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Famous YouTuber Gets Their Vehicle Robbed in Vegas

Somebody ruined one famous YouTuber’s time in Vegas when they robbed their vehicle. Luckily, they documented and shared the details of the nightmare so we could learn from it.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t their first negative experience there. Sin City has been rough on them during their adventures.

Today we’ll cover what happened and talk about how you can increase your safety while RVing.

Let’s find out!

RVer Living in Las Vegas Has Their Vehicle Robbed

Tanya and Dave Villa are the creators behind the YouTube channel Turn It Up World. They travel the country in their 2022 Winnebago Ekko with their two adorable cats. Sadly, their adventures went south while staying in Las Vegas.

The Villas went out to grab a bite to eat and returned to their vehicle to discover somebody had robbed them. They broke no windows, and their car contained nothing of extreme value. However, the thieves stole a set of spare RV keys. Tanya and Dave knew what to do next because of a previous encounter in Vegas.

The first thing they did was report the situation to local law enforcement. They then went to a local dealership to replace their locks, which took five days to complete. Turn It Up World then added cameras around their rig and have plans to beef up the locks on their rig.

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Is It Common to Have Your Vehicle Robbed in Las Vegas?

Like most larger cities, criminal activity is more common in Las Vegas. Visiting these areas means reduced safety and increased chances of becoming a target of crime. Take extra caution when traveling through or visiting large cities.

This entertainment hub has a higher crime rate than many cities nationwide. They call it Sin City for a reason. Some areas are safer than others. If you know the places to sidestep, you can reduce your risk. 

If you’re headed here, there are a few neighborhoods you’ll want to avoid. Higher crime areas include West Las Vegas, Naked City, East Las Vegas, Huntridge, and Charleston Heights. All of these neighborhoods have crime rates substantially higher than the national average.

Thankfully, the city recognizes the importance of the tourist industry. You’ll notice an increased presence of law enforcement. However, just because police are around doesn’t mean crimes don’t occur.

How Can You Prevent Getting Your Vehicle Robbed?

Having your vehicle robbed leaves you without your belongings, and you can also experience feelings of violation. Thieves break into cars to snatch phones, purses, backpacks, and other valuables. They can get in, grab your things, and be gone in the blink of an eye. Luckily, you can do a few things to protect yourself and your stuff.

First, criminals like to do their seedy activities away from crowds and in the dark. When choosing a parking spot, park near busy areas with high traffic. If possible, find a lot with an attendant who can keep an eye on things while you’re away.

As basic as it sounds, a second thing you can do is to use lock your doors. Crooks will often look for the easiest targets. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any easier than an unlocked car. Sure, they can bust a window and get in, but this will make a lot of noise and possibly attract attention.

Finally, avoid leaving valuables behind, especially in plain sight. Taking backpacks and purses with you is a good idea, as thieves often look for these items. Leaving them lying on the floorboard or in the back seat can be asking for trouble.

What Are the Best Ways to Secure Your RV?

Getting robbed is a concern for many RV owners. If you’re hitting the road and traveling in a rig full-time, you can’t afford to ignore the possibilities. Remember that you’re likely carrying a majority of your possessions. There’s a good chance you’ll have sensitive documents and expensive electronics along for the ride.

One of the first things you should do when you get an RV is to change the locks.

Manufacturers only use a handful of keys for their locks. While it can be helpful if you’re in a campground and locked out of your rig, it makes your camper and stuff less safe. Upgrade to an RVLock and replace all storage compartment locks simultaneously.

A second thing to consider for securing your RV is that it’s on wheels. You can always move it from one spot to another when necessary. Research campgrounds, read reviews, and look for sites that take security seriously. If you feel unsafe, find a new area. 

It’s also wise to consider installing an alarm system. SimpliSafe has affordable and easily adaptable options based on your specific situation. Motion detectors, video cameras, and window and door alarms can maximize your safety.

What Should You Do if Your Vehicle Is Robbed?

If your car gets robbed, there are some critical steps that you need to follow. How you respond to the situation is vital. Know how to react if you want to catch the criminals or get back your possessions.

For starters, the last thing you want to do is get into your automobile. You’re now at an active crime scene; everything around you is evidence.

By touching or moving anything, you could damage clues that might be helpful to law enforcement. Take pictures and assess the damage as much as you possibly can.

The next thing you need to do is notify the police. Law enforcement may send someone to your location and file a police report. If you file an insurance claim, they’ll likely request a copy of the report law enforcement creates. Based on their experience, officers will probably be able to offer you some guidance.

If the thieves snatched wallets or purses, call the appropriate financial institutions. Canceling credit and debit cards as quickly as possible will minimize the damage.

While you’ll likely not be responsible for fraudulent charges, this can help you quickly replace the stolen cards.

The final thing to do is to protect your vehicle from future robberies. Having a plan can reduce the chances of becoming a victim. Use the information you’ve gathered from the experience to your advantage. 

Use Common Sense to Protect Yourself

The experience that Turn It Up World shared can hit a nerve for some people. While having a vehicle robbed is relatively rare, it’s not unheard of.

If you want to protect your property or avoid meeting a robber while they’re at work, you’ll need to take the proper precautions. Following our advice can help make your travels a lot more pleasant.

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