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How To Efficiently Change Your RV Locks This Summer

New RV owners have plenty to think about when bringing home a new rig, but they may not realize that changing their locks is necessary.

It seems like a no-brainer, but the reason behind it is chilling. Safety and security are more important than ever, and with more people on the road, there are a few bad apples in every bunch. 

Regarding peace of mind, changing the locks on your RV makes all the difference. Make sure your family enjoys a worry-free travel season with these tips. 

Let’s dive in!

Why Change Your RV Locks?

Changing the locks is the first thing you should do after purchasing a new RV, and it’s a simple fix you should be able to handle yourself. But the reason for this is even more straightforward, all RVs on the lot have the same key set. 

For practical purposes, this is to make things easier for salespeople on the RV lot. Just having one key for all the rigs means faster access when making a sale. Unfortunately, it also means that anyone with the right key can get into your RV unless you change your locks. 

If you’ve changed out the locks on your home, you can change the locks on your vehicle. In fact, it’s probably easier on the rig. All that stands between you and a peaceful night’s sleep is a YouTube video and a screwdriver. 

Pro Tip: Changing your RV locks is one of the many ways to make it harder to break into your RV.

Entering RV door
Changing your RV locks is a must as soon as you buy your RV.

What Are Some Options for Changing Your RV Locks?

Modern technology provides several options for rekeying your locks. From traditional keyed entry to keyless access, your choices are endless. Here are a few of our favorites for easy installation. 


Keyless is the most efficient way to ensure safe access to your rig. Especially if you’re traveling with family or friends, keeping track of keys is a pain. Code locks like the RV Door-Lock are easy to install and very secure. 

A programmable code allows you to customize your locks, and fobs make hands-free unlocking easy. All-metal construction makes these mechanisms hard to break, and the code is virtually impenetrable. You’ll sleep easy knowing your salesperson can’t make a house call!


Traditional mechanical or keyed locks are standard on your rig already. provides a good product here too. All metal construction and dual keys protect your valuables and family on the road. Most RV locks aren’t all metal and aren’t known for durability.

But’s mechanical door lock is the exception. 

Dual keys operate the deadbolt and handle separately, which others don’t provide. The locks offer the same security as keyless, with one exception. If you lose your keys, you’re in trouble. With four keys in the package, a unique feature, you can stow one for emergencies and still share it with family. 

RV exterior
There are multiple different door lock options for your RV.

Are All RV Compartment Keys the Same?

Storage compartments use the same CH751 key as RVs off the factory floor. This means the security of your possessions is still at risk, even if you change out your door locks. Changing these locks out is just as easy, but it might cost more. 

You’ve got a few more options for replacing storage bay locks. Keyless is still a solid choice, but slam latches and cam locks also come into play. Each of these has pros and cons. 


Like door latches, keyless entry options for storage areas are standard. Using a code, the locks provide easy access without needing a key. Keyless entry is a hassle-free way to protect your gear in compartments you access regularly. 

Make sure to measure your storage doors before purchasing replacement latches. Most manufacturers allow you to choose the thickness when checking out online. Higher-end models also include a fob, so you aren’t punching in your code with your hands full. 

Mechanical Slam Latch

Keyed locks are here to stay. Mechanical slam latches are standard in most RVs. Upgrade your slam latches with high-quality locks for security. If you’re used to just letting the compartment doors slam since you’ve got your hands full, these are for you. 

RVLock’s mechanical baggage handles make it easy to replace the factory-installed version. Just hop on their site and choose the right door thickness before ordering. You can see the quality difference immediately. Slam with confidence; the latches are made to last.

Cam Locks

Cam locks are best for storage areas you don’t access frequently. These are great if you don’t want to carry another set of keys around, and simple combinations make the codes easy to remember. Most cam locks use a simple metal plate locking mechanism, so don’t keep expensive equipment in the bays. 

Measure your doors before you purchase these for your rig. The correct size makes installation easy! These are suitable for outdoor storage areas, particularly if they’re not accessed regularly. Pair them with another type for all-around RV security. 

RV family looking out RV door
Stay safe on the road by replacing your RV lock.

Can You Change Your RV Locks to Smart Locks?

Smart devices make life easier and more convenient if you’re on the move. You might already have smart locks at home, but there are plenty of options for RVs too. Convenience is the main factor, especially if you carry your phone everywhere. Functionality is nearly the same as your home locks, with a few differences. 

Because you aren’t usually online, these locks work on Bluetooth rather than Wi-Fi. That means you’ve got to be within 60 to 100 feet of your door for them to work. This might seem like a lot to some, but it’s enough for a “did you lock the door” check for others. Most also come with a mechanical fail-safe, which guarantees access. 

Pro Tip: Give yourself some peace of mind while RVing by uncovering Is It Safe to RV in America in 2023?

Replace Your RV Locks for Peace of Mind

Changing your RV locks is a necessity most people don’t think about when purchasing a new rig. Changing them out seems daunting for folks who aren’t handy. But it doesn’t have to be. So many excellent options are out there, many with easy installation, that safety and peace of mind are a few minutes away. 

Take the time to change yours out and sleep easy on the road.

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