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OPINION: Why I Dropped Camping World After Years of Loyalty

Camping World is a big name in the RV industry, so why would anyone drop them?

You can find their large stores and RV lots across the country. Positioned alongside major highways, they make it easy to swing in with your RV and get all the gear you want.

I was loyal to them for years, but that’s no longer the case. Curious as to why?

Keep reading.

Keep in Mind: This is only our opinion, based on our personal experience. We know many people love Camping World. Don’t take our word for it, try them for yourself before deciding your views on Camping World.

What Is Camping World?

Camping World Holdings, Inc. is a corporation that specializes in RVs, RV parts, services, accessories, and outdoor gear. Founded in 1966 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, it now has more than 160 stores across the U.S. They market themselves as a one-stop shop for everything RV.

Camping World sells new and used RVs as well as RV parts and accessories. They also have service centers throughout the country with more than 1,900 service bays and 1,600 technicians. In addition, they have more than 100 collision centers. 

Who’s the CEO Camping World? 

Marcus Lemonis is the CEO of Camping World. He’s famous for his business affiliations and his show, “The Profit,” which helps rebuild struggling businesses.

Why I Dropped Camping World After Years of Loyalty

I’ve been loyal to Camping World for many years. They’re easy to find in nearly any state when you need gear or want to browse RVs. Here are six reasons why I dropped Camping World. 

Negative Press

Camping World has received a lot of negative press over the last several years. The owner, Marcus Lemonis, seems to be a bit of a loose cannon and has said a few somewhat controversial statements.

This is not the type of thing I’m interested in, especially when camping is a relaxing experience for me…not a confrontational one.

Steep In-Store Prices

Camping World’s prices are pretty high. Their in-store pricing for RV accessories, outdoor gear, and more seem to just keep going up. You can find identical products on Amazon, at Walmart, and in other big-box stores – oftentimes, for less.

Their RV pricing seems to run higher than other dealers as well.

Like many dealerships, we think that salespersons use tactics to get you to buy and finance. But it’s seemingly only for their benefit. I prefer to work with an RV dealer who I perceive as fair and forthcoming.

Good Sam Membership for Lower Prices

The Good Sam Membership at Camping World offers benefits and discounts to members. But is it saving us money? You have to have a Good Sam Membership to get their products for a lower price. The Good Sam Club starts at $29 a year, which may not seem like a lot.

But when you add in the mandatory membership and their high prices, it’s not worth it for me.

And, I just got frustrated when a checkout agent always pressured me to renew.

Customer Service

Based on online reviews, Camping World is becoming more and more notorious for its sub-par customer service. When we took our trailer in to get inspected (at the very beginning of our RV journey), our point-of-contact representative was short, rude, and condescending.

This may not be everyone’s experience. But, as it was ours, it doesn’t inspire us to come back.

Service Department Woes

I hear many reports of RVers having a terrible experience with Camping World’s service departments. Repairs or service can take much longer than promised, according to customer reviews.

Recently, a story was released about an RV being stolen while waiting for service on their lot.

I’m not very confident about leaving my rig there after reading that.

Profit and Growth Seems Like the #1 Priority

It seems that Camping World is in it for profit and profit alone. Unfortunately, they may forget customers in the equation. If I know one thing about RVers, it’s that we’re a community.

Camping World is missing that in their business model and is losing customers (at least us) as a result.

I Quit Camping World, and It’d Take A Lot To Get Me Back

As you’ve likely figured out by now, I quit Camping World. I’m not gone forever, but I’m gone for now.

I encourage the leadership team at Camping World to put more focus on the consumer and the community. Stop selling so hard. The RV industry is booming right now. We, as RVers, need more businesses with good intentions.

The customer service and high prices just aren’t worth it for now.

What do you think? Have you had negative or positive experiences with Camping World? What’s your take on the company?

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  1. I had a slow radiator leak. They charged me $450 to replace, what they said was a bad radiator hose clamp. The sad part is that it didn’t fix the leak.

  2. On camping world topic. My father brought his 40ft class A in for a/c repair and some paint work. They gave him a 3 week turnaround time. After 2 weeks he called to get an update and his service advisor would never answer the phone nor returned 8 messages left for him to call back. We had to drive 25 miles to get him face to face and ask what the update was. After 2 weeks the rig had not been touched, nor were any parts ordered after 2 weeks. Long story short 2 weeks later all they did was some minor paint touch up and said the parts that came in were the wrong part. Now we are in six weeks my parents have been staying with me in Texas and they live in Arizona. Once again numerous calls to service advisor, would not answer calls or return messages. Made the 25 mile drive again only to here more excuses. My father was so upset he asked for his rig back. By this time 7 weeks went by. He checked out after paying 4 thousand dollars, and only had the minor paint fixed. No a/c repairs had been made, but was billed numerous hours for a/c work. I had to buy them fans for the drive back to Arizona in the dead heat of summer. Once they returned to Arizona my father brought it to his local repair shop only to find out that Camping world had cut out all his A/C plumbing and left it like that, gave him his rig back in that condition and charged him thousands of dollars and did not fix anything but made it worse. Do not trust their service departments anywhere in the U. S.

  3. Bob Brandt says:

    I just completed a purchase with Camping World for no reason other than they had what I wanted. So far the experience has been OK in terms of friendliness and response but what I am not comfortable with is their push to sell warranties. It is a profit point for them and I get that but reading the small print, everything is up to their discretion. I did purchase the package, a very expensive package, and I hope it provides the benefits promised. As for their pricing, I do a cross comparison on everything. They’re good on some things, not so good on others so do your due diligence. Time will tell. There are plenty of smaller dealers in the country that need support as well.

  4. Eleno Diaz says:

    Totally agree with poor customer service and leadership! The sign or logo reads ” if your not happy we are not happy” is a joke ! If your a full time RV and need service they don’t have skilled techs or manager to properly schedule or relay honest answers. I’m done with them also!

  5. Raje says:

    I also found Camping World to be high priced, no service and not worth being a Good Sam member. I also had RV insurance thru Good Sam. I dropped it after one horrible experience and the Good Sam membership too. Then my R V got struck by lightening and it caused major battery fries and electrical problems . No one would work in my RV or even check it out. I was finally referred to Hector who works at the Las Vegas Camping World. Because of my experiences I was hesitant but also desperate for help. Long story short: He got me in the same day, he and the technicians traced the problem and fixed it all in the same day. He took the service fee and rolled it into my final bill which was under $150.00 total including labor and taxes.
    I was a happy camper to say the least.

  6. Eric Beauregard says:

    I’m unimpressed with Camping World, their business model and poor service. While I pop in on occasion for sealant or a hose piece, I would not trust them with my Tiffin. I just don’t get the impression that they care about anything more than my wallet. We RVers are a community, and it’s wrong to exploit any community.

  7. Gary Kinzner says:

    I needed tires for my 1996 Itasca class A and went to the local Camping World in Oregon. My rig takes the old narrow 8R-16 tires and after researching the issue, it recommended not using the metric sized replacement wider tires. The two sales people kept telling me that the 8R-16 wasn’t the tire size and I needed to look on the sidewall for a metric size. After several minutes of this discussion, I left in frustration. A week later I stopped in again and talked to the parts manager, got the same story. Finally after pinning him down about the running tempurature concern of the wider tires, he finally admitted that they no longer carried the narrow 8R tires and he was trying to sell me the metric tires they had in stock. That could have been a safety issue, so beware of their selling practices!

  8. Warren says:

    This article voices my experiences completely! I made a $110,000.00 deal on a class B Van that was advertised publically at the time for $97,000.00 +. I was lied to by a professional sales staff and had 4 different sharks shoving papers at me.

    To make matters worse after I made a deal to trade my 3 year old travel trailer which Blue Booked at $12,000.00 to $16,000.00 value for the van’s down payment was lost in the trade. During the time I sat on th Hotseat, one of the office goons called me a liar regarding the trade in and that I had not been truthful on my application. I will admit that (1) I should have had a professional with me, (2) walked out when my clow of a sales per quickly left the Hotseat room when accosted during the sessions, (3) sold my beautiful travel trailer, demanded we hold cost of Their advertisement as the absolute cost and use the trailer proceeds as down payment. They really rattled me and did a job on me.

  9. Sandra Balle says:

    We took our RV to Camping World to be washed. Much to our surprise the bill was $500.00+!!!! All they had to do was to wash it, nothing else! Couldn’t believe it! Never again. Hate to even go in their store now because of it. On our way across country we stopped and Beacon where the big rigs go and had it washed for $89.00! They did a great job. Had 4 workers there and they washed it by hand. They were all so nice and did a great job. We now drive over and hour to have it washed at one of many Beacons.
    Camping World left water marks on the windows and did a bad job all around.
    Won’t shop there at all. Anything we need for our RV Amazon usually carries it and at a far better price.

  10. Chuck says:

    I’ve had good and bad times with them. Some parts are cheaper, but their free shipping cap is higher than I like, and some things don’t qualify even if it’s well over the cap. And some stores, denver, won’t ship, OTC only.
    I got charged shipping for a 30# propane bottle in Draper Ut, all the way from the back room to the counter (100 ft), many of their parts are available at TruValue, Ace hdwr, and local RV dealers at less.
    I only order if I have no other choice, and being a life member of Good Sams doesn’t seem to matter.

  11. Tony Mauricio says:

    Well I don’t have the same experience as some of you have had, yes during the pandemic there were a lot of issues getting parts, getting people to work and so on, but even then when I needed service that required parts to ordered I was told that it would take tame and sure enough within reasonable time I got my coached fixed, and yes I also get it that no one is perfect, but my experience with Camping World is absolutely positive, sorry to those that have had less pleasant experiences.

  12. Schmitty says:

    Twice I needed parts for my rv, visited the local CW and was told two to three days to get them delivered. I check Amazon had the parts delivered in a day and they were 25% cheaper… Goodbye CW. You’re prices are ridiculous 😞

  13. Lany Aldridgre says:

    I agree with your Camping World story that’s all they were worried about was the sale we bought a Montana hot country fifth wheel and it’s been a nightmare ever since it was under warranty and we were so down on Camping World because they destroyed our hot water heater during a repair scratched the door to it bent some of the metal going into the storage Cubbies there was no need for that to have even been touched and was lied to the whole way it was a miserable experience and as usual they kept it longer than expected not caring that we were paying extra for a room to stay in when we had paid a lot of money towards this will as to be our home they were very rude not helpful at all I was told by the service department that I could trust in the head person in the service department of which I was not able to and was told to put a piece of tape on everything that needed extra Staples or to be fixed I did so and it was not fixed so not happy with Camping World this is Camping World in Bowling Green Kentucky and will never go back I will take it somewhere else before I take it to Camping World

  14. Bill Blecher says:

    Bought a slightly used toyhauler 2 years ago. Told them at the beginning I was putting on my credit card (wanted the points) The day of the sale they tell me They cant put that much on a credit card (I had pre warned AMEX that I was going to make a large purchase 28K on my card) They were fine with that. Store manager comes to talk to me and says they cant do that. I said you didnt have a problem charging me 2500.00 on two different days last week. He relented and then comes back and tells me the Regional manager okayed 10K on the card, So I handed him 2 AMEX cards! he relented and put it all on one But I had to go get 8300 out of my money market to consumate the deal. (ticked me off) I almost came back with 8300 in one dollar bills!

    I get out to do a walk around the camper, because its used and obviously sold as is despite being less than 6 months old. And the rear awning isnt retracting or extending properly. Two days later With the RV tailgate pointed at the interstate (did I mention I am hard of hearing?) I run the awning up and down a few times seems smooth and stowing properly. We take it, get home and the awning is jerking around making all kinds of noise, pull the cover and their “repair solution” was to put a 2″ dry wall screw through the gearing on the non motorized side. at this point their service dept, in my opinion sucked. Just move it off the lot and dont worry about the consumer. I have found this mentality at another RV center in the next town as well. Needless to say I am NOT IMPRESSED with Camping World, and I am NOT going back.

    The most priceless look on the managers face was when I pointed to the big poster of Marcus Lemonis and it said “I’m happy when your happy” I said “get him on the horn, Cause I’m not happy” I guess no one had ever told him that. 50K deal on this Toy hauler, traded a 20K motorcycle and cash, and they can’t even do their jobs right. Was not impressed, and they boogered up the countertop also. Which is another horror story.

  15. Bob Magee says:

    Friends don’t let friends go to Camping World. Ever.

  16. Carol Forrest says:

    I bought, via catalog, from Camping World many times. This was back when they only had three stores in California.

    This may seem petty, but I ended my relationship with Camping World and Good Sam when Marcus Lemonis stated he did not want Conservatives for customers. Don’t want my business?–I am gone.

    I go to my non-Camping World dealership, buy from Amazon and Walmart if I need anything. Our dealer has never let us down in 9 years even if we have no warranty any longer. A/c had problems while on vacation a year ago. Called dealership and they helped us over the phone and we were able to continue our vacation, in comfort, as they told us it was safe to continue using it. Dealership even called us the next morning to make sure we were doing okay!! I call that great service!

  17. Flip says:

    Amen!!! Quit years ago.

  18. Vickster says:

    We bought a brand new travel trailer at camping world .fisrt trip out slides wouldn’t roll in awning wouldn’t work panel inside was buckling pieces of wood trim fell off to name a few problems called manufacturer they said no problem take it into camping world all covered under warranty. We called and it was over a month before they could get it in and this was after many phone calls and leaving messages with no call backs.we finally got a call to bring it in it tookover 4 months to get repaired.when we wen t to pick it they hadn’t put a battery charger on it so we had to get someone to help us to hook it up. So we like you are done with camping world.

  19. Bob says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with this article. Long story short, my manufacturer sent Camping World all new parts to fix the front and rear of my slide. Camping World put the new parts in the rear and kept the parts for the front. Needless to say, I am done with them!!

  20. Michael J Lee says:

    Camping World is not perfect but the several experiences I have had have ranged from good to excellent! The Best Experience was taking a chance and driving my 44’ 5th wheel the CW on I10 between Las Cruces NM and El Paso TX! I wanted a lot of things checked and the wheel bearings regreased. They went through a list of minor things to be fixed and after 4 hours called me and said it was ready plus I didn’t need a wheel bearing job because the grease looked practially new! They also didn’t charge me since they were able to charge their time under my new RV warranty. Numerous other CW experiences have been good but I will admit to gentle pressure to make sure all my Good Sam accounts are up-to-date! Lastly, I really like the CEO Markus Lemonis for his straight forward talk and frankly I agree with his comments about protecting our democracy from those that would create barriers to everyone being able to vote! Let’s not pussyfoot around: we have been in a ‘slow’ civil war since 2015 and you are either on one side or the other!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Camping World is the worst possible ! I have had only nightmares of experiences with them and my recommendation is to stay as far away from them as possible! Prices, customer service and practices of lying are simply outrageous. Believe me, stay away !!!!

  22. Jules says:

    I’m looking at purchasing an RV in the next 6-8 months. Any recommendations on where to purchase besides camping world?

  23. Mary Nimmo says:

    We likewise had a disturbing encounter with a Camping Wirkd dealership near us. Switch & bait for a sale we were trying to purchase a new travel trailer.

    We will not deal with them either again!!

  24. Mark Hjelm says:

    Sounds like camping world is on it’s way out,at least for dude. Me talk crap or complicate my experience in a negative manner, I’m outta there good riddance.

  25. Skip Chell says:

    CEO Marcus Lemonis often promotes Camping World and his commitment to his customers by asking that we write directly to him. I have on numerous occasions ’cut and pasted’ complaints and emailed them to him, asking him if these legitimate complaints bothered him. Asking him if employee retraining is planned to address such egregious examples of poor customer service. He has yet to answer any of my emails. Does he care? Apparently not.

  26. Pat Norwood says:

    Agree on all your reasons for dropping Camping World.I just canceled my Good Sam Visa. Not worth the high prices at Camping World.

  27. Jose Tamez says:

    Well, I am in the same opinion as you, because I took my RV for a tune up and check the A/C air conditioners and according to them they were not working and they had to change them for new ones but at that time they had to order them from Mexico and they would arrive in a few months and I took the RV to another place and they informed me that they had nothing, only that the tubes froze and that is why they did not cool and they explained to me how to cool the Rv

  28. Jack says:

    Last time I took my RV to camping World I had made an appointment for repair I parked in the parking lot had a service adviser come and write it up. Was told it would take a couple days no big deal. Three days later my daughter called and told me she was at Camping Word sitting in my motorhome in the parking lot right where I had parked it, they never locked it up anyone could just go inside and relax going through all my stuff. I drove out and spoke to a manager who acted like he could care less. Last Time never again. Done with them, Amazon usually cheaper and quicker anyway.

  29. Mark O says:

    I would never do any business with Camping World period!

  30. DAVID OHMART says:

    Thank you have the same feeling have never used their service didn’t like most of the sales people parts people were ok Not planning on renewing my membership

  31. Steven Fry says:

    Camping World was a very good company, while it’s founder, David Garvin was at the helm. They carried decent products, provided amazing service, and had caring employees. Although their prices were not the best, even back then, they were much more civilized, than they are now. When current CEO, Marcus Lemonis took over command, and merged Camping World with Sam’s Club, Gander Moutain, and some other once fine companies, everything has been on a downward spiral, ever since. I’ve arrived at the conclusion that better deals and services are all better had elsewhere. Hasta la vista, Camping World.

  32. river rat says:

    I ordered a few things on line, shipped and delivered promptly. Returns accepted without question.

    Hi prices? Think of them as a convenience store.
    If you need something on the road, stop in.
    If you can wait order from big box or amazon at lower price.

  33. Clayton says:

    When dealing with most dealers , they are all to pushy about add on stuff , accessories, extra insurance & most like you said accessories & parts are a lot cheaper other places , including online

  34. Anthony Paulino says:

    I did experienced some bad rv serviced with camping world and i do agree with their prices to be very expensive regardless. Now, if mr. lemonis can just quit his tv show “profit” and concentrate more to his camping world “store complaints” and pay attention to customers, maybe, just maybe, things might get better. I’m unhappy i doubt he is.

  35. Robert and Lesa Sturgill says:

    we have purchased 4 campers over the years from camping world Hanover PA. This last time a fuzion toy hauler 37’5. Gave them their asking price $40.000 CASH and a 2014 fuzion 29.2 towable camper EXCELLENT Condition with $6000.00 owed on It.(was used 3 times)They promised the rig would be there waiting Walk through and pick up for us and everything was in great shape and ready to go.(we were leaving for south Dakota that day. Ended up not being ready until closing. Walk through was rushed and could not check all items. Long story short then generator would not work said they ordered fuel pump (later from another tech not the pump generator was shot). Called them that evening told them the bed jack system did not work we could not raise to put our motorcycles in they said set appointment. On the way 3 flats on triple axles the tires were from 2012.At camp 2 days later we had no hot water hot water heater did not work. Fireplace did not work. Electric jacks on camper would not work properly. Back ramp gate was never checked out it would not shut properly.TV and coffee maker could not be on together due to a short. Called numerous times to return simply refused cause they sold my other camper that week for over $20,000. They started putting me on hold said i missed my appoint. to repair (LIES) I purchased and installed all the items including 5500 GENERATOR, and New fridge old one would not get below 46deg. Called up to trade 6months later on a different one told them all the new things i put in, they offered me $12,000.00 on a trade. WARNING TO ALL LOYALTY MEANS NOTHING ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. THESE PEOPLE ARE CONS. THEY ARE TRAINED TO MAKE A SALE EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO LIE. I’m the owner of a construction company i go out of my way to make my customers happy i have integrity. These folks are the bottom of the barrel. Any questions feel free to call me.

    Thank you for reading please pass this on


  36. David Edwards says:

    We had a leak in our outside kitchen that we seldom used. Took it to where we got it south of Birmingham, Al. They told me it would take $2100 to fix it the way it was and couldn’t sell it if not fixed back the way it was. I opted to put caps on the water lines going to the outside kitchen and just build shelves for storage and the refrigerator was on the right side of the compartment. They did a sloppy #ss job and haven’t been back. I get all my RV equipment through Amazon or Walmart. Good Sam is constantly sending emails and mail to renew my membership, roadside coverage. The amount of time we have used our RV don’t justify paying for a membership. In other words the discounts is less than the membership so really wasting money. It says you can save .05 gal on gas at Pilot Station. Well I downloaded the Pilot/ Flying J app and also the Love’s app and save .10gal each place and don’t have to buy a membership. That’s a No Brainer

  37. Larry says:

    I did too,due to bad management, low in store stock, high prices, their effective killing of good Sam, terrible service, shady (Probably illegal) sales practices etc…

  38. David says:

    I had heard ever since Marcus Lemonis took over that everything with Camping World has slid down a very slippery slope. Like you noted it is more about the profit than it is the customers. To large places like that you are just a number, not a person. I will look somewhere else when I buy my next trailer. Appreciate the heads up.

  39. Paula says:

    Also have had terrible experience with Camping World Despite the fact that we purchased 4 RV/trailers from them over the years, they fail to return phone calls, stall as much as possible to refund extended warranty claims and basically ignore you as soon as you sign on the bottom line to buy. They completely screwed up the installation of our tow hitch so that if we had driven away ( before my husband – not a mechanic- ) noticed the error, we would have caused a terrible accident.
    I cant urge people enough to stay away. Not enough room in this email to list all the problems we have encountered. Many other reputable dealers to go with Recently had a good experience with Campers Inn.

  40. Jane Molchany says:

    We bought our 2022 Kodiak from Camping World last Nov. What a mistake! They gave us $500.00 for our old camper. We paid way over what we should have plus they talked us into all the Good Sam memberships for years.
    The back seat for the U shaped dinette was missing when we picked it up. I was told they didn’t have it. Then i was told there is no such part. It took me 6 months but they finally gave me $500.00.
    I called Good Sam’s Road side assistance…I was told I have 2 policies. They took all the information and then told me I would have to PAY FOR LABOR AND PARTS. What????
    I will never go to them again.

  41. Dennis Kananen says:

    I’ve seen many independent RV dealerships being bought out by CampingWorld, only to have them close up. Becoming the largest dealer network is a power grab and pride goes before a fall. You are right; customer service, humility, and fair prices is more important than money.

  42. Charles Land says:

    Camping World has always been pricey. I go there to look at products and go home and order on Amazon.
    I DIY nearly everything and go to specialists, such as truck spring and brake shops for difficult repairs. My only rv dealer shop experience was Crestview which was frustrating.

  43. Ruth says:

    Not all Camping World services are bad. I had a bad experience the 1st time (didn’t winterize our camper correctly). Now happy with the other CW.

  44. Bud Barnes says:

    Camping World has become more about branding than customer service. Most RV owners have become a ‘captive’ audience and choose what is believed convenience over value. Camping World no longer offers either. Yes, I am a Lifetime Good Sam Member, but I avoid Camping World at all costs. The reasons are simple: I support actions over promises. Marcus, rather the marketing group, does a good job trying to present CW as responsive and caring. Customer testimonials simply fail to support CW’s marketing. Too bad. It’s a huge market.