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Bye, Bye, Locksmith! How to DIY Custom Keys

You’ll never need to call a locksmith again once you discover how to make custom keys yourself.

Having to make new keys can be inconvenient and expensive. We have just the solution you’ve been looking for to stay safe without the hassle.

Join us as we explore the technology used to allow homeowners to rekey their homes in DIY fashion.

Let’s go!

Woman entering house after using smart lock
Custom keys make losing your keys a less stressful experience.

What Are Custom Keys?

If you’ve ever had to call a locksmith to have your home rekeyed, you know it can be a challenging process. Maybe you need new keys because your kid lost their set, you’ve gone through a nasty breakup, or you have new tenants moving into your rental. Whatever the reason, know that today’s technology will make it easier.

A smart key lock has a setting to rekey itself if needed. You’ll have your belongings secured in a flash with this unique feature. It’s also been proven to be pick and drill resistant, providing you with an extra level of safety. Being able to recalibrate custom keys instantly can be life-changing for homeowners. 

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The Benefits of Smart Key Locks

Whether you intend to use one of these locks to protect your family, valuables, or both, know you’ve made a safe choice with smart key locks. Burglars often tap a bump key into your deadbolt, allowing the pins to fall into place and easily unlocking any door. Luckily, smart key locks prevent bumping and other kinds of lock picking. 

If you lose a key or don’t want your ex to use the one you gave them, you can rekey the lock in seconds. This extra layer of security can make all the difference. No more waiting a few days until the locksmith can come out; you can take care of the problem right away. Any old keys will instantly be rendered useless. 

How To Make a Custom Key Using a Smart Key Lock

Once you’ve got one of these locks installed, making a new custom key can be pretty simple. You’ll need a few things to get started: your old key, a smart key tool, and a new key. 

First, insert your old key into the lock, turning it 90 degrees, or a quarter turn, clockwise. Before removing it, insert the smart key tool in the slot just above the original key. Next, remove both objects from the lock and insert the new key.

Rotate the new key 180 degrees, or a half-turn, counter-clockwise, and then back to its original position. Your lock rekey is now complete. 

For a more thorough overview of the process, make sure to review the owner’s manual when you purchase a smart key lock.

Are Smart Locks the Same as Smart Key Locks?

Smart locks also render the locksmith obsolete. This add-on feature allows the homeowner to unlock their door remotely using their cell phone. You can create one-time access codes for friends to get in and set up permanent codes for your kids. Forgot your keys? Don’t worry; everything you need will be on your phone. 

Depending on the type of deadbolt on the door, these may not prevent theft like smart key locks. If the wrong person gets ahold of a physical key, you won’t be able to rekey the house on your own. 

Smart locks can, however, be integrated with your home security system. With so many options to choose from, you can pick the one that works best for your needs. 

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The Benefits of Smart Locks

Smart locks come with a lot of benefits. First, you can check if you remembered to lock the door at any time. Instant alerts can let you know anytime the door opens, giving you peace of mind. You also won’t have to fumble with keys anymore; unlock the door from the car before you load your arms up with groceries. 

These locks can be extremely convenient. While traveling, you can set up a code for your petsitter to use, and when you return, just disable the code. You won’t need to worry about collecting copies of your house key that you’ve handed out.

An no more hiding keys on your porch for emergencies anymore either. This’ll give thieves one less way to get into your house. In addition, you’ll be protected from lockpicking and bumping if you select a smart lock without a physical key. 

Woman entering house after using smart lock
Protect your home by installing a smart lock.

Are Smart Keys Better Than Smart Locks?

Smart locks do have a few downsides. They can be prohibitively expensive and require a power supply to function. If the battery dies, you’ll be locked out of your house. Similarly, if your phone runs out of juice, you won’t be able to get in with certain smart locks.

As the use of anti-theft technology increases, so has the creativity of burglars. Some smart lock owners have had their locks hacked because the mechanism relied on the internet. Also, if you lose a physical key to your smart lock, you may still be at risk.

The smart key lock doesn’t run into these same problems. You won’t need a battery or wifi to get into your house, just an old-fashioned house key. If something happens, you can have it rekeyed in seconds. 

Prices vary by brand and style. Check the current cost of the Kwikset 660 Single Cylinder Deadbolt with SmartKey Security.

A Smart Solution

While we love the convenience of smart locks, we like the security of smart key locks even more. Know your family is safe and your valuables secured if you install one of these mechanisms at your home.

Your locksmith will miss receiving your calls, but you won’t drain your wallet paying to rekey everything. The smart key lock system takes DIY to a new level, allowing you to rekey your home quickly and easily.

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