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Is MileMax Fuel Saver the Real Deal (Doubt it Cuz’)?

With gas prices these days, everyone’s looking to be more efficient, and the MileMax advertises they can help you get the most out of your fuel.

Before you head out to grab one of these aftermarket devices, you’ll probably want to know if it works. However, efficacy may not be the biggest issue with fuel savers.

We looked into the details of this gadget, and you won’t want to miss out on what we learned!

Let’s dive in!

What Is the MileMax Fuel Saver?

MileMax says their fuel saver connects to your car and reduces energy consumption. You install the small green device, and it’ll start gathering data. After about 150 miles, the MileMax will figure out how to increase your miles per gallon using artificial intelligence. No matter what you drive, this gadget can be installed as long as your car’s from 1996 or later. 

It won’t drain your car battery but will help you optimize your gas use. Once implemented, artificial intelligence will change specific engine settings like boost pressure and injection timing.

In the old days, you’d have to replace the engine control unit’s microchip or take it in to have the torque adjusted, but not anymore.

Each device can store up to three driver profiles, so no matter your driving habits, it can help your car be more efficient. This instrument can detect which person’s sitting in the driver’s seat and precisely adjust settings to improve the car’s fuel economy.

According to the company, it can help you be up to 35% more efficient if installed correctly. 

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How Does the MileMax Connect to Your Vehicle?

One of these gadgets can be connected to the On-Board Diagnostics Port, or OBD2 for short. You might’ve seen automotive professionals use this input to run diagnostics on a car. Most modern vehicles have one of these beneath the dashboard on the driver’s side. It allows external devices to communicate with the car’s computer system.

In the 1990s, cars gained a port for mechanics to connect to the vehicle’s computer systems. OBD ports began to be standardized in 1991, and by 1996 all manufacturers used the same OBD2 port. For this reason, the MileMax can only be used on cars made in 1996 or later.

The MileMax plugs into the OBD2 Port so that it can link to the engine control unit. After analyzing the driver’s habits and the car’s tendencies, it adjusts settings like fuel-to-air ratio to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

What Are the Risks of Using a Device Like the MileMax?

Connecting a third-party device to your vehicle can be risky. One researcher tested 77 different types of OBD2 plug-ins and found that all of them had at least two vulnerabilities. He discovered that accessories with higher price points tend to be less exposed to attacks. 

OBD2 dongles link directly to the car’s computer system, meaning you don’t want just anyone connecting to it. Those with nefarious intentions can cause your vehicle to drive erratically, which is very dangerous.

Many smart devices can connect to an app via Bluetooth or WiFi, allowing hackers to infiltrate your system. Bluetooth pairing tends to be safer because only one smartphone can connect at a time. WiFi-powered devices, on the other hand, allow multiple people to join. 

If you plan to use one of these aftermarket additions, look for Bluetooth ones at a higher price to ensure you stay safe on the roads.

Is the MileMax Fuel Saver a Scam?

This miles-per-gallon booster may seem too good to be true, and you’d be right to be skeptical. In fact, a similar product, the EcoBox fuel saver, proved to be a scam. That company bought a bunch of random, useless OBD2 dongles and rebranded them, claiming that they’d increase a vehicle’s fuel economy by up to 35%.

MileMax doesn’t provide hard evidence for their claims of increased efficiency, making us doubtful. Additionally, their website appears relatively new, suggesting the company had it hastily created. No major car companies endorse this product, leading us to further question its legitimacy. 

Other reviewers have voiced their skepticism of the MileMax, citing concerns with the lack of transparency from the company. While we don’t have enough information to call it a scam, we don’t have the data to prove it works either.

What Is the Best Way to Save Fuel?

If you want to get the most out of a tank of gas, you can do it without using an OBD2 device. Accelerating quickly causes gas-guzzling, as does traveling at high speed. Increase your fuel economy by reaching your cruising rate at a gentle increase and going the speed limit. When it’s time to slow down, consider coasting instead of braking to get the most out of your fuel.

Sitting in a standstill traffic jam for hours isn’t just frustrating. It can also burn through extra fuel. Plan ahead and don’t drive during rush hour to avoid congested highways. 

Heavy vehicles also consume more, which may be unavoidable depending on what you drive. Consider removing extra cargo from your car or truck to lighten it up and make the most of your gasoline.

Finally, keeping your vehicle running smoothly will ensure its efficiency. Don’t skip regular tune-ups, and keep your tires under proper pressure. Under-inflated tires lower gas mileage by 0.2% for every PSI under the recommended level. 

Is the MileMax Worth It?

OBD2 devices can be dangerous, and we’ve found little evidence that they even work. You can certainly try one out if the MileMax is in your budget, but if not, you can increase your fuel economy in other ways. Try easing off the gas and brakes and keeping your tires properly inflated to maximize your vehicle’s efficiency.

If you choose to buy one of these devices, make sure it uses Bluetooth instead of WiFi. After all, the only thing worse than getting scammed by a product is having your car’s computer hacked because of the lousy gadget.

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