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GMC vs Ram Towing: The Internet Crowns a Winner

If you’ve been wondering whether GMC or Ram is the best truck is for towing, your wait is finally over! Does it sound too good to be true?

We’ve got the answer for you, according to a group of people polled on Reddit. We’ll find out who wins “best truck for towing” between the GMC and Ram 2500 trucks.

Let’s get to it!

2021 GMC Sierra 3500HD

The Age-Old Towing Debate: Which Truck is Better, GMC or Ram? 

For as long as there have been different truck brands, there have been arguments about which is better. Brand enthusiasts always posit their favorite brand as the clear winner, but is there more to it? What makes a truck good for towing, anyway? 

Payload and tow capacity are some of the most significant aspects of what makes a truck suitable for towing, whether it’s a GMC, Ram, or another brand. Other features to look for include ride quality, safety features, cab features, trim styles, and of course: price. 

2021 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty Limited Crew Cab Dually

Reddit Thread Solves the Debate Once and For All

Redditor ResourceAromatic9680 took to the popular online forum to get answers from the community and solve the GMC vs. Ram towing debate once and for all. 

The poster states: 

“I’m most concerned about reliability, will be towing a Jayco 27RB.”

The thread has received many votes and opinions from experienced RVers and truck owners… and here are the results. 

GMC vs. Ram Towing: And the Winner Is…

The poll is still open for two more days at the time of this writing. So far, the winner is the Dodge Ram 2500 with a five-vote lead. It’s certainly a close call! 

It can be challenging to choose the perfect truck. In addition, asking the Internet is sure to get you every opinion imaginable! But, here’s what Redditors are saying about the GMC and Ram trucks for towing. 

What Redditors Have to Say About the GMC 2500’s Towing

oETERNALo says:

“Go with the one you like best. In the end, they all will pull/carry nearly identical. For me it came down to which I thought looked nicer and which had the tech/gadgets I wanted. I went GMC for the looks, heads up display and camera options. I had a ‘18 F-250 prior. In the end, for towing, there is very little difference in capability, so it comes down to wants and likes.”

What Redditors Have to Say About The Ram 2500’s Towing

On the other hand, Boost-Deuce talks about Ram towing: 

“If you are looking at new trucks, I would go with the Ram just for all the interior luxuries. The GM interior is dated and the HD trucks apparently won’t get a redesign until MY 2023. Both engines have been proven reliable at this point.

Both will pull your 27RB like it’s not even there. Pick one based off your personal preference for looks and comfort.”

Does It Really Matter? 

Does it matter if it’s GMC or Ram that’s better at towing? Redditor PhilandHisGrill says: 

“Doesn’t matter. And I say that as a guy who tends to lean Ford. Fact is, of the big 3 they all know how to build trucks.

Everybody makes a decent truck, everybody has the capability to churn out a lemon. You might buy a Ram and have nothing but issues, but had you picked the red one over the blue one it might have been screwed together properly.

What matters more is if the truck has the capability to do what you want (a 27 foot trailer ought to be well within the capabilities unless you insist on taking a lot of lead ingots along for your camping satisfaction) and if it is a place you will enjoy being as you drive it down the road.”

Which Truck Is Actually the Best? 

Like Phil said: it (probably) doesn’t really matter if it’s GMC or Ram or any other truck, as long as you make sure you have enough towing and payload capacity.

Each major truck manufacturer is known for making reliable trucks. When looking for a truck to pull your camper, start with towing capacity and work from there. 

Once you know what size truck you need, you can determine other desirable features and pick the truck you like the best. 

If you have a specific favorite, we’d love to hear why in the comments!

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  1. Mike K says:

    Sorry just look in any campgrounds you will see more. Ford’s towing than anything else

  2. Bobby Rea says:

    I’ve been towing a 29 foot fifth wheel with a Dodge 2500 powered by 6.7 Cummins diesel ever since I bought it new in 2015. I have towed across 8 different states in mountains,flat land,and whatever within weeks of starting. Never been disappointed by power or fuel mileage.

  3. Mike Shippy says:

    Hi, Nice article. Pet peeve of mine here. You mentioned “Dodge” Ram earlier in the article. Dodge has not made trucks since 2009! If you really have to add a parent company, you should use “Stellantis” Ram. The Dodge name does not appear anywhere in the Ram truck.

  4. Larry Key says:

    Hi Guys,
    GMC or Ram or Ford here are my thoughts. Be sure you are satisfied with your RV before buying a new truck. I made the mistake of buying a F250 gas and ended up trading 5th wheels to a 44 foot Voltage weighing about 20,000 lbs. That sent me back to tge dealer for a F350 diesel to get the job done. After over 100,000 miles of pulling tge 5th wheel there were more zero issues with the Ford. If I were buying today it would have been the 3500 Ram with the Cummins engine. Times change so do your choices.

  5. Timothy Stitzel says:

    Dodge Ram is definitely the best truck for towing. I have a 26′, 6000lb travel trailer and have no problem getting from point A to Z with my 1500.

  6. Randy Lewis says:

    We have had both RAM and GMC and our 2500 GMC DIESEL is the ultimate pulling machine for our 42ft 5th wheel plus it looks and drives great when we’re not pulling. Our 2500 is a 2018 with all the bells and whistles and it can’t be beat as the ultimate pulling machine for us.

  7. Thom H says:

    Wait till the transmission in the Ram starts to act up and fail, as so many do. My cousin’s buddy had a 2015 Ram that had just about every option on it. He drove it like a car, never hauling or towing, and the transmission failed after approximately 14k miles. Dodge replaced the trans and the new one failed within 5k miles. He said ” Never another Dodge”.My cousin himself owned a a 2000 Dakota that rusted out after 4 years. He kept that truck washed and clean, no matter the weather. Modern Dodge trucks–and cars are junk. No wonder that company gets bought and sold just as quickly. Sorry.

  8. Robert F Schroeder says:

    Just for a personal preference, I’d go with Ram. Of course I’ve only owned Dodges. However, and you know there would be a however, I’ve test driven a GMC 1500 and, of course it was the MOST luxurious,most awesome ride I’d ever experienced. But since I wanted a diesel I didn’t buy it. I’ve owned a 1978 Holiday Rambler conversion van and pulled a 19 foot and 29 foot camper. The first, I almost lost. The 29 footer, we wore out. Also, I rebuilt the van. The 29 footer, we bought new. We took it from Columbus, Ohio to San Francisco, around California and Arizona and back. We never dropped a gear in the Rockies. It worked perfectly. The only problem was 3.5 mpg up the hill and 6.5 mpg down the hill That modified and carbureted Ford 460 never missed a beat. Neither did that remanned Ford transmission worked awesomely.
    But back to trucks.
    I bought a new gen 1 Dodge D350 12 valve diesel 1989 type and pulled the 29 footer. The truck didn’t know it was there. I put a sleeper and 100 gallon aux. tank and hauled campers to dealers. When I hit 100,000 miles, costs went way up. When the abs went out, I had to wait 8 months for a new differential. I then quit hauling campers. Traded it in for a 97 Dodge 1500. Hauled the same 29 foot camper. We ended up blowing up the transmission just under 50,000 miles. I babied that truck and it pulled that camper fairly well. We drove that truck until it just went over 100,000 miles. The day we got back we specked out a new Dodge 3500 diesel six speed HO club cab which currently has 17,000 miles on it, is modified and, I guess, is worth a fortune, from what I’ve been told. We also have a 33 foot two person camper that’s five years old which we took home, backed it into the pole barn and haven’t moved it since. Neither has the Dodge.
    In closing, all my tow vehicles have been older trucks. But, I can say with over a million miles of driving experience, actually coming up on two million, as a professional driver, as long as you keep well over trucked you’ll have few problems. I thought that as a mechanic for years in the military, I would never break down since I took extremely good care of my vehicles. WRONG!!!!!. You will break down sometime no matter how good a mechanic you are if you drive enough miles. It’s like what I heard about cancer. If you live long enough, you’re going to get cancer.
    Be prepared. Something’s going to break. It doesn’t matter what you drive. Pick your favorite! Buy more truck than you need! Personally, I love the stability of the dually and hate the instability of the single rear wheel. But that may just be me.
    As I said, we have an unused 33 foot camper and a one ton dual rear wheel pickup. Drive what you want. That’s my only advice. Your mileage may vary.