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What is a “Super C” RV?

Buying an RV is a considerable investment of time and energy. Knowing what you want in an RV is essential and understanding the options is even more so. Super C RVs have a lot more options and power than traditional class C RVs.

They look more like a semi-truck in the front and a luxury motorcoach in the rear.

Today we’ll explore the cost, amenities, and pros & cons of Super C RVs.

What Is a Super C RV?

A Super C RV is a diesel Class C motorhome built on a heavy-duty Ford F-550 (or similar) chassis. They have a larger wheelbase, making it sturdier. And, Super Cs can tow up to 25,000 pounds or more.

The wider wheelbase provides more floor space inside. The cab-over-the-driving area is great for an extra bed. There is usually space for a king-sized bed in the back, too. Super Cs are built like trucks and can take more abuse than a Class A or traditional C.

They are made for long-distance drives while living in comfort.

Manufacturers of Super Cs don’t have to worry as much about the weight of the materials they are using. It’s typical to see natural wood cabinetry, granite countertops, floor tiles, and more.   

Super C RV Advantages

Super C RVs vs Class C RVs

Usually, Super Cs are compared to Class As for power, space and cost, but we’re going to compare it to a traditional Class C RV.

A Super C looks like a grown-up version of a Class C RV. They both have the over-cab bunk feature, engines in the front of the rig, unlike a diesel pusher. Additionally, they both have beds, kitchens, bathrooms with separate showers.

It’s what you can’t see that makes the biggest difference.

Super Cs have great towing capacity whether you take along a boat or a trailer. They have more engine power for hauling the heavy unit up steep inclines. Class Cs are more nimble and depending on the length, have more parking options.

How Much Does a Super C RV Cost? 

A Super C is a luxury RV and you will pay for the extra power and amenities. MSRP can range from $200,000 to $700,000. It’s much like driving a house, but the Super C is a comfortable ride, according to many.

One cost that needs to be added in, is the price of purchasing fuel. Something that’s built this solid and large, tends to use more diesel fuel.

Do You Need a CDL To Drive A Super C? 

Most states do not require you to have a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) unless you drive the motorhome for a living. There are a few notable exceptions.

If the motorhome is over 26,000 pounds, Washington DC and Hawaii require a CDL license.

Newmar Super C at RVX in Salt Lake City

Advantages of Super C Motorhomes

Super Cs have a lot of advantages for the money. As mentioned before, they have incredible towing capability.

They are safer than other types of motorhomes because of the large front end of the truck when in a head-on collision. Super C RVs also have at least three doors for quick escapes, if necessary.

Super Cs can be serviced by any truck mechanic, making it easier to be fixed day or night. They also have larger fuel tanks.

They have a wider wheelbase than traditional Class Cs, making it sturdier and less likely to flip.

The storage space on a Super C is unparalleled for any other RV. Weight is not a concern when packing the RV or building it. Manufacturers tend to use more high-end materials in the builds of the Super Cs making them more luxurious inside.  

Is a Super C RV for You?

Super C RVs are an investment. However, what you get for the money might be worth it for your family. The towing capacity, the large storage space, the comforts of home, all make living life on the road a relaxed adventure.

The safety of a Super C can’t be beaten and the ability to have repairs done quickly and easily is another perk.

When looking at RVs don’t forget to check the Super Cs and see if this type of rig will meet your needs and wants. Living on the road doesn’t mean you have to rough it. 

In fact, this 4×4 Super C RV may be the best RV on the market!

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