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5 Most Dangerous Creatures in Page, Arizona

Dangerous creatures are hiding out all over Page, Arizona. The flat desert is home to many creepy crawlers, but it’s also next to an incredible park, a beautiful lake, and several unique nature sites. 

While you may not think twice about a possible animal attack, maybe you should.

Today, we’re exploring the wildlife around Page so you know what to watch out for and how to avoid a deadly encounter.

Let’s get into it!

About Page, Arizona

Page is a small northern Arizona town located by Lake Powell. In the late 40s, The US Department of Labor bartered with the Navajo Nation for the land. The government urgently needed space to house workers and their families while building the Glen Canyon Dam. Page was officially incorporated in 1975, nine years after the dam was completed.

Today, Page is populated by newcomers and families from generations long before the town existed. Both the Navajo Nation and Hopi Indian reservations are adjacent to the town. Interestingly, the oldest continuously inhabited community within the US is Old Oraibi, located two hours southeast.

Page is very dry and hot almost year-round. But because it rests atop a mesa, it cools off at night and in the winter.

Page, Arizona
Keep a watchful eye out for all the wildlife you can find in Page, Arizona.

What is Page Known For?

Although Page isn’t the most exciting town, it’s ideal as a quiet home base for canyon exploration. The surrounding Arizona and Utah area is geologically exceptional. 

Nearby Antelope Canyon is the most popular attraction. This famous slot canyon is a photographer’s dream shaped by millennia of erosion. You hike through tall, smooth rock while rays of sunlight coat the walls in orange and magenta hues. As this is a holy place, you must book a guided tour with the Navajo Nation.

You can also rent a boat by Lake Powell and kayak through parts of the canyon.

Page borders Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. This national park has no shortage of natural wonders. But if you only have time for one excursion, you’ll probably want to check out the awe-inspiring view at Horseshoe Bend.

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Is Arizona Wildlife Dangerous?

Wildlife can be threatening no matter where you are, and it’s foolish to think otherwise. But that doesn’t mean we can’t coexist with wild animals. We just need to respect them.

Arizona ranks amongst the top five US states in the total number of mammals, birds, and reptiles. And many dangerous creatures are at home in Page. So when you visit, it’s best to practice basic wildlife rules, and the most important one is never to feed the locals!

Wild animals won’t threaten you unless they feel threatened. But the more exposure they have to humans, the more likely they are to attack. So give them plenty of space.

As stated on the Grand Canyon National Park website, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

Page, Arizona
From rattlesnakes to scorpions, there are lots of dangerous creatures to be found in Page, Arizona.

5 of The Most Dangerous Creatures in Page

Page is home to beautiful birds, fish, lizards, and leopard frogs. You’ll probably see a jackrabbit or coyote if you look closely. But these aren’t the scary ones. This top five list of dangerous creatures should be considered when visiting Page.

#1 Rattlesnakes

This dangerous Page predator likes to hide in thick ground vegetation. They also like rock piles and logs. Use a flashlight at night to avoid them while they bathe on the hot asphalt.

Rattlesnake bites are very serious, and the only anecdote is serum delivered by medical professionals. So stay calm and immediately call for emergency services if bitten. Circle the bite area, and walk slowly if you need to move. Finally, don’t apply a tourniquet. Just get to the hospital as soon as possible.

#2 Bark Scorpions

Bark scorpions may not actually bark, but they do sting. Adults are two to three inches long, with their tails making up about half their length. Babies hang out on their mom’s back for the first few weeks, but then they’re on their own. So make sure you shake out your shoes before wearing them because they love small, dark hiding spots.

Although they’re small and inconspicuous, these dangerous Page creatures can kill you. And this is, unfortunately, more common with children and older adults. If you or someone you love gets stung, call poison control. Clean the area with soap and water, and take some pain relievers. If symptoms don’t subside, then go to the nearest hospital.

#3 Black Widow Spiders

These black bulbous spiders can be spotted by their red hourglass markings. They prefer warm climates and tend to do their hunting at night. Arizonans tend to find them in sheds, porch furniture, or any shelter where they can be alone.

Watch out for black widows near rock piles, tree stumps, or under any area you can’t see well. Wash with soap right away if you get bit. Apply a cold compress on and off in ten-minute intervals on your way to the hospital.

One not-so-fun fact is that old statistics showed men getting bit by black windows in their nether regions twice as often as women. But once people started cleaning their outhouses more, the odds evened up.

Spider crawling in house
Beware of black widow spiders while in Arizona.

#4 Javelina

Some say javelina are grotesque, while others think they’re cute. They look like furry, long-nosed pigs with stub tails and like to travel in packs near washes and rolling hills. Geographically, Page is perfect for them.

Javelina are like most dangerous creatures and usually don’t attack people. But you might want to carry a spray bottle of diluted ammonia with you if you take your dog to Page. If a pack of javelina mistakes your dog for a coyote, they might go on the defense. And given their poor eyesight, you’re best off keeping your distance.

#5 Bobcats

Last but not least on our list of dangerous creatures is the beautiful bobcat. The two-foot-tall wild kitties have tan, calico fur, and stubby tails. They’ll jump up to twelve feet in any direction to catch their prey. And that could be your pet if you’re not careful!

Chances are, you won’t see a Bobcat during the day, as that’s their chill time. But if you see one out at dusk, don’t approach it. Beware of hyperactive or erratic cats, as they may be infected with rabies. Call the Arizona Game and Fish Department with any questions or concerns.

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Is Page Worth a Visit Despite its Dangerous Creatures?

Page is surrounded by stunning landscapes filled with dangerous creatures. But we think it’s worth the gamble. Shake your shoes before you go hiking, bring a pair of gloves with you, and check your RV for fresh cobwebs before you leave. 

But most of all, enjoy the great outdoors! If your goal is coexistence with critters of all kinds, you’ll grow to appreciate these small risks. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of these majestic animals from a distance.

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