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Your Checklist for a 5th Wheel RV Easy Campsite Hookup

If you’re unaware, how you hook up your 5th wheel when you arrive at a campsite matters. 

In fact, some tasks have to be done in a particular order. Otherwise, your dream adventure could turn into an epic nightmare.

We’ve witnessed a few RVers throw in the towel because things didn’t go as planned. Luckily, with our checklist, you don’t have to be one of them.

Let’s hit the road!

A person hooking up a sewer hose to their 5th wheel at the campsite
Be sure to get a good connection on both ends of your sewer hose

Why You Need a 5th Wheel Campsite Hookup Checklist

Arriving at your destination can be exciting. If you’re not careful, these emotions can get the best of you and lead to a costly mistake. Unfortunately, some mistakes can damage your RV, ruin your trip, and derail any plans for trips in the future.

Creating a procedure for your 5th wheel campsite hookup is a helpful way to avoid these situations. Having a checklist can help keep you focused and ensure that everything gets done in the proper order.

While you can find generic checklists readily available online, it’s crucial to customize yours. No two setup or breakdown processes are the same. You likely have special gear or needs that others don’t. So take the time to walk through each step when building your checklist.

Confirm that anyone traveling with you knows their responsibilities so you don’t miss anything important. And make sure everyone is working together so no one is feeling all the stress.

#1 Check Out Your Campsite and Test the Hookups

The first thing you should do to start your 5th wheel campsite hookup is to check out your spot. Get out of the vehicle and look around the site for potential hazards. If not, things like picnic tables, ditches, or power pedestals could jump out of nowhere and cause serious issues.

You should then locate the water, sewer, and electrical connections. Depending on the site, you may have to adjust where you park your rig to use these hookups.

This is also an excellent chance to test the setup and ensure everything works correctly. A good surge protector will analyze the circuit and notify you of any issues.

Bring any problems you find to the attention of management or a host. Don’t force the site if it won’t work for you. Faulty electrical wiring or spots that are too small can be dangerous. Many people put themselves in risky situations because they don’t discuss these situations with staff.

#2 Park Your 5th Wheel

Once you give the spot the green light, park your rig. If your site requires you to back into it, use a spotter. An extra set of eyes can help avoid hitting objects or falling into a ditch. However, even with help, you’ll want to take your time. Don’t let the pressure of a waiting vehicle get to you.

Once you position your vehicle, ensure you’ve left room for extending slides and awnings. Trust us. You don’t want to discover you have a space issue after you’ve unhooked from your tow vehicle. Unfortunately, we may or may not have made this mistake once or twice during our travels.

After confirming plenty of space, level your camper. You first want to balance side to side and then front to back. You can use leveling blocks or wood pieces to raise your rig’s low side. Once it’s even, chock your tires and unhook from your tow vehicle.

If you have an auto-leveling system, let it do its job. If not, adjust your leveling jacks accordingly. To finish, extend your stabilizer jacks to reduce bounce and movements felt inside the RV. However, avoid putting too much weight on stabilizer jacks as they can’t withstand heavy lifting.

Do you know the ins and outs of towing? Double-check with The RV Trailer Towing Checklist.

#3 Connect Your 5th Wheel to Your Campsite Hookups

Once you’ve parked and leveled your 5th wheel, connect it to utilities. We suggest using a surge protector when joining your RV to a power source. You never know what could occur to damage your investment.

Next, secure your drinking hose to the freshwater source. Some owners fill their freshwater tanks and use their water pump instead of the city water line. Which method you choose is up to you, but we recommend also using a water filter during this process.

If a sewer connection is available, it’s a good idea to set it up. Grab your sewer hose, supports, and any attachments. Keep your sewer valves closed and dump them at the end of your trip or when you fill the tanks to prevent issues.

Before moving on, you’ll want to hook up any other amenities available at your site. Some RV parks and facilities offer cable TV. The channel selection and the quality can be hit or miss. Some are better than others, so it’s not typically a good idea to depend on these too much.

#4 Set Up Your 5th Wheel

Once your 5th wheel hookup is finished at the campsite, it’s time to start making yourself at home. Open up slides, turn appliances on, and unpack your belongings. Remember to check your refrigerator and turn on the water heater because both will need several minutes to do their jobs.

We’ve noticed that many RVers bring more stuff for comfort the longer they travel. Items like an outdoor rug, string lights, and cozy chairs can set your trip’s vibe. When setting up your site, consider the purpose of your trip.

If you plan to sit around the fire, leave plenty of space. You don’t want your friends and family struggling to find a spot to sit around the flames. This is another step where it pays to take your time. Being rushed often means you’ll have to redo the task later. Save yourself the hassle and do it right the first time.

A couple clinking mugs as they relax in front of their RV after doing the hookup process
After you’ve completed hookup…enjoy!

#5 Grab a Beverage and Enjoy Your Campsite!

The last item on your 5th wheel campsite hookup list is to grab your favorite beverage and enjoy your setup. However, before getting too comfortable, ensure everyone has completed their checklist. They may not appreciate you relaxing if they’re still working away. Lend them a hand so everyone can settle as quickly as possible.

Once complete, sit down and enjoy the sights and sounds. This is an excellent opportunity to come up with a plan. Check the weather and get ready for hiking or other activities. Everyone needs to be on the same page to ensure an epic adventure.

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