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Who Owns Lazydays RV?

Lazydays RV, the largest recreational vehicle dealer in the world, sells more campers than just about anyone. With sites across the sunbelt and beyond, they’re ideally situated to service your rig too. 

This company treats you like family, partly because it’s a family business. Good business sense helped them grow, but hometown values kept them honest. 

An American success story, Lazydays RV started with just two trailers and $500. Today we’ll explore how they became a big name in the biz.

Let’s check it out!

What Is Lazydays RV?

Lazydays RV territory stretches from coastal Florida to Minnesota. More than just an RV dealer, the company also provides first-class service. And with a massive inventory, no waiting weeks for parts! When you’re on the road and need help, the friendly folks at Lazydays are here to help.

With a stock of RVs from the world’s top manufacturers, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. They’ve got something for every budget, from land yachts to fifth wheels. They also keep plenty of used rigs in their showrooms, so if something vintage is what you want, look no further. 

The Lazydays RV Story

Since opening its first location in 1976, the community’s been the focus of the owners of Lazydays RV. Herman Wallace, and his sons Don and Ron, opened their doors with two trailers and $500. Focusing on small rigs for the first five years, they made $13 million in 1980 alone. 

As their sales grew to $50 million in 1983, it seemed like nothing could slow them down. In 1993, Herman passed the torch to his son Don who took ownership. Known for exceptional service from knowledgeable staff, Lazydays became synonymous with RVs in Florida. 

In 2011, the company purchased a dealership in Tuscon, Arizona. Several more locations followed in Colorado, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Tennessee. Their Loveland, Colorado, site has the world’s largest indoor showroom. If you love the Florida Gators, the company became their official RV sponsor in 2015.

They also appear in New York on the NASDAQ stock exchange! 

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Lazydays RV is an RVers Disneyworld.

Who Is the Owner of Lazydays RV?

When Lazydays RV went public in 2018, a holding company took ownership of the corporation. LDRV runs all locations around the country. Before this change, Wallace and his sons owned and operated everything. 

Instead of growing by building new storefronts, the family purchased existing dealerships. Resources that would’ve gone to construction costs returned to developing the business. 

2005 saw the Wallace family stepping away from the company, and a series of CEOs took over leadership. Most recently, John North took the helm of the company. A former leader of companies like AVIS and Lithia Motors, his expertise helped boost the bottom line. 

Since he took over, the company acquired yet another dealer, this time in Las Vegas. 

How Many Lazydays RV Stores Are There?

Focused on becoming the largest RV retailer in the world, Lazydays continues to grow. Since opening in 1976, the company’s growth reached a high in 2022 with 19 locations. Customers trust the brand for everything, sales and service included.

Almost anywhere you want to roam has one close by. They also know their customer base and purchase in areas where snowbirds love to roost. Speaking of snow, their Loveland, Colorado, spot is perfect for browsing in any weather. 

Nearly 20 sites nationwide give you access to the best RV deals. Check out their map tool to see if there’s one near you. There’s even a hint that they’ll soon open a store in Omaha, Nebraska, but they’re keeping that mum for now. 

Lazydays RV has some of the best towable and driveable RVs on the market.

What RVs Does Lazydays RV Sell?

It might be easier to talk about what they don’t sell at Lazydays. With their massive collection of top-of-the-line RVs, accessories, and service, you’ll be glad you stopped in. Their main lines of RVs fall into two categories: towable and driveable. 


If you’re looking for a towable or camper, the salespeople at Lazydays RV can help. They carry a complete line of fifth-wheels, toy haulers, travel trailers, and pop-ups. Besides new rigs, they’ve also got a massive selection of used vehicles for you to choose from. Because they purchase in volume, you’ll get some of the best prices anywhere. 

Heading into your local dealership, expect up to 28% off on most new rigs. A Shasta Phoenix that usually lists for around $100k will only set you back a cool $74,000. They stock Coachmen, Winnebago, Forest River, and Heartland, among others. 

They’ve got a wide selection of new and used Airstream trailers for smaller purchases. Toy haulers are perfect for traveling with four-wheelers, and their selection is unmatched. You’re likely to find whatever you need at a Lazydays RV location. 


If something driveable is more your style, they’ve got Class A through Class C RVs for sale at every location. From the peak of luxury to a scrappy little Class B, you’ll be thrilled with the selection. Top brands are all represented at Lazydays showrooms, so get ready to spend the day!

Moving up a price point, you’ll still find deals on the showroom floor. Massive motorcoaches with every amenity from brands like Coachmen, Forest River, and Thor are typical. With their purchase of the Las Vegas showroom, they became the Tiffin seller for Nevada.

Smaller rigs from Airstream, Coachmen, and Winnebago are also for sale at most locations nationwide. Prices range from the low $100s into the stratosphere for elite motorcoaches. 

Buying RV
Get your routine maintenance, complex repairs, and even glass replacement work done at Lazydays RV.

What Services Does Lazydays RV Offer?

The very nature of RVs means there’s always something to fix. The Lazydays service department covers anything you might need. Routine maintenance, complex repairs, and even glass replacement fall into their wheelhouse. 

Almost 400 locations around the country mean you’ll always be able to get your rig fixed. RV techs at Lazydays are some of the best in the nation, and you can trust that they’ll take care of you. 

You’ll still find excellent service if you don’t need major repairs. They love installing accessories for you and ensuring you’re ready to hit the road confidently. You can also use their call-in tech support line for quick fixes on the fly. 

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A Trustworthy Place to Do Business

As the single largest RV retailer in the country, Lazydays provides excellent access to what the world has to offer. Top brands and consistently high-quality service give you peace of mind when purchasing from them. If you play in the stock market, you can even invest!

Head to your nearest Lazydays RV center and make your next best purchase.

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