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The Definitive Rules for RV Sticker Maps

The USA Sticker Map on our camper starts more conversations than almost any other piece of flair on our RV.

It shows where we’ve been and where we need to visit.

Today we’re not only sharing where to get an RV sticker Map for your RV, but also the definitive rules for using it!

Let’s dive in.

Did We Make the Map?

Yes and No. We didn’t make the actual sticker map, but we did manufacture the metal plate that it’s applied on. We placed the metal plate over an old & broken vent cover.

Our 1979 Airstream Argosy has an interior map. It was a little too distracting to stick on the outside.

It just happened to be the perfect size for the sticker map.

However, you don’t need to make any special place to adhere the sticker. It’s made to be applied on the inside or outside walls of your RV.

Here’s a link to the playful RV sticker map seen below.

Where Did We Buy the RV Sticker Map?

We bought ours on amazon after searching “USA RV MAP”. There are a number of different options, but this was our favorite design.

You can also find them at your local Camping World.

Unlike the sticker map pictured above, this version is a little more traditional. Keep in mind, if you don’t like stickers on your RV, you can place it on your RV fridge.

What are the Rules for Using an RV Sticker Map?

The best part about the sticker map is that you make your own rules for it!

For us, we only apply stickers for states we stay overnight in with our camper.

This means, during our road trip across the US in a rental car, we didn’t get to add any new stickers. It also means a Hawaii sticker might be very expensive to add!

Here are the other RV Sticker Map rule variations:

  • Driving through a state.
  • Sleeping in the state (RV, hotel, or AirBnB)
  • Bumpin’ Uglies in the state
  • Must Boondock (free camping) in the state.
  • Every new RV starts a new map (no transfers).

Let us know if you have a unique rule for applying the state stickers!

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  1. aelkins1 says:

    I’ve been considering getting one of these (and amazingly, my husband is on board with it!). We’d probably put it on the side of the slideout. Have you heard of anyone else having problems with stickers on slides, either destroying the stickers or interfering with the slide?

  2. We seen multiple on the slide outs and haven’t heard of it interfering

  3. Jpalma says:

    Hey Olivia n Kyle . Love our sticker map. Made it to California. Yup only put stickers on states we stay in rv. We r currently near Mt Shasta still warm snow on my. Headed for Oregon. Many Blessings. Judith n Rich Palma.

  4. mostlylostrv says:

    We have a couple in our RV park who has a map on their slide with just about every state filled in – and a good chunk of Canada! They obviously haven’t had any problems with putting it on the slide 🙂

  5. Robert Hotmail says:

    You both do a great job of giving us new ideas

  6. Evan says:

    We add stickers to our map anytime our fifth wheel passes through any part of a state. We even believe in carrying over stickers from our old trailer as it’s part of our continuing journey to RV in the CONUS, Alaska, and Canada. So far we’re up to 10 states and 2 Canadian provinces!

  7. Bucket Hamilton says:

    There was a comment made how u alert folks bout different thangs that goes on while traveling these United States,an u do a very deed.I just purchased my XLR Boost,37ft.Fifth Wheel,Toy Hauler,with a 13 ft. Garage.So I live in my unit everyday.Thanks Bucket

  8. Luv2RV says:

    My rules are a bit more strict, and require that I sleep in the state in the RV, and I also must have seen/visited something significant in the state. So for me, each sticker represents a sleep and a memory from each state. Not allowed to simply drive through, or sleep through a state.

  9. Laura Willoughby says:

    When we bought our Class C a little over a year ago, my teenage daughter wanted a States map. We picked one up and I told her, “Your map, your rules.” She decided (1) new map, new stickers…no carry-overs from previous travels and (2) the wheels of this RV must enter the state to get a sticker. So, traveling through a state without spending the night counts. She has enjoyed planning new trips to destinations specifically to apply a new sticker. Geography education in a fun way.

  10. Michel Brown says:

    I like the idea of the rules are how you make it! However, this is a G rated site, and “bumpin’ uglies” have no part in any of this (at least not mentioned publicly) since there may be children of a particular age that may ask what that means. Just wanted to keep things a wee more responsible here as children do AND say the darnedest things, especially in public! Good ideas overall, safe, and happy travels!

  11. Kyle & Olivia Brady says:

    We’re PG-13 actually 🤣

  12. Douglas Lee says:

    We just started RV travels in 2020 – think we chose the wrong year – but anyway, our rules are either sleep in the state or do/visit something significant. Two examples… we visited Devil’s Tower in Wyoming following a Black Hills, SD stay, so Wyoming made the map even though we headed right out to Minnesota. We also added Indiana when our alternator went out and we had to park the trailer in the dealer’s lot for 3+ hours. We took a nap in the trailer – so we slept and had something significant happen – therefore Indiana made the map. Lots of fun – by the way, we also got the dealer’s sticker in Indiana and added that to our trailer’s collection.

  13. Jodi says:

    We are much more loose with our rules. If we’ve been to the state together (not separately), whether in our RV or any other way (Hawaii is on our map), we put the sticker on. However, we are getting a new rig so the rules may change.

  14. Jim Black says:

    I go with where we have driven our RV.

    I did also transfer my map when we got a new camper.

    Still have 8 or 9 to go. Like you, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to add Hawaii; unless maybe I rent a camper there. That would count for me.

  15. Dan Ele says:

    Do you have a Canada, Mexico, and Europe map like that. I want to visit a lot of areas and would like to have a record of our visits.

  16. Deborah and Patrick says:

    Great idea! Love it and now we have to order one as soon as I finish this comment. Vermont looks so little. It definitely beats thumb tacking it. I believe we were born with the rule instilled into us that you can’t mark it if you haven’t been there done that! Best of wishes in your travels. Pat&Deb

  17. RV Travelers says:

    Our rules are a bit stricter than most and require that we sleep two consecutive nights in the state in the RV, and we also must have seen/visited something significant in the state. So, for us, each sticker represents a significant event and a memory from each state. Not allowed to simply drive through, or sleep through a state. Therefore, our map is slower to fill in.

  18. Jill Johnson says:

    Where do you get the stickers?

  19. Terry Ray says:

    What the heck is “bunpin uglies”, is that english?

  20. Mike says:

    We “must” spend the night AND do something (i.e see a sight, hike, etc…)

  21. Anonymous says:

    We use the map as a reminder of where we haven’t been. A state is put on the map only if we stay at least one night. It’s fun and easy to track where you have been and where we need to go next. Happy traveling everyone!!!

  22. Joe Eafrati says:

    We didn’t want to put stickers on our Motorhome so we bought a white board and put the map on it. If we spend a night in the motorhome in that state we put it on the map. Also we have a white board for stickers for places we visit. We have two white boards almost full. That way if we get a new RV all we have to do is take our boards with us.

  23. Jim says:

    Would it be wrong to add stickers on an rv map for places the rv has been as well as places I have been without the rv? My map would be much more complete.

  24. Jodi Werhanowicz says:

    That’s what we do. As long as we’ve both been there together. So we have the Hawaii sticker on our map. We also have the Canadian map.

  25. Rick Blummer says:

    How can we send you OUR version of the “sticker map” ?

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