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Does Costco Have a Garden Section?

Costco is known for excellent prices on its bulk goods, but do they have a garden center that offers the same perks?

If you’re a wholesale club member, you may already know their prices are reasonable. But if you want to add some plants to your garden, you might wonder if you should buy them from Costco or your local nursery.

We have the scoop on this retailer’s garden center and if it’s worth it for your next outdoor project.

Let’s dig in!

What is Costco?

You’ve probably heard of this retailer, even if you don’t have a Costco membership. The warehouse club sells items in bulk at a steep discount and is especially popular among big families. 

In 1976, they opened their first location under the name Price Club. They converted an old airplane hangar in San Diego, California, into a massive warehouse to serve small businesses. Over time, they transitioned from wholesalers to retail outlets serving the public.

The first Costco store opened in Seattle in 1983. They were wildly successful, and in their first six years, they made three billion dollars in sales, a first in history. Costco and Price Club merged ten years later, and together their 206 stores generated $16 billion in annual sales. 

Although they briefly used the name PriceCostco, all their stores now operate as Costco. The original Price Club store in San Diego is still in operation.

Customers and employees alike appreciate Costco’s commitment to employee satisfaction. Compared to other large corporations, they offer competitive wages and benefits. 

Costco’s philosophy is simple. Offer members high-quality products at affordable prices. Most big-box stores stock around 30,000 items, but Costco sells about 4,000. Their highly curated selection of goods may be a turnoff to some, but most members are pleased with their options. 

And their garden center is no exception.

Costco store
A Costco membership can score you major deals on home and garden products.

What Does Costco’s Garden Center Sell?

Costco’s garden center has everything you need for an optimal outdoor experience. And we mean everything! The warehouse sells lawnmowers, power equipment, and even storage sheds for you to house them in. 

You’ll find potted plants and seeds to make your landscape a lush oasis and all the tools you’ll need to plant them. You can even buy raised garden beds and bulk soil to fill them. 

They also sell grills, hammocks, and solar lights. So you can relax in the backyard while your ribs cook and enjoy evenings under the stars. 

We aren’t exaggerating when we say Costco is the place to buy everything for your garden. In fact, the backyard might be the only thing they don’t sell. 

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Is Costco a Good Place to Buy Gardening Supplies?

Costco offers unbeatable prices on gardening tools. Shovels, rakes, gloves, and garden hoses are priced to sell. They even have an impressive selection of plants, especially in spring when folks are itching to get out into the garden.

But local nurseries often offer a wider variety of garden additions. Costco buys everything in bulk, including its flora. Not all plants are available in large quantities, so they offer a smaller selection at a lower price. 

You might also find that the plants available at the big-box store are slightly lower quality than others. Sure, Costco might have dedicated garden center staff, but they won’t necessarily have the same knowledge as folks working at plant nurseries. 

Another reason for inconsistent quality is that the company often buys from a wholesaler that ships plants throughout the country. So, if that vendor is in a completely different climate than your local Costco, the plants may struggle to adapt after delivery. 

Of course, just because a plant isn’t thriving in the garden center doesn’t mean it won’t flourish once you put it in its forever home. You may just need to do a bit of research on your own. 

Woman shopping in garden center
Stock up on gardening supplies and patio furniture at Costco.

Costco Sells Fruit Trees

Costco’s fruit trees are some of the hottest items in its garden section. There’s a wide selection, and you probably won’t find better prices. 

The store sells a variety of apple trees, such as Gala, Honeycrisp, and Pink Lady. If you like peaches, you can pick up Veteran or Early Elbertas. They also sell pomegranate, walnut, pear, and cherry trees.

Even though their prices are unbeatable, you’ll still want to research before investing in a bunch of Costco fruit trees. Some types need to be grown alongside other varieties to ensure pollination, and others won’t produce if the climate is too warm. So do yourself a favor a figure out what you can grow before you hit the Costco garden center. 

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Does Costco Sell Patio Furniture?

What good is a perfectly manicured garden if you can’t sit and enjoy it? Fortunately, Costco members don’t have to wonder because the store sells a premium lineup of outdoor furniture. 

Adirondack chairs, loungers, and daybeds are just the beginning. They also offer classic fire pits and fancy fire tables to impress everyone at your summer barbeque. Many of these are sold in matching sets, so you don’t have to pick and choose each piece. 

Sun sails and large umbrellas will keep you comfortable on summer days. Patio sets come in all sizes, so everyone in the family will have somewhere to sit. Finally, they offer custom-made furniture covers to protect your pieces from the elements when not in use. 

Is the Garden Section at Costco Worth It?

If you have a Costco membership, check out their garden center during your next visit. You won’t find better prices on tools and outdoor furniture. Plus, you might grab a few plants to spruce up your landscape.

But remember to do a little research before planning an orchard around their selection of fruit trees. Just because they sell a particular variety doesn’t mean they’ll grow in your yard.

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