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SECRET: 5 Easy Places to Find Firewood Near You

A healthy supply of firewood is necessary if you want a campfire. However, not everyone has acres of woods providing a seemingly infinite firewood supply.

Depending on where you live, finding firewood near you can be a rather challenging and frustrating experience. However, enjoying a cozy fire with your loved ones is almost always worth the hassle.

So, where can you find firewood near you? Let’s find out!

How Can I Get Free Firewood?

The saying, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” often applies to getting free firewood. Most people who go through the process of cutting and splitting firewood aren’t likely to give it away for free.  Finding free firewood can be like finding a needle in a haystack, especially if you’re expecting seasoned logs ready to burn. People may be a little more generous if you have a relationship with them or if they’re in your family tree.

Getting free firewood will likely require a little luck and a lot of sweat. To get free firewood, you’ll probably need to look for someone with a downed tree or limb they need to remove. You’ll need to use a chainsaw to cut the wood into chunks to haul away from the site. The wood typically needs a year to season or dry out completely to make the perfect firewood. 

Once it’s seasoned, you’ll need to split the wood into logs and stack them. During this process, you want to protect the wood from getting wet, so it’s ready to burn when you need it. So while it may be free, you’ll pay for it in sweat and physical labor.

Depending on how much firewood you need, you may need to devote an entire day to each step of this process throughout the year. Keeping a steady supply of seasoned firewood can help ensure you always have plenty of wood for a campfire.

How Do You Find Firewood?

One of the best ways to find firewood is to use technology. Type “firewood near me,” and you’ll likely find a list of available firewood suppliers in the area. If the results are businesses, you may take advantage of Google Reviews to help select the best possible source for firewood.

Another excellent way to find firewood is through word of mouth. Ask others who regularly use firewood and find out where they get it. They may have a trustworthy source and be happy to share it with you.

You never know; you could hit the jackpot and find someone with a massive stash of firewood who won’t mind giving you enough logs for your campfire.

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Grandfather and granddaughter looking for firewood
A simple search “firewood near me” can help you find the best wood in your area.

Why Shouldn’t You Move Firewood Long Distances?

Firewood can contain insects and diseases that can be harmful and potentially deadly to other trees. Campers who innocently move infested firewood can cause massive infestations that can quickly rip through a forest. This can destroy the forest and the property values of the surrounding area.

Experts typically recommend that you not move any firewood more than 50 miles from its original location. 

The only wood that is safe to move is wood that has been heat treated and certified as safe. Simply being kiln-dried or seasoned is not enough to guarantee that wood is safe to use. If you have questions about moving firewood, the national campaign “Don’t Move Firewood” is a beneficial resource to learn more about the impacts and risks of moving firewood.

Can You Bring Firewood With You When Camping?

It’s not uncommon for campgrounds, especially at the state and national parks, to have strict rules regarding firewood. Some campgrounds will allow campers to bring local firewood with them. However, the strictest campgrounds will require campers only to use firewood from approved vendors or the camp store.

While these may sound like stringent rules and regulations, the potential risks are enormous. An infestation can destroy the landscape and do a tremendous amount of damage. Two Alaska state campgrounds had to close, and the Napeague State Park in New York reported more than 1,200 trees were infested by an invasive pine beetle.

Keeping these species and diseases out of forests is everyone’s responsibility.

Firewood burning campfire
Get the perfect campfire going to roast s’mores over by finding quality firewood in your area.

5 Places to Find Firewood Near You

Finding firewood near you will be more challenging in urban locations than in rural areas. However, there are a handful of go-to places you can typically rely on to carry wood. Let’s take a look!


Most campgrounds that permit campfires will have firewood for sale. You’ll typically see it available at a camp store, guard shack, or the camp host’s site.

The quality and quantity of the wood bundles will vary by the campground. They’re typically not cheap and burn exceptionally quickly. However, in some campgrounds, this may be the only type of firewood campers can use.

Local Tree Services

Local tree services typically cut down trees or remove fallen limbs after storms or high winds. Many of these businesses will cut up and split the wood and sell it to those looking for firewood.

This can be an ideal opportunity to get some quality wood at an affordable price. If you’re lucky, you may find a tree service that sells it by the truckload, and you can get enough firewood for the camping season.

Grocery Stores/Gas Stations

Many grocery stores and gas stations in areas where camping is a somewhat popular activity will typically sell small bundles of firewood.

These aren’t ideal for a weekend camping trip as they can be costly and burn quickly. However, these logs can get the job done if you’re looking for a small fire in your backyard for an hour or two. Don’t expect a massive bonfire or to keep your fire going throughout the night.

Father and son grabbing firewood in the snow
Having a supply of wood on hand will ensure you are always warm and cozy.

Roadside Stands

Many residents will test their entrepreneurial skills and set up roadside stands to sell firewood. These are somewhat common in areas near campgrounds.

These typically operate on the honor system where you, as the customer, take the bundle of wood and put your money in a box or other secure method. With digital payment options like Venmo and Cash App, you can pay electronically at some of these stands.

The quality and quantity of the wood will vary based on the roadside stand. However, since you’re not moving wood too far, most campgrounds have no problem with campers supporting the local roadside stands. They generally consider the wood at these locations safe in most circumstances.

Friends and Family

You may have to cut and split the wood, but the labor can be worth it. If you have a friend or family member who can lend a hand, the work can be a bit more manageable, and you both can have a generous amount of wood.

You could clean up for them after a storm or help with downed trees cluttering their property.

You’ll want to give the wood plenty of time to season and dry out so it ignites easily and burns for a long time. You can’t cut down a tree, toss it on a campfire, and expect good results. You’ll likely end up with a smoky piece of wood that struggles to burn.

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Find Firewood Near You for a Cozy Campfire

Keeping a generous supply of firewood on hand can help make it easy to create a cozy campfire. Whether you’re using it as a source of warmth or to roast marshmallows, there’s not much better than sitting around a campfire with some of your favorite people.

Do yourself a favor and track down a source of firewood ahead of time. You don’t want to search for firewood in a panic. This typically results in you paying more for less wood and feeling ripped off. If you have a place to store the wood until you need it, keep it off the ground and as dry as possible.

What is your favorite thing to do around the campfire? Tell us in the comments!

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