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Bush’s Beans Wants to Send You Camping (for Free)

It’s safe to say that most of us have enjoyed a can of Bush’s Beans while camping. The perennial food company’s mainstay makes the perfect on-the-go meal. 

From college students to outdoor enthusiasts, Bush’s is almost always along for the ride. Recently, though, the company took things to the next level. 

Willy Wonka’s golden ticket this isn’t, but a national contest began on April 5, 2023, to find a lucky winner for a one-of-a-kind experience. We’re digging into this tasty morsel for the facts. 

Let’s roll!

Camping For Lovers of Bush’s Beans

Bush’s Beans announced a partnership with the National Park Foundation in 2023 with a unique twist on camping. To launch their collaboration, Bush’s created a national contest. Three winners will have the chance to stay in a one-of-a-kind “canper.” 

Patterned after the iconic can, pictures of the motorhome look like a practical joke. But it’s genuine, and the beautifully appointed RV is coming to a park near you. With the themed upholstery, pillows, and wall coverings, you’ll surely know what you’re sleeping in. 

The lucky winners will have all they can eat on the trip. Don’t worry about your culinary skills if it happens to be you. A professional chef will prepare bean-themed breakfasts and dinners. Don’t worry about staying close to the canper; they’ll also provide a sack lunch for exploring the National Park. 

And while plenty of Bush’s beans are involved, there’s nothing funny about free camping. That’s serious business. 

About Bush’s Beans

Best known for its Bush’s Best baked beans, the company’s pedigree traces back to its founding in 1904. A.J. Bush opened a tomato cannery in Chestnut Hill, Tennessee, with his sons Fred and Claude. Together, they formed the Bush Brothers & Company in 1908. After that, the company grew to include corn, hominy, blueberries, and peaches.

In 1933, the company began offering pork and beans, which they’d capitalize on in the coming years. The 1960s were a challenging decade for canners, with low prices and high production. Condon Bush made a plan to beat the downswing, a product based on his mother Kathleen’s secret recipe. 

Bush’s Best baked beans sold over a million cases three years later. Over the years, every grill out included America’s favorite side. When the company sought the help of an advertising company in the 1990s, things got even better. 

Jay Bush, Condon’s son, and a golden retriever named Duke became the face of the company. Through humorous commercials, Jay keeps the pup from spilling the secret recipe. Viewers loved the ads so much that the company saw a 48% increase in market share. 

Bush’s Beans also happen to be a fantastic snack to take camping.

About the National Park Foundation

While we’re all familiar with the National Parks Service, the National Park Foundation is slightly more obscure. Created by Congress in 1967, the non-profit promotes conservation and educational efforts. Instead of relying on federal funds, the organization raises private funds to benefit National Parks initiatives. 

The NPF works directly with private individuals and companies who wish to donate to the National Parks Service. Over the years, they’ve championed projects initiated by companies like L.L. Bean, Union Pacific Railroad, and Disney. 

With the new partnership, Bush’s Beans continues the legacy of the NPF to preserve the over 400 sites they administer. 

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Bush's Beans Let's go camping
Enjoy a can of Bush’s Beans over the campfire while on your free camping trip.

Can the Winner Choose Any Park?

When you enter the contest, and you should, the form requires a tough decision. Entrants must choose between three National Parks around the country to camp in.

Big Bend National Park

Located on the border with Mexico, Big Bend is one of the most unique parks in the NPS system. The region has a rich history that spans human civilization. Visitors can even see back into prehistory with a collection of dinosaur bones and sea fossils that date back millions of years. 

Bordered by the Rio Grande, the park includes the Chisos Mountains and peculiar volcanic formations. Scientists have identified over 2,000 unique species living in the park’s boundaries for visitors to see. Big Bend is packed with hiking, backpacking trails, and awesome camping, and you’ll rarely have to fight crowds. 

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park opened in 1940 in the southeastern states of Tennessee and North Carolina. As the most visited NPS site in the country, it boasts a significant tourist industry. Visitors flock to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in huge numbers each year. 

Recognized as Cherokee land, the park is around 95% forest, including some of the oldest on the continent. With hiking trails, fishing, and historical sites, there’s plenty to keep you busy. Cade’s Cove, one of the best-preserved examples of early American settlements, is the most popular in the park. 

The picturesque views and plentiful activities make this National Park an easy choice if wide open spaces aren’t your first choice for camping.

Grand Teton National Park

Located in northern Wyoming, Grand Teton is mostly mountains. These aren’t the more petite, tame slopes of the east. The Grand Tetons are a massive range with peaks reaching to the sky. Only ten miles away from Yellowstone, you can pack in as much nature as you can handle while camping. 

Most visitors to Grand Teton National Park come to ski at Jackson Hole, but there’s more to see. Folks love hiking, fishing, mountaineering, and rock climbing at the park. And, unlike any other park in the country, you can fly directly to Jackson Hole and explore from there. 

Pro Tip: Beware of these 7 Most Dangerous Creatures in Grand Teton National Park during your visit.

How Do I Enter to Win the Bush’s Beans Camping Trip?

Open from April 5 to April 26, the Bush’s Beans Canper Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the United States. You’ve got to be 21 or older to enter, and there’s no purchase necessary. 

Entrants have the option to select one, or all, of the National Parks offered in the sweepstakes. Besides a stay in the canper, winners have travel paid for and even a $200 stipend for other expenses. 

What Makes Camping in National Parks So Great?

Camping is one of the great American traditions, and National Parks are the perfect place to explore it. People around the country get out and enjoy the wilderness for many reasons that benefit their health. Building stronger relationships with the land fosters better family relationships too. 

Parks offer affordable entry, well-maintained sites, and lots of activities. Whether you’re hiking, fishing, or just getting close to nature, it’s a healthy way to disconnect. Find an NPS site near you and unplug for the weekend. The digital detox will do you good! 

Don’t Miss Your Chance!

Bush’s Beans is the perfect camping companion. Even if you don’t win their sweepstakes, you’ll still enjoy the secret recipe on the go. But if you’re one of the lucky three winners, phone a friend.

You get a plus one, and even though this musical fruit has a particular reputation, this is one experience you don’t want to have alone.

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