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It’s Official: 5 Best Class B RVs of 2023

Dealership lots are filling up with some of the best small motorhomes of 2023. With #vanlife going strong, Class B camper vans are in high demand.

While these recreational vehicles may be tiny, they offer everything you need for an epic adventure.

But with so many options on the market, how can you narrow down your options?

If you want to maximize your travels, you don’t want just any motorhome. That’s why we’ve worked to find the five best small RVs for you.

Let’s get into it!

What is a Class B RV?

Class B RVs are often called camper vans or conversion vans. This is because they sit on a van chassis. They’re the smallest class of motorhomes and are typically anywhere from 16 to 22 feet long. However, they’re not your typical van. The insides often include flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, and designated kitchen and bathroom spaces.

In contrast, Class A campers are often the exact opposite. They range from 26 feet to 45 feet long and offer more luxury and abilities to spread out. The full-sized kitchens, multiple bedrooms, and living room optimize comfort levels. Unfortunately, their massive size makes them difficult to maneuver.

Class C motorhomes are the middle child of the RV lineup. These typically are anywhere from 20 to 32 feet long. They’re more spacious than a Class B but less than a Class A.

These usually feature a cab-over design, which maximizes opportunities for sleeping and storage. A Class C can be a great choice whether you want to move fast or live in luxury.

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The Benefits of a Class B Motorhome

One of the biggest reasons people prefer Class B motorhomes is their compact size and maneuverability. You can reach some epic spots that aren’t possible in larger rigs. When driving a Class B, you typically don’t have to worry about length or height restrictions.

Many conversion vans are eight to nine feet tall and fit snugly in a standard parking space.

Another benefit of Class B motorhomes is fuel efficiency. Camper vans can get anywhere from 14 to 20 miles per gallon, twice what you can from most Class A or Class C vehicles. If you’ve filled your fuel tank lately, you’ll surely appreciate the increased miles per gallon.

The more you can save at the pump, the more you can spend on your adventures.

When is The Best Time to Buy a New Motorhome?

Generally, fall is the perfect time to buy a new RV. Camping season is winding down, and dealerships tend to experience less traffic. In addition, dealerships want to clear out old inventory for new models hitting the market in the spring. Sales teams may be more willing to negotiate and offer incentives to seal a deal.

On the other hand, there are more factors to consider than just the seasons. Motorhomes require a tremendous amount of fuel, and sales of these beefy vehicles tend to dry up when gas prices increase.

Prices for RVs and other fuel-hungry rigs tend to drop during these periods, so you could save thousands of dollars by shopping during these times.

However, this entire year has been a buyer’s market.

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The 5 Best Small Motorhomes of 2023

A Class B camper may be just what you need to start making adventurous memories. However, since you’re making an investment, you want to spend your money wisely. Here are five of the best small motorhomes on the market in 2023.

#1 Thor Sequence

About the Thor Sequence: The Thor Sequence is nine feet five inches tall and just over 21 feet long. All 9,350 pounds of this tiny home on wheels sits on top of a RAM ProMaster chassis. The 3,000-watt inverter, dual 100-Ah lithium batteries, and 190-watt solar panel provide off-grid camping capabilities. When the sun isn’t shining, the underhood generator-alternator combo can charge your battery bank while you drive.

A standout feature of the Sequence is its six seatbelts. This makes it an excellent option for families that want to get out and explore. Unfortunately, there’s only room to sleep two, but it’s still an incredible camper van.

The Price of the Thor Sequence: This premium Class B motorhome comes with a starting MSRP of $134,260. Keep in mind that this is before any optional upgrades. There are four floorplans in the Sequence lineup, all with different costs. Be sure to pick the layout that works best for you.

#2 Pleasure-Way Tofino

About the Pleasure-Way Tofino: At 17 feet nine inches long and eight feet two inches tall, the Pleasure-Way Tofino is one of the most versatile and dependable camper vans. Like other budget-friendly Class B motorhomes, the Tofino sits on top of a Ram ProMaster 1500 chassis. The 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar gasoline engine delivers 280 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque.

A manual pop-top expands the roof to reveal a 49″ by 72″ overhead space. It provides more headroom and a second sleeping area. The bunk is a great option for kids to sleep and even has USB ports to charge electronics. 

The Price of the Pleasure-Way Tofino: The Pleasure-Way Tofino comes with a starting MSRP of around $95,000. Expect this price to climb if you add solar panels, a roof rack, or a side door roll-up screen. Pleasure-Way makes it easy to choose options to create the perfect van for your travels.

#3 Winnebago Revel

About the Winnebago Revel: If you want to take your adventures off-road in 2023, the Winnebago Revel is a small motorhome that can get you there. It comes with a 3-liter turbo diesel engine and on-demand four-wheel drive. The Revel can help you reach remote locations to enjoy peace and quiet while camping.

The 320-Amp hours of lithium batteries will keep your electronics charged at your destination. The bed is on a power lift, transforming the sleeping quarters into a gear garage. Winnebago’s attention to detail is evident in the exterior table, removable counter extensions, and the ability to access the fridge from the outside.

The Price of the Winnebago Revel: The Winnebago Revel starts at just over $200,000. But it’s worth every penny when you factor in all the amenities and their capabilities. You’ll be able to enjoy the comforts and conveniences of home no matter where you’re parking.

#4 Coachmen Galleria

About the Coachmen Galleria: The Coachmen Galleria is a partnership between Coachmen RV and Mercedes. You benefit from Coachmen’s decades of experience making motorhomes and Mercedes’ reputation for quality and luxury.

The Galleria sits atop a 3500 Mercedes Sprinter extended chassis and measures 24 feet three inches long and nine feet six inches tall.

It has a 3.0-liter turbo V6 diesel Mercedes engine with a 7-speed automatic transmission, as well as several safety-enhancing features like collision avoidance indicators, blind spot monitoring, and lane assist sensors. The rear camera makes backing into campsites easier than ever.

The Price of the Coachmen Galleria: The Coachmen Galleria has top-of-the-line comforts. It should be no surprise that it also comes with an MSRP starting over $200,000. For those who demand luxury, no matter where they travel, it’s worth it.

#5 Airstream Atlas Murphy Suite

About the Airstream Atlas Murphy Suite: Many people don’t realize that Airstream makes more than just their iconic shiny travel trailers. Airstream and Mercedes-Benz created one of the best small motorhomes of 2023. It sleeps two people and has a full bathroom and kitchen area. It’s easy to forget you’re in a van, not a tiny apartment.

The Airstream Atlas Murphy Suite is 24 feet long, and the interior is one of the most spacious recreational vehicles for its size.

Open the slideout, and you gain additional space for lounging, entertaining, or letting the little ones play. It has all the features and conveniences you expect in a luxury home. The only difference is this home can go 70 miles per hour on the interstate.

The Price of the Airstream Atlas Murphy Suite: The Atlas Murphy Suite starts at around $290,000. Both Mercedes and Airstream have tremendous reputations for manufacturing the highest quality. This is the perfect rig for couples to travel and experience the great outdoors.

2023 Offers The Best Small Motorhomes Yet!

Don’t overlook these Class B options if you are shopping for a small motorhome anytime in 2023. They’re some of the best-built and most capable rigs available. Whether you want luxury or practicality, there’s something on the market that will fit your needs.

And just because you opt for a tiny RV doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort! As they say, sometimes big things come in small packages.

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