll want to be extra careful in Shreveport, so you should take some precautions to stay safe while traveling, no matter the destination. Locking your car and keeping valuables out of sight should be your first steps to avoiding thieves. 

With the city’s dazzling nightlife and the knowledge that you won’t be heading to work in the morning, it might be tempting to drink your night away. However, we recommend drinking responsibly while traveling. Drunk people make easy marks for robberies and scams. 

When you go out, you might think twice before putting on that fancy necklace. Expensive jewelry could make you a target. You might even tuck some of your cash or other valuables into your pockets so you won’t be without a dime if something happens to your purse. 

Most importantly, we advise against hitting the town solo. Use the buddy system!

Shreveport, Louisiana
Safety is key when exploring Shreveport, Louisiana.

Unique Things To Do in Shreveport

This city has offerings for everyone, not just casinos for the gamblers and old buildings for the history buffs. We want to share some of our favorite things you can do only in Shreveport. 

Mudbug Madness Festival

You might know them as crawdads, crayfish, or mountain lobsters, but in Louisiana, locals call them mudbugs. Every Memorial Day weekend since 1984, Shreveport has hosted a festival celebrating Cajun and Creole cuisine. 

After eating your fill of mudbugs, you can participate in their cornhole tournament. The Mudbug Madness Festival has live music on three stages all weekend long. If you love southern food and live music, it’s safe to say you’ll enjoy Shreveport during the long weekend in May.

American Rose Center

If attending an energetic festival doesn’t match your vibe, maybe visiting the American Rose Center will. Shreveport serves as the national headquarters of the National Rose Society. The organization provides low-cost admission to its 118-acre garden. 

The American Rose Center allows jogging and hiking along their trails, or you can book a guided golf cart tour instead. They have picnic areas and a children’s playground. And dogs are welcome on the grounds, so you can bring the whole family to America’s Rose Garden.

Red River Revel Arts Festival

If you enjoy art and live music, you might want to attend the Red River Revel Arts Festival during the first week of October. This nine-day event features more than 60 musicians playing on two stages. The Revel also brings in at least 80 visual artists working in all different mediums, from painting to jewelry. 

We love that the festival always has activities for kids! Last year they had laser tag. But they have things for adults, too, like beer and wine. The diverse food offerings, such as catfish, tacos, and funnel cakes, will surely please any appetite. This art event can be fun and delicious for the whole family!

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So, Is Shreveport Safe?

Shreveport has a lot of fun things to offer. You can visit luxurious gardens, attend exciting festivals, and try your luck at the riverboat casinos. Even a simple stroll along the boardwalk is a great way to take in the city.

Although Shreveport isn’t considered safe, we think it may still be worth a visit. If you plan to visit the city, stay smart and be aware of your surroundings. But we believe that’s good advice no matter where you travel!

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