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Urgent: Check Your Portable Generator for This Recall

Generac recently announced a major generator recall that includes thousands of devices.

According to the company, some of their portable power sources have serious defects. It’s an issue that’s already injured several people and threatens to hurt many more.

Today, we’re diving into one of the biggest generator recalls in years so you can know the dangers.

Let’s dig in!

Man Shopping Gasoline Electric Power Generator İn Construction Store. Check your Generac generator to see if it's part of the recall.
Generac generators are typically used by construction contractors, but some people use them at home

Severe Burn Injuries Lead to Portable Generator Recall

Generators are extremely handy devices, whether for everyday or emergency use. But recently, one manufacturer’s products are causing more harm than good.

In September 2023, Generac recalled nearly 64,000 of its portable generators. The affected products included just two types on the company’s impressive roster of power sources. However, multiple models of each style exist.

This alert comes after three customers reported receiving burns while using the items. In a statement, the company explained that a manufacturing error caused some of its units to eject fuel. The problem stems from faulty valves that cause mounting pressure in the gas tank.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Generac has found itself in hot water. They were fined earlier in 2023 for failing to disclose another defect that could crush people’s hands and fingers.

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About the Generac Portable Generator Recall

Several accident reports prompted Generac’s generator recall. In fact, nearly 30 people contacted them to say their units were overheating or ejecting hot gas. A few of those had severe injuries.

The company issued a recall on all its problematic devices. The affected styles include the GP15000E and the GP17500E. Because there are multiple models within those two types, several distinct products may have this defect.

People purchased the affected machines at brick-and-mortar stores and online. Depending on the model, they cost between $3,300 and $3,650. Items made as far back as 2011 may be included.

Generac asked customers to stop using the recalled generators immediately. 

Although the defect is dangerous, there’s actually a pretty easy fix. If you feel comfortable making repairs on your own, you can request a free repair kit.

What Are Portable Generators Good For?

This recent generator recall is definitely unnerving. But usually, these hearty power sources are totally safe when used correctly. They’re super handy, and you can use them for dozens of tasks.

Most people break them out in emergencies. Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards cause power outages that can be life-threatening. 

Other folks use them when camping, as well. Primitive campsites don’t include access to electricity. These on-the-go gadgets are perfect for lights, cooktops, small fans, and other necessities.

They can run nearly anything that requires electricity. Charge an electric car, power a medical device, or operate a backup refrigerator during an outage. Generators aren’t just convenient for homes, either. Miners, construction workers, and ranchers frequently use them to run their businesses.

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What Is the Most Common Problem With Generac Generators?

A defect that involves hot, shooting oil doesn’t sound fun at all. But while the generator recall involves a scary scenario, it’s not typical. Most of Generac’s products have pretty tame problems.

The most common issue with the company’s power sources is, ironically, power trouble. Some Generac owners find themselves unable to get their generators to start. This requires a little troubleshooting, but typically, a garden variety oversight is to blame.

Check your oil and coolant levels if your unit won’t start. Dead batteries, which should be changed every two years, are another familiar problem. A clogged carburetor, faulty choke, or bad spark plug may cause trouble as well. Performing routine checks and maintenance can prevent these issues before they start.

Two construction workers repairing power generator outdoors. You may be able to fix your generator yourself with the recall repair kit.
You may be able to fix your generator yourself with the repair kit

Are Portable Generac Generators Safe?

Generac’s announcement has a lot of folks spooked. But in general, these devices aren’t dangerous at all. When used according to manufacturer instructions, they’re perfectly safe.

Rule number one of portable generator ownership is never to use it inside. Since they expel carbon monoxide, using one indoors can cause major health issues and even death. Only operate them outdoors in well-ventilated areas.

Be mindful to avoid overfilling your fuel tank. Doing so may start a fire or cause it to explode. Additionally, you’ll need to protect it from water and rain. Failure to do this can result in electrocution. Finally, never plug it into anything other than a regular power outlet.

If you own a Generac product, see whether yours falls under the generator recall. Using one of these faulty appliances could lead to property damage or severe injury. Otherwise, as long as you use it correctly, you don’t need to worry.

Honda still makes an excellent portable generator that’s great for camping or the occasional power outage at home: Honda EU2200ITAN Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator.

Make Sure Your Generator is Safe

Product recalls are often serious, and this one is no exception. This situation clearly affects a lot of customers. Check your Generac device to see whether it’s part of the alert.

Even without a product recall, generators can be risky when misused. Don’t take these gadgets for granted! Every time you fire it up, make sure you’re following manufacturer instructions. It’ll work for years if you show it a little TLC.

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