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Are Battle Born Batteries Still Worth It?

So many of today’s RVers are upgrading their power supplies to include solar. Most use lithium batteries, but the market for lithium-ion batteries is becoming more crowded, making it hard to discover the best options.

That’s why we are taking a closer look at Battle Born batteries to see if they live up to the hype. 

What Are Battle Born Batteries?

Battle Born Batteries are lithium iron phosphate batteries that make energy storage more stable, efficient, and long-lasting. These lithium-ion powerhouses provide renewable energy to those who wish to stay off the grid longer.

Battle Born offers 12-volt deep cycle lithium batteries with a wide variety of amp-hours. All come with their own battery management systems. Battle Born manufactures their batteries in the United States.

Advantages of Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries offer the best of all worlds, surpassing the benefits of lead-acid and AGM batteries. Here are several advantages of Battle Born’s lithium-ion batteries.

More Efficient

Lithium batteries are much more energy-efficient, with a higher energy density than both of their counterparts. This means lithium batteries can operate longer while using less energy, so recharging takes place less frequently. In fact, you can drain these Battle Born batteries down to 100% before recharging.

More Cost-Effective

Lithium-ion batteries like those made by Battle Born have a much longer lifespan than traditional batteries. They require no maintenance or upkeep, so the batteries can be more cost-efficient than AGM or lead-acid ones over the long term. Most lithium batteries last three times as long as lead-acid ones, meaning you replace them every eight to 10 years instead of every two or three years.

They Weigh Less

Every RVer knows that the weight of your rig is essential when you travel. And batteries can add to that total quickly if you increase your off-grid capability with more energy storage. Lithium batteries can weigh around 25 to 31 pounds, much lighter than a comparable lead-acid battery. 

Longer Lifespan

Because of their high energy density, lithium batteries last longer than most lead-acid and AGM batteries. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that recharging is less frequent.

Users can deplete a lithium battery 100% before it needs a recharge. In a lead-acid battery, you need to recharge at around 50%. So it’s easy to see how a properly maintained lithium battery should last eight to 10 years, three times as long as a lead-acid one.

Little to No Maintenance

Most lithium-ion batteries have their built-in management systems, so there’s very little if any maintenance required. There’s no filling of battery cells, as with lead-acid batteries, no concern about spillage, and no worry about excessively high or low voltages. Instead, the management system adjusts for each battery.


With a battery management system built-in, lithium batteries become very stable. There are no excessive high or low voltages, and the system protects cells from temperature extremes and short circuits. Lithium batteries also don’t need venting, so they can be placed inside an RV rather than in a vented exterior compartment.

What’s Great About Battle Born Batteries? 

With a 10-year warranty on all of their batteries, Battle Born offers reassurance when you purchase from them. In addition, their batteries are designed and built with renewable, non-toxic energy that you can use completely before recharging.

The batteries come with built-in management systems that monitor and control high- and low-temperature exposures, possible short circuits, and even extreme voltages, so they’re virtually maintenance-free. Charging time is also much less than with other batteries. You can recharge in two to five hours, depending on your charger size and the battery depletion.

They also offer customer support. They’re a relatively small company that takes great pride in the quality of their product.

Are Battle Born Batteries Worth It?

If you want an energy storage system you can install and forget about, Battle Born batteries are worth investigating. You’ll discover them to be highly dependable and innovative, giving you the capability to dole out power consistently for all of your adventures.

In fact, with Battle Born’s lithium-ion batteries, traveling off-grid is no longer a struggle. Have you ever tried a Battle Born battery?

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  1. Mark Mathias says:

    A cost benefit analysis would be helpful, comparing the cost of various battery options over, say a 5 or 10 year period. Perhaps the unit of measure could be watt-hours, although there may be more relevant ways to measure overall value. I know that when I look at buying things, it’s good to compare the cost over a product’s lifetime rather than just its initial purchase price. Such an analysis of batteries would be an excellent way to compare different products and technologies.