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This New Northeastern Texas Trail Is 130 Miles Long

The Northeast Texas Trail has been a work in progress since the early 90s.

But now it looks like Texans might see their beloved long trail get its final facelift. Thanks to some new federal funds, bikers can finally ride safely on the entire stretch.

Texas has hundreds of trails covering its land. So what makes the Northeast Texas Trail so unique?

Let’s find out!

Map of Texas
There is lots to see and do in Texas.

The Northeast Texas Trail Is Made for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Work on the Northeast Texas Trail is finally near completion. Thanks to about $18 million in federal grants, bridges and pathways on this 130-mile route will come to life.

Like many parts of the union, railways flourished in the Lone Star State back in the day. But by the 80s, many train companies stopped running, leaving tons of train tracks behind. But the Northeast Trail Coalition saw this as an opportunity. What a great place to create a beautiful route!

This run of abandoned tracks runs through nineteen towns, and 80-foot pines surround most eastern parts. The tree canopy creates stretches of cool temperatures. And you can already camp on several designated public sites adjacent to the path.

For now, cyclists can complete the trek from Farmerville to New Boston in about four days. Outdoor enthusiasts already enjoy the varying terrain along the route. And eventually, it might even connect to existing paths across the entire state.

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Farmersville, the Westernmost Stop on the Northeast Texas Trail

Farmersville is a small city in Northeast Texas with a population of about 3600. Businesses from the 1800s, like First Bank and the Farmsville Times paper, are still open. In fact, many people come here to experience what life may have felt like in those days. 

And since it’s only about four square miles, exploring the whole town is pretty easy! Here’s a great way to spend your day:

Farmersville Historic Square

Stroll along the brick roads of Main street in Farmersville’s historic square. All of the architecture from the late 1800s still stands. Visitors like to go to the old onion sheds along Main street and read about why this was the onion capital of North Texas. 

Look for a plaque about Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier of World War II. His post-war speech in the square became an honor for the town. And you can visit the Farmersville Heritage Museum to discover more about this quaint town.

Bottles and Boards 442

Leave it to Northeast Texas to provide food options no matter where you are. Even in this town of 4000, there’s no shortage of options. That said, Bottles and Boards 442 is by far the best.

Bottles and Boards is a bar serving a seasonal Spanish tapas and entrees menu. Menu items range from Alabama Shrimp with Grits to their Big Bad Wolf Pork. Their motto is reasonable prices for flavorful meals. 

Although every new menu looks impressive, your vegan friends may need a plan B.

Holiday Road Travel Center

Who remembers the song Holiday Road from National Lampoon’s Vacation? We doubt Lindsey Buckingham had an RV park in mind. But we do. 

Located 30 minutes east of Farmersville, Holiday Road Travel Center is the best place to park overnight. It’s an RV park, campground, and RV repair hub. You can relax on the great open planes at sunrise. Or go fishing by the lake. Amenities include 20/30/50 hookups, laundry, and propane.

Be sure to bring your binoculars and this Birds of Texas Field Guide.

A Day in Paris on the Northeast Texas Trail

Did you know you can visit Paris along the Northeastern Texas Trail? Sure, you’re still in the US. But it’s the second biggest Paris on earth!

The town got its start with cotton production in the 1800s. Today it’s home to over 24,000 people. Be sure to walk around the historical downtown area to see the Grad Twin Theater and the R.F. Scott building. But if you only have time for one thing, then check out the Eiffel Tower!

Eiffel Tower

The Texas Eiffel Tower is a scale model of the famous tower in France. You might be able to fool your friends if not for the big red cowboy hat on top. That said, it’s still a great place for a selfie. And it’s open year-round for free!


Our favorite spot in Paris is the 107 Restaurant & Beer Garden. We could hang out here all day. And the indoor/outdoor design is especially relaxing, and the menu is based around a good ole burger and fries. But you can also get fish tacos or a rustic grilled cheese sandwich.

Sander’s Cove Campground

For RV camping, we recommend the Sanders Cove Campground. Although it’s about an hour north of Paris, it’s worth the commute. You might even want to stay around the grounds for a few days before your next stop.

Sanders Cove is on the banks of Pat Mayse Lake. You’ve got 6,000 acres of grassland at your feet. You may even see deer or migrating birds when hooking up your RV

Welcome to Texas sign
Outdoor enthusiasts should head to Texas to enjoy the Northeast Texas Trail.

What To See on the Northeast Texas Trail in New Boston 

Our last stop on the Northeastern Texas Trail is New Boston. This sleepy little town offers up a quiet ending to a long ride. Named after a local storekeeper, the town was once land ruled by Spanish colonialists. Americans slowly planted roots in the late 1800s with the help of the expansion of the Missouri Pacific Railroad

Although it doesn’t have the flare of Farmersville, you can still make the best of it.

3 Bostons TX Museum

This is one of the cutest museums you’ll ever see. It tells the tale of why New Boston had to move three times. You heard that right. This little village kept moving to keep its community together!

With two floors of artifacts, the 3 Bostons Museum is a historian’s dream. You can read about the city’s turbulent past and then try to play the hand-operated phonograph. There’s also an impressive wall of almost 200 vintage photos of the area.

Sabine’s German Bistro

When it comes to food in this little Northeastern Texas town, options are slim. That’s why we chose Sabine’s German Bistro. Getting schnitzels is a fun part of the culture here. Locals rave about the diner because of its friendly staff and great service.

And if you need vegetables in your diet, you’re best option is to buy some carrots and hand snacks at the grocery store before dusk.

Malden Lake Campground

After your day in New Boston, drive 20 minutes south to Malden Lake Campground. Located next to Write Patman Lake, you’ll be camping amongst tall pines and miles of walking trails. Reviewers love the extensive grounds and sense of privacy. 

Amenities at Malden lake include 20 amp hookups, showers, and flush toilets. Although there’s a restaurant on-site, we recommend using picnic tables and fire rings.

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Keep an Eye On Northeast Texas

Whether you’re a biker, hiker, or on the road in your RV, the Northeast Texas Trail is worth checking out. It’s not fully developed yet. But that might make it even more attractive to some.

You can travel the entire 130-mile trail from Farmersville to New Boston. Or you can pick and choose what towns are worth visiting along the way. Better yet, you can take a week off and be spontaneous!

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