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Beware: RV Windows Can Make It Easy for Burglars

Keeping your RV safe while traveling means protecting your windows from burglars. If not, you might have to file an insurance claim or police report.

Unfortunately, many owners overestimate the security of their camper. If someone wants to get into your rig, there’s not much stopping them.

So how protected is your motorhome from thieves?

Let’s check it out!

A person using a crowbar to break into an RV
Burglars can easily break into your RV

How Burglar-Proof Are RV Windows?

By design, RV windows offer minimal protection from burglars. Manufacturers often use cheap plastic and metal components whenever possible to cut costs and weight. As a result, it doesn’t take much to damage features designed to protect your trailer.

All a thief needs to do is pry open the sliding glass. With minimal effort, the seedy individual can enter your camper and rummage through your things. You can kiss your electronics, jewelry, or cash goodbye.

Unfortunately, thieves are opportunists constantly on the prowl. Keeping your rig as secure as possible is essential, especially when it’s out of sight.

Easy Ways to Protect Your RV Windows From Burglars

As we’ve said, manufacturers aren’t doing customers any favors. If you want to stay safe from criminals, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Luckily, there are a few basic steps you can take.

One of the first things you can do is invest in a safety bar or dowel. Place the object between the frame and the edge of the window. These devices make it nearly impossible to open, especially from the outside. While it may not be 100% effective, it complicates things for the crooks. Sometimes this is all it takes to send them running.

Another option to consider is to install alarms. You can find motion-activated ones and others similar to home security systems that use magnets. If you want to go the extra mile, consider upgrading the latches and locks. Replacing plastic with beefier metal components can be worth it.

Other Ways To Protect Your RV From Burglars

You can find some basic or more sophisticated ways to avoid becoming a victim. For starters, use the locks that you have on your camper. They’ll only do you good if you’re using them. Bolt your RV windows, doors, and storage compartments to keep burglars out.

In addition, if you’re camping, keep your site tidy. Avoid leaving anything of value out and about. Generators, bicycles, and expensive items can entice criminals. You want to do all you can to avoid drawing attention.

Earlier, we mentioned alarms for your windows. However, you can purchase security devices to monitor your entire vehicle. These can include cameras, motion detectors, and glass detection. Some complications to these systems are that they require power and sometimes an internet connection. This might not always be readily available, especially in storage.

Another essential thing you can do to increase safety is to get to know your neighbors. This is especially true if you’re setting up for an extended time. If they see someone snooping around your stuff while you’re away, they’re more likely to notice and take action.

If you’re traveling in a trailer, invest in a hitch lock. These vary depending on the type of camper and typically range from $20 to $60. They make it harder for someone to connect a vehicle to your trailer and haul it away. They’re handy when your investment is sitting in a storage facility. However, they’re only effective if you use them when parking your rig.

More details: Is It Easy to Break Into An RV? (And, How to Make It Harder).

Best Burglar Protection Products for Your RV

You’ll have to do more than secure your RV windows if you want to keep burglars out. These products are great places to start. You’ll have the assurance your rig is safe because of them.

Simplisafe 9 Piece Home Security System

SimpliSafe is a popular choice for home security. Their systems are easy to install and use. They’re easy to adapt to any environment, including recreational vehicles. You can purchase sensors and accessories to fit your needs best.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re constantly changing spots or in a permanent location; SimpliSafe’s nine-piece system is a fantastic option. However, if you’re stationary, you can set up monitoring services. It can alert the police, fire department, and medical dispatch should you experience an emergency.

A person pushing a button on a home security alarm panel
A home security system can keep you and your family safe

RVLock Products

Most owners don’t realize manufacturers only use a handful of locks across all campers. There’s a good chance someone nearby has a key that matches your door.

Luckily, RVLock makes it easy to replace locks. Their products are built tougher and use more than a million rolling codes. That means there’s practically zero chance anyone nearby has a matching key.

Another thing we love about these is the numeric keypad. You can punch in your custom code, use the physical key, or lock and unlock the door using a fob. You can also replace all your latches and use one combination for everything.

Motion Sensor Security Lights

Dirty deeds typically happen in the dark. An easy solution is to add motion sensor security lights. These can alert you to seedy people or wildlife that may have wandered onto your site.

Some of the most effective models run on solar power. They can harness energy from the sun to power their bulbs when needed. You don’t have to worry about wiring them into the electrical system. Thanks to their adhesive backing, you don’t have to worry about drilling holes into the side of your rig.

Door and Window Alarms

If you’re worried about burglars, you want to know if an RV door or window opens when it shouldn’t. Installing alarms is easy to do and can be highly effective. Crooks will likely go running the second these devices activate. You can spring into action and defend your property.

These gadgets can also help ensure everyone stays inside your camper. Some trailers have multiple entry points. Anyone who was a teenager once has likely experienced the temptation to go exploring after curfew. Investing in some security features can keep your teenagers inside instead of wandering through a dark campground.

It doesn’t matter where you’re parked: Burglar at National Park Uses a 12-Year-Old as a Lookout.

Don’t Slip on RV Security

While it’s uncommon for a burglar to break into your RV window, it’s not unheard of. Thieves can do a tremendous amount of damage in a short amount of time. Don’t wait until you become a victim to take action or devise a plan. While an insurance policy may help, it won’t prevent the problem in the first place.

Being proactive can help keep you, your home, and your stuff secure. So don’t procrastinate; take action today!

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