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5 Best Propane Stoves for 2023

Cooking on the go can be fun and easy if you have one of the best propane stoves of 2023. On the other hand, preparing a meal while camping can be a real drag without a good cooktop.

Whether you like to keep it simple with instant oatmeal or spend time preparing gourmet meals, a proper stove is necessary.

We’ve done a deep dive into some of the best gas-powered options to heat your dinner while on the go. 

Let’s jump in!

Choosing a Propane Camp Stove in 2023

You’ll want to consider a few things when purchasing a cooktop to use on the road. First, how long does your typical camping trip last? A casual overnighter can opt for a stove with no frills. In contrast, RVers who spend several months cooking with propane devices may want an upgraded model. 

Additionally, you should think about how many people you’ll be making meals for and what kinds of food you like to prepare. Lightweight solo backpackers have different needs than a mom of three who makes pancakes and eggs each morning. 

The speed at which it boils water can also indicate how powerful of a heat source it has. Outdoorsy gourmet chefs will want to opt for something that can boil water in three to four minutes, but a five or six-minute boil time will still get the job done.

Some factors you can look at to select the best propane stove for your needs in 2023 include how many burners it has and how much it costs. With the options today, you shouldn’t have trouble finding something that suits your needs within your budget.

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Propane stove top
Make cooking while camping easy with a propane camp stove.

5 Great Propane Camp Stoves

Whether you plan to travel solo or in a group, for months or just a night, you’ll find your needs covered with one of these.

#1 Camp Chef Everest 2X

Forgot the matches? No problem because of the Camp Chef Everest 2X’s auto-igniter. The two-burner stove also operates well in the wind due to its heavy-duty side panels. It typically takes just over three minutes to bring water to a boil, which speaks to the power of this cooktop. 

The Everest weighs in at about 12 pounds. We think its weight speaks to the durability of the materials it’s built with. This propane stove of 2023 will set you back about $200 and would make a great addition to your setup if you like to hit the road for long stretches.

#2 Coleman Classic Cascade

We’ve probably all seen the standard green Coleman cooktop. You see these Coleman Classic Cascade stoves everywhere because they stand the test of time, making this an excellent option for any outdoor enthusiast. It typically boils water in about six minutes, making it a solid choice.

You can pick up one of these two-burner propane stoves for under $100 from almost any camping retailer. It weighs just over 11 pounds and has wind panels to help you keep the flame going in the windiest conditions.

#3 Gas One GS-3000

Solo travelers who don’t plan to cook a whole lot should look into getting the Gas One GS-3000. The one-burner stove is perfect for the low maintenance, no-frills campers. You won’t find a wind block which makes the cooktop super lightweight at just over three pounds. It comes in black or blue and can be purchased for under $30. 

Reviewers love that the Gas One has an electric starter, so you don’t need to carry matches. It also has an automatic safety shutoff that detects irregular gas flow and turns off your stove to prevent danger. 

Propane camping stove
Enjoy a fresh cooked meal no matter where you camp by packing a propane stove.

#4 GSI Outdoors Selkirk 540

This bright orange two-burner cooktop has shorter wind panels than the Coleman, making it a little less wind resistant but much lighter. If you’ve got a short walk from the car to the campsite and plan to cook up a good meal, this is the propane stove of 2023 for you!

The GSI Outdoors Selkirk 540 boils water in about four minutes, and its stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean. We love the easy push-button ignitor and that it can be easily replaced if it breaks. This stove usually costs around $150, making it a solid midprice option. 

#5 Kovea Slim Twin

The Kovea Slim Twin made our list of favorites because of its compact size. The older version of this propane stove may disappoint, but reviewers love the 2023 edition, which costs around $145.

The small but mighty two-burner camp stove weighs under ten pounds and boils water in under five minutes. You can even completely remove the lid if you’ve got larger pots or pans you’d like to use. When folded for storage, the convertible cooktop measures about two and a half inches making it a great option if you love to save space.

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The Best Propane Stoves for 2023

Whether you’ve been looking to drop $200 or $30 on your propane stove in 2023, this list has ideas for you. Depending on your needs, you can get a one or two-burner, with or without wind protection. Some campers prefer lightweight options, while others would rather have a super sturdy cooktop, even if it takes up a little extra space. 

We hope you’ve found some helpful suggestions on our list of the best stoves to bring on your next adventure!

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