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Famous YouTuber is Living at RV Repair Shop

Many adventurous people dream of parking their rig somewhere with epic views of mountains and lakes, not an RV repair shop. Unfortunately, this exact situation is far more common than you might think.

One famous YouTuber gave her viewers a glimpse into the realities of full-time RVing. It helps show that the lifestyle isn’t all puppy dogs and rainbows.

Today, we’ll help you prepare for camping out at an RV repair shop, should it ever come to that. 

Let’s roll!

YouTuber Found Herself Living in an RV Repair Shop

Liz Amazing, a well-known YouTuber, experienced a failure with her basement AC unit. At the time, her travels had her going through Utah in the summer. As a result of the extreme heat, it wasn’t something she could afford to ignore. She hit the jackpot when a local shop worked her into their packed schedule.

Like many nomads, Liz’s RV is her only home. So she couldn’t let it sit unused while the workers repaired her air conditioning. Luckily, the establishment allowed her to stay in the rig while they worked on it.

The incident occurred over Memorial Day weekend, one of the most popular camping times of the year. Liz said that previously it would’ve been devastating not to be in a campground for the holiday. However, like many full-timers, she’s learned to make the best of these unfortunate situations.

While it may not have been ideal, the RV repair shop got Liz back on the road quickly. It cost her $2,400, but the inside of her home on wheels is cool and comfortable again. 

PRO TIP: These are the first things to break in your RV, per an RV mechanic.

Who is Liz Amazing?

Liz Amazing is the content creator behind the YouTube channel of the same name. She’s been on the road for nearly five years and shares her experiences with almost 100,000 subscribers. If you’re looking for good information about RV travel, she’s a great resource.

Some viewers assume Liz Amazing is an alias, but it really isn’t. Following a divorce, Liz wanted to create a new “happy name.” She travels solo full-time and runs a successful business while maintaining a positive attitude. It’s safe to say that the last name fits.

Liz hit the road as a licensed drone photographer. Her channel allows her to share adventures and create a community. It also helps fend off the feelings of loneliness that she, like other nomads, sometimes experiences while embracing the lifestyle.

How To Locate an RV Repair Shop While Traveling

The odds are that you’ll eventually need to locate an RV repair shop on your travels. Thankfully, finding a high-quality and trustworthy business isn’t as difficult as you’d think.

Online RV Forums

One of the best (and worst) things about social media are forums and groups. If you can look past the frequent debates, these communities can be a treasure box of valuable information. 

Like Liz Amazing, this is the first place most people turn when they experience a problem. It can be a fantastic way for you to find an RV repair shop in an unfamiliar location.

You can find Facebook groups for almost every topic, including those specific to your rig. This can help you become aware of common issues other users experience and how they resolved them. 

If you’re considering purchasing a recreational vehicle, new or used, it’s a good idea to scroll through the posts. You can learn quite a bit from them.

When in an unknown area, like Liz was, you never know who in the group may have insights. Other users might offer connections or recommendations of where to go or who to avoid based on their prior experiences.

Ask a Campground Host

Campground hosts are often the best source of information regarding a surrounding area. If they’ve been doing it for a while, it’s a good chance they’ve seen just about everything. They likely know of reputable local businesses or mobile technicians.

Communicating with the host is essential, especially if the repair requires you to leave your spot early or extend your stay. Keeping them aware of the situation allows them to shift reservations to accommodate everyone. 

Check With Local RV Parts Store

A local RV parts store can often do more than sell you accessories or equipment. They can offer recommendations for an RV repair shop or mobile technician. Some of these locations know who does quality work and who doesn’t. 

You may even find bulletin boards with local business cards and flyers. However, don’t hire someone based on their ability or inability to create fancy advertisements. Do your research and read reviews before making your final choice.

Alternatives to Staying at an RV Repair Shop

Unfortunately, staying at an RV repair shop might not be an option depending on the issue. If that’s the case, a few alternatives are worth considering.

Book a Hotel Room

Booking a hotel may be the easiest and best choice, especially for those who like privacy and comfort. You can even enjoy a long, hot shower without worrying about filling up your grey water tank. However, depending on the hotel, this option can also be incredibly expensive.

But your insurance policy might cover the cost of a hotel room while your rig’s in the shop. This is typically only specific to full-time RV policies. Verify coverage with your provider ahead of time. Doing so can help you avoid a surprise expense.

Stay With Local Friends

Another alternative to consider is staying with local friends or family. However, you might want to carefully consider the relationship and how being a guest might impact it. You don’t want to overstay your welcome or create an uncomfortable situation.

While an RV repair shop might say the job will take a specific amount of time, numerous things are out of their control. Delays in shipping or product supplies can force you to remain in the area unexpectedly. If you sense any tension as a house guest, consider checking into a hotel.

Use a Mobile Mechanic

Why haul your recreational vehicle to a facility when a mobile mechanic can come to you? This is ideal for many repairs and situations. They can do the work at your campsite or wherever you’re parked. Unfortunately, hiring a mobile mechanic isn’t always possible.

Depending on the job, a mechanic may require tools or equipment they can’t bring to your location. In addition, a campground or park might have rules and regulations against working on vehicles on their property. Before you get too far along, check to make sure the place you’re camping allows it.

Do All RV Repair Shops Offer Hookups?

The amenities offered vary from one business to the next. Some provide nothing more than a place to park while they do the work. In addition, you may not have room to extend slides or awnings.

On the other hand, electricity, water, or even a sewer connection might be available to you. It’s a good idea to discuss the possible RV hookups with a repair shop when making your decision. 

You’ll likely need a power source for heaters or air conditioning during your stay. Depending on the location, you might be unable to use a generator. If so, you’ll want to figure out a different solution.

Overnighting at an RV Repair Shop is Possible 

As Liz Amazing demonstrated, staying at an RV repair shop isn’t always as bad as it sounds. It can be an excellent way to get work done while minimizing inconveniences. Make sure you research when selecting a shop and ask all the right questions. If not, you may end up having a less-than-enjoyable stay.

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