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5 Best Super C RVs (with YouTube Video Tours)

5 Best Super C RVs (with YouTube Video Tours)

Are you looking for the best Super C RVs on the market? In 2020 more manufacturers than ever are joining the Super C field. This is great news for you…because more competition means more competitive pricing!

However, the Super C RV options vary greatly. Being the newest RV-type on the market, Super Cs are still finding their place with consumer-expectations.

Today we’ll guide you through the best options. We’ll share the cost, amenity info and specs of the 5 best Super C RVs in 2020. We’ll also grade each featured unit on a unique “Super C RV Vibes” scale…this will make head-to-head comparison easily ranked.

Before we dive into the best RVs, let’s quickly discuss the benefits of a Super C.

What is a Super C RV?

The name pretty much says it all…Super C RVs are larger versions of traditional Class C RVs. More specifically, that extra space gives these unique RVs all the luxuries of a Class A Motorhome with additional safety features.

Super C RV Advantages

Here are some of the Super C RV advantages.

  • Wider wheel-base: This creates a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.
  • Tons of Exterior Storage: Most Super C RVs have exterior storage running the length of the body.
  • Tow & Cargo Capacity: Super Cs are notoriously powerful. Some can tow up to 25,000 lbs. In most cases, Super Cs can carry a lot more weight than traditional Class C RVs and Class A motorhomes.
  • Easier Repair: Using traditional large-truck engines, there are a lot more service shops that can work on your engine. Unlike Class As, the engine is easily accessible from outside to RV.

Let’s get to the 2020 list of the best Super C RVs!

1. Verona LE by Renegade RV

MSRP: The Verona LE MSRP is around $350,000. At the California RV Show, the Regional Sales Manager was selling the unit for a “show special” closer to $300,000.

Length: 40′ 2″

Why You’ll Love ItThe Verona LE delivers serious luxuries. The include a washer & dryer, outdoor entertainment center, leather seating and huge tanks. The fresh tank holds 150 gallons of water and the grey & black tanks hold 75 a piece.

The towing capacity on the Verona LE is amazing. It can haul up to 20,000 lbs behind it.

Here’s a look at the key specs:

  • Overall Length: 38′ 2″
  • Overall Width: 99 – 1/4”
  • Wheel Base: 285”
  • Exterior Height: 12’ 8”
  • Interior Height: 7’ 0”
  • Fuel Capacity: 100 Gallons
  • Fresh Water: 150 Gallons
  • Grey Water: 75 Gallons
  • Black Water: 75 Gallons

Best Feature: The best feature of the Verona LE is its material and build quality. The kitchen uses stone and granite, the drawers have dovetail joinery, and the floors are porcelain tile. Attention to detail is on point!

Super C RV Vibes: 9.2/10 Luxury & power – this unit is one of our favorites!

2.  SuperStar by Newmar

MSRP: The base price will be somewhere around $350,000. With added features you may be paying more than $400,000 when it’s all said and done.

Length: 40′ 11″

Why You’ll Love It: Newmar is known for their luxury Class A diesel pushers. But, this year they are testing out a new class of RVs – the super c. A cool feature is the huge sky window above the front seats. Instead of an overhead bunk, Newmar’s Super C has a ton of open head room and a beautiful skylight. This will give you the feeling similar to a large Class A windshield.

Here’s a look at the key specs:

  • Overall Length: 40′ 11″
  • Interior Width: 95.5″
  • Interior Height: 83″
  • Fresh Water: 150 Gallons
  • Grey Water: 60 Gallons
  • Black Water: 40 Gallons

Best Feature: A smoother ride compared to other Super C RVs. The Newmar RV engineers created a “collar” that transitions the air-ride cab to the fixed house of the motor home. This allows movement, which creates a more comfortable ride.

Super C RV Vibes: 7.8/10 This will be the first year that the SuperStar is available. That’s exciting for Newmar fans, but we’d like to give it a few years to iron our the kinks.

3. Accolade by Entegra

MSRP: The Accolade is more affordable than the previous RVs.  The MSRP starts at $184,995.

Length: 39 ft 4 in

Why You’ll Love It: The Accolade gives you all the benefits of Super C RVs with a much lower price. You’ll still get features like a touch screen control panel, washer & dryer combo, and king size bed. Additionally, the Accolade can tow up to 12,000 lbs.

Here’s a look at the key specs:

  • Overall Length: 39.33 ft.
  • Overall Width: 8.42 ft.
  • Exterior Height: 13.33 ft
  • Interior Height: 7 ft.
  • Fuel Capacity: 100 Gallons
  • Fresh Water: 72 Gallons
  • Grey Water: 80 Gallons
  • Black Water: 56 Gallons

Best Feature: Price & power. We like that the Accolade offers you great towing capacity with their Freightliner chassis and a lower price point. Here’s what Entegra has to say about the Accolade:

Built on the Freightliner S2RV chassis, the Accolade delivers the power and performance of a front-engine diesel with the benefits of serviceability, safety, and stability while on the road.

Super C RV Vibes: 8.7/10 An economic entry price allows more travelers to experience the Super C lifestyle!

4. Thor Magnitude Super C

MSRP: The Thor Magnitude is a luxury Super C with a reasonable price. The MSRP is around $220,000 for the 2020 unit.

Length: 33′-6″

Why You’ll Love It: The Magnitude is shorter than the previous Super C RVs. This will make it easier to navigate in campgrounds. It doesn’t skimp on the features, either! Here’s what you’ll find in the Magnitude; leather seating, 40″ swivel TV, outdoor entertainment system and Winegard Connect.

Here’s a look at the key specs:

  • Overall Length: 33′-6″
  • Overall Width: 99″
  • Exterior Height: 12′-6″
  • Interior Height: 84″
  • Fuel Capacity: 28 Front / 40 Rear
  • Fresh Water: 75 Gallons
  • Grey Water: 47 Gallons
  • Black Water: 40 Gallons

Best Feature: The Ford F-550 is a great engine and it’ll be easy to find service centers for routine maintenance. The exact engine size is 6.7L Power Stroke® V8 Turbo. Towing capacity is around 10,000 lbs.

Super C RV Vibes: 7.8/10 The Ford 550 isn’t as powerful as some of the other engines, but it does have a lot of benefits!

5. Nexus Wraith Super C

MSRP: The Nexus Wraith costs $213,588. Not bad when you consider the Rolls-Royce Wraith starts at $320,000!

Length: 32′ 5″

Why You’ll Love It: The Wraith focuses on functionality. With large holding tanks and a 6.7L Cummins 300 HP Engine, you’ll have lots of capacity for cargo and supplies.

Additional features found in the Nexus RV include galvanized steel storage boxes, heated and enclosed holding tanks, upgraded Beau™ Flooring and “plug and play” electrical harnesses throughout the coach making every Nexus RV’s electrical system more dependable.

Here’s a look at the key specs:

  • Overall Length: 32′ 5″
  • Overall Width: 8′ 5″
  • Exterior Height: 12′ 6″
  • Interior Height: 81″
  • Fresh Water: 75 Gallons
  • Grey Water: 43 Gallons
  • Black Water: 43 Gallons

Best Feature: Technology! It has touch screen controls, Bluetooth ability and back up cameras.

Super C RV Vibes: 6.8/10 Functionality is great. Style isn’t as hip.

Trip Planning with a Super C RV

Trip planning with a Super C RV is crucial. After spending a big amount of money on these luxurious units, you don’t want to run into a low hanging bridge!

We use RV Trip Wizard to route our cross country trips. With tools like budgeting, fuel planning, and avoiding bridges, we can easily travel safely through the USA.

You can also avoid steep passes, tolls and tunnels when you select the appropriate filters. Give RV Trip Wizard a try for free!

If you think a smaller RV might be for you, check out this list of the 5 Best Small RVs of 2020.

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  1. MICHAEL Chellson says:

    What about Dynamax or Seneca, ????

  2. Steven Townsend says:

    We have a 2018 Jayco Seneca 37FS which is the well equipt but less cost Accolade. The Seneca has been around for many years and is now built on the S2 chassis which has the 100 gallon fuel tank between the frame and the fresh water tank is not located under the bed, like the ones with 150 gallon, which to us is alot of wasted storage space. We have had issues with it, but it seems almost all manufactures are putting the units through the build too fast and lacking quality control.