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Can You Visit Hank Williams’ Grave?

Hank Williams’ grave marks the resting place of one of the first true country stars. 

Though he passed 70 years ago at age 29, his songs and influence are here to stay. 

But is his gravesite as unforgettable as his mournful melodies? What else is there to do there? 

Hey, good lookin’, we’ve got you covered!

Where Is Hank Williams’ Grave? 

Hank Williams’ grave is at the Oakwood Cemetery Annex in Montgomery, Alabama.

Can You Visit Hank Williams’ Grave?

Yes! Not only can you visit it, but the gravesite is especially memorable because it uses Astroturf rather than grass. Originally it had regular grass, but fans kept plucking it, so the more permanent Astroturf replaced it. 

The stonework at Hank Williams’ grave uses granite and is adorned with many carvings. His tombstone includes engraved music notes, references to his songs, cowboy boots, and a sculpture of a cowboy hat. 

The famed musician shares a gravesite with his first wife, Audrey Mae Sheppard Williams. Hank taught her to play music during their marriage, and she played bass in his supporting band before their marriage soured.

Where Is the Life-Sized Statue of Hank Williams?

The life-sized statue is also in Montgomery, but it’s not at Hank Williams’ grave. The city erected the art piece at the singer’s funeral site in 1991 but later moved it to a busier area by the river. 

Montgomery, Alabama, USA with the State Capitol at dawn.
While exploring Montgomery, Alabama check out Hank Williams’ grave.

Other Things To Do Near Hank Williams’ Grave

Lagoon Park Trail

The Lagoon Park Trail is in the 432-acre Lagoon Park, which offers several different trails. The one named Lagoon Park Trail is an easy 2.4 mi loop through woodlands. It’s home to various wildlife, and the trail takes you over short wooden bridges and, of course, the lagoon. 

The Lagoon Park Trail is open year-round. But, note that none of the trails in Lagoon Park have facilities aside from a few port-a-potties. 

The Alabama Nature Center

The Alabama Nature Center is relatively new, having opened in 2015. There are a total of five miles of hiking, broken into three trails. The Nature Center is a nonprofit devoted to preservation and education, so bring a $5 fee to enter and allow time to explore whatever exhibits and demonstrations they offer. 

You can also take a walk with a biologist for more info on all you see. These trails are well-maintained, and their varying terrain slightly escalates their difficulty.

Best Camping Near Hank Williams’ Grave

Jackson Lake Island

Jackson Lake Island is a well-loved campground, in no small part due to cute goats that wander the property. (We saw no reports of goats’ eating campers’ property.) Of special note, the movie “Big Fish” was filmed in this area.

This site doesn’t accept reservations, so call ahead to ask which spaces are open. Many RV campers stay long-term, which is permitted indefinitely “as long as you follow the rules.” 

Jackson Lake Island camping offers typical amenities, including full hookups and 50-Amp electric sites. Currently, it’s $10 for dry camping and $30 for RV camping. 

Pro Tip: Looking for more fun places to stay while exploring Alabama? Check out these 7 Best Alabama State Parks for Camping.

Capital City RV Park

This park, centrally located in Montgomery, features level campsites at three levels of Amps (20/30/50.) All 115 sites are pull-through. There’s sewer, water, laundry, and each site has a private bathroom with a shower.

There is a large dog walk area on-site.

Though no rates have been posted, campers have commented on the affordability.

Is a Trip to Hank Williams’ Grave Worth It? 

Well, yes. Is it every day that you get to see an Astroturf grave, a life-sized replica of the original Hank, walk by a lagoon, and sleep around goats on the site of a Tim Burton movie? We didn’t think so. 

Whether or not you like country music, you’re undoubtedly aware of Hank Williams. Now that you know more about his prodigal talent and early death from tragic habits, you can’t help but want to know more about him and the way his presence lingers in Montgomery.

Fortunately, you can do just that and still enjoy the nature of the beautiful deep South’s woodlands and water.

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