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5 Best Outdoor Doormats for Your RV in 2023

If you want a cleaner home or RV in 2023, a new outdoor mat can help you achieve it. These aren’t just statement pieces that welcome people to your house. They keep the inside sanitary as well.

But the sheer amount of options may leave you overwhelmed. And if you want it to last, you’ll need to look beyond aesthetics and consider its other features.

Today we’ll cover our top choices for keeping the dirt outside where it belongs.

Let’s dig in!

Outdoor doormats come in a variety of themes

About Outdoor Mats

Outdoor mats are an essential accessory for homes and RVs alike. They keep dirt and mud from tracking into buildings and keep indoor spaces cleaner and healthier. 

Not only can they protect your floors, they can actually improve indoor air quality, and this is especially important for people with asthma or allergies. They can also reduce the risk of slips if you use them to dry your feet before going inside. 

Outdoor mats come in various materials, including rubber, synthetic fibers, coir, jute, and more. You can choose your favorite colors and designs to accessorize your space or find messages that match your personality. 

Even if you have a strict no-shoes policy, it can make a big difference in keeping your entryway clean. A quality outdoor mat should belong on your 2023 shopping list. 

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How Often Should You Replace Outdoor Mats?

Just because it’s the best-looking one doesn’t mean it’ll last the longest. Its lifespan will depend on a few factors, and one of the most important ones is routine care. 

If you let your welcome rug collect dirt for too long, it’ll be less effective at cleaning your feet. You should also consider what it’s made of before you purchase it.

Synthetic materials typically last longer than fibers, and natural ones like coir or jute may wear out more quickly. You may need to replace it frequently in areas with high foot traffic or extreme weather conditions. The right choice can last up to 20 years, while others may fall apart after one season.

A good rule of thumb is to inspect the mat regularly for signs of wear and tear and replace it if it becomes damaged or loses its ability to keep dirt and debris out of your home or business.

5 of the Best Outdoor Mats in 2023

If you want an attractive outdoor mat that’ll last well beyond 2023, consider the materials. Each rug also offers other unique features that make them worth a look. 

#1 L.L. Bean Everyspace Recycled Waterhog Doormat

Recycled materials don’t always mean inferior quality. L.L. Bean offers a waterproof, mildew-resistant mat that looks good wherever you put it. 

The material is designed to capture small particles, reduce dust, and keep your air cleaner. It comes in four sizes and eight colors, so you can find the right choice for your space. Even better, it works just as well in the bathroom or at the kitchen sink as it does outside.

One of the best benefits is how easy it is to clean. You can vacuum or sweep it off or take it outside and use a hose to blast away the dirt. It can take a lot of abuse before it wears down, and the material is stain resistant.

It may not be the cheapest option, but it’ll definitely outlast discount alternatives. However, if you’re looking for something flashy, you should explore other options.

#2 Entryways Coir Rope Knot Doormat

Made from natural coir, the rough material is perfect for grabbing mud and absorbing moisture. You won’t be chasing dirty footprints on rainy days if you add this outdoor mat to your 2023 shopping list. 

The rugged look has a natural feel that works well with rustic or beachy decor if you prefer to keep it inside. But it also won’t feel out of place in front of any doorway. It comes in two sizes, and the larger one can hold a lot of dirt and grime at two by three feet. 

Some reviewers find that this Entryways mat doesn’t stay in place as well as others, and the weave isn’t as tight as they’d like. The natural fibers are also prone to shedding. While it’s not the cheapest option, it’s also not the costliest. And the coconut husk fibers are perfect for cleaning out your shoe treads before stepping inside. 

#3 Aoonby Indoor Non-Slip Washable Doormat

With white geometric designs, this rug has an attractive, modern look that’ll work perfectly with most wood floors. It also has a low profile and is non-slip, so you won’t be adding a trip hazard. 

While you can sweep or vacuum as needed, it’s also machine washable when you need a deeper clean. Customers who chose this outdoor mat love its durability, and the rubber backing works well to keep it in place even with heavy use. 

It comes in five sizes with just as many color options. However, they’re all in neutral tones like gray, brown, black, or white. If you’re looking for something more colorful, you may want to choose something else. But the largest size makes a good floor runner, measuring 59 inches. 

A silver and black floral design on an outdoor doormat
Rubber doormats come in many attractive designs

#4 Calloway Mills Gatsby Rubber Door Mat

Calloway Mills’ heavy, rubber outdoor mat makes our 2023 shopping list because of its durability. It’s also not budging once you set it in place. The attractive medieval design is also timeless. 

This choice is better for places that get a lot of rain. It’s mold and mildew resistant, and you won’t have to worry about slippage. While there aren’t any design options, it does come in five different sizes. The biggest is three by six feet, perfect for a deck that gets slippery when wet. It’s also one of the best deals on the list. 

While this attractive mat looks excellent outside, it isn’t suitable for indoor use. The tough rubber is excellent for grabbing dirt, salt, and water, but it won’t absorb moisture. So if you want to dry off your shoes, you’ll need an alternative. You could also double down with an additional mat inside. 

#5 Sand & Stable Mariah Non-Slip Outdoor Mat

A more modern take on natural coir rugs, this Sand & Sable mat has a simple, thoughtful design that looks tasteful no matter where you place it. It has a lower profile than other coir mats, so while it’ll still shed some, there’s less mess. This choice is perfect if you want something that can absorb moisture and dry quickly.

While it only comes in one size, it’s also the most affordable option on our list. The plastic vinyl backing has good non-slip qualities but isn’t as durable as a rubber one. But it’s an excellent choice for RVs and smaller entryways that need a little love. 

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Invest in a 2023 Outdoor Mat to Live Your Best Life

Finding the perfect outdoor mat depends partly on your personal style, but the 2023 season has plenty of options! Most of these rugs are built to last and can trap dirt better than your average dollar store finds. 

Sure, you could go thrifting or chase them down at garage sales, but some things are better to buy new. There’s no sense bringing someone else’s foot funk into your home. And with the right choice, your purchase should last for years.

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