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5 Best RV Travel Trailer Brands (Made in the USA)

For many people who are looking to hit the road, a travel trailer is a great option. They’re practical and affordable.

Finding the one that’s right for you means doing a little research to find out which manufacturers are the best.

Some of the best brands of travel trailers have a strong following because they’ve maintained a great reputation for consistently building a quality product. Other brands are known for providing continued service after the sale.

Sadly, we’ve heard of more than a few cases when a company’s concern for their customer seems to run out when the short-term warranty does.

What is an RV Travel Trailer?

Travel Trailers are the most common RVs on the road. They have one distinct identifier – a bumper hitch tows RV travel trailers.

This is the hitch on the very back of a truck (unlike 5th wheel RVs towed with a hitch in the bed of the truck).

Travel trailers look very boxy. They can have many slides or no slides.

And, even though there are a few reasons to avoid a travel trailer…these RVs are the most economical choice of all RVs.

Vintage Camper trailer parked on the urban street of North American City.

What to Look For In A Travel Trailer Brand?

When shopping for an RV, it’s a good idea to look beyond the features and furnishings. Instead, determine what kind of workmanship and materials went into the actual construction.

A company that cuts corners to save money probably doesn’t deserve your attention, much less your hard-earned income!

Looking for a great RV from a manufacturer you can trust?

Here are our choices for the 5 Best Travel Trailer Brands:

Grand Design

Grand Design was founded less than a decade ago but places a lot of emphasis on its long-term commitments to its customers.

Don Clark, Ron Fenech and Bill Fenech started Grand Design in 2012 in Middlebury, Indiana after gaining years of experience with another company, Keystone. They wanted to start fresh with an approach to make value and customer service as much a priority as well-made RVs with features and amenities.

The company was acquired by Winnebago Industries in 2016.

Its line of travel trailers ranges from luxurious toy haulers down to lightweight composite models small enough to pull with a six-cylinder vehicle.


They’re classics for a reason – actually, for lots of reasons. These unique “silver bullet” trailers were first built in 1934 (yeah, hard to believe) by Wally Byam in Los Angeles.

The company was purchased by Thor Industries, and today’s Airstreams combine the vintage aerodynamic looks with updated interiors and features.

What keeps them popular, besides the coolness factor, is the company’s timeless commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Airstream trailers range from 16 to 33 feet. The models include the Basecamp, Bambi, Caravel, Flying Cloud, International, and Classic.


Scamp trailers were first built in the mid-1970s, and you still see a lot of those early ones only still in use but in great condition. That says something about the durability of these lightweight but tough fiberglass RVs.

As always, they are built to order from the company’s plant in Backus, Minnesota. There are three sizes – a 13 footer, a 16 footer and a 19-foot 5th wheel. Custom options include deluxe hardwoods interiors.

Scamps have a great resale value, too, on the rare occasion that someone wants to get rid of one!

Pro Tip: Scamp is on the top of our Molded Fiberglass Camper list, too!

Winnebago Travel Trailers

This Indiana company’s name is almost synonymous with motorhomes, and its history with towables is equally rich. Based in Forest City, Iowa since 1958, Winnebago is named for the Native American tribe that historically inhabited that area.

The iconic Winnebago logo graces generations of campers, including today’s versatile travel trailer models that include (in order from smallest to biggest) the Micro Minnie, the Hike, the Minnie, and the Voyage.

In terms of size, they range from a compact 19 feet in length to a mammoth 38 footer.


Lance was known for its truck campers long before it got into the travel trailer end of the business.

Based in Lancaster, California, is a repeat winner of the coveted DSI (Dealer Satisfaction Index) Award and has a reputation for its eco-friendly manufacturing solutions which includes the removal of all mercury for a toxin-free RV.

Lance’s offers 12 different models of ultralight travel trailers that range in size from 14 to 24 feet.

Best Brands a Safer Bet

The fact is that travel trailers require lots of upkeep, and none of them are maintenance free. So if you’re an RV owner, it’s a given that you’re going to run into some problems at some point.

Hopefully, you will have fewer issues by owning a camper that’s one of the best travel trailer bands. These are the leaders of the pack – so if you do have some issues, there’s a better chance you can get them resolved in a fair and efficient manner.

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  1. David Jones says:

    Grand Design? You gotta be kidding. GD is well known to have cheap furniture. My Momentum seats started peeling before it was a year old.

  2. Larry says:

    Please do an article on the worst RVs. Go to Gulfstream Vintage Cruiser facebook page and find all the complaints written by owners. The company runs the page and doesnt allow approval on all complaints to be published. I had a laundry list of major issues and still trying to get them fixed. One issue caught my wifes hair on fire.

  3. Brian Wheeler says:

    Interesting that you would not have included Cougar, which has been the #1 selling travel trailer for decades

  4. Joe Schill says:

    Grand Design is 1st quality. Their Imagine 22MLE outclasses most competitors. We’re really happy with ours.

  5. Ron Jelly Sr. says:

    Hi perhaps you could shed some light on this matter for me as I don’t understand how the R/V manufacturers are allowed to do this. I’ve driven trucks and worked on them all my life, how do they get away using 1/8th inch cheap material for a trailer frame? I just can’t comprehend how they can skirt the law on this issue?

  6. Loretta Polk says:

    Since my husband and I started camping back in the 90’s, then onto full time RVing, we enjoyed many excursions, once in a lifetime sights, and made many lifetime friendships. Since then, my beloved husband has gone onto to heaven and I no longer do much traveling. I presently live in a park model in an RV Park in Texas. I would really like to do some more travels but don’t like traveling alone. The group thing is much too expensive for my budget. Any suggestions?

  7. Jeffrey says:

    Your 5 Best RV Travel Trailer Brands (Made in the USA) assessment was an absolute joke! You’ve lost significant credibility with your readers! It’s obviously all about who pays for your advertising!!! Your loosing readers with poor assessments!

  8. Randy Poirier says:

    Intech makes an excellent RV Trailer!

  9. Jane says:

    Your review was nicely done! You included that all RVs require maintenance. Too many owners think name and price voids the need for maintenance and repair.

  10. Jeff says:

    Both Casita and Oliver make superb trailers that are at least as good, probably better, than 3 of those you listed.

  11. David Mitchell says:

    Jayco is one of the best brands made.

  12. David Mitchell says:

    Jayco is one of the best brands made.

  13. Judy Lantrip says:

    What about the Northwest travel trailers like the Arctic Fox 30U.
    We bought one in 2012 and it’s been excellent.

  14. Melster Gonzalez says:

    I really enjoy the videos and information provide by the site I think it costs you a lot of the BS out there and it’s one of the best I will be sure to share this with my friends thank you

  15. Burch says:

    What are the ten best campers???

  16. Red. says:

    That picture you suggest is Airstream is Some Other Brand.

  17. Patty says:

    Looking forward to doing some boondocking this year.

  18. David A Jones says:

    This article laks proper research.

  19. Michael Richmond says:

    If people really want to know the best made RV in any category they ought to become a member of the RV Consumers Group and research their ratings. You’ll find most of the brands listed in this article get low or very low ratings, with exception of Airstream. The Artic Fox mentioned by another person to comment is far better than most of the trailers brands mentioned in this article.
    Unfortunately their are no federal government standards on RV construction and safety standards so the vast majority of RVs on the market are very poorly designed and built, especially since the pandemic. The RVIA guidelines are totally insufficient.

  20. Richard D Poteat says:

    Outdoor Rv should be on this list. It’s obvious someone is funding this list because they are way better constructed than a few of these not to mention artic fox.

  21. Cj Phelps says:

    nuCamp is the undisputed leader in quality for all towables.

    Lance made the list but can’t keep up.

  22. ViralTecho says:

    I love reading blog posts like this! It’s always great to know about the best RV travel trailer brands (made in the USA) and to get some recommendations for which ones to check out. Thanks for sharing!