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13 Frightening Halloween Decorations for Your House or RV

Finding the best Halloween decorations for your RV or home is key to getting in the seasonal spirit. With all the candy, costumes, and silly scares, it’s a magical time of year.

However, locating the best items can be challenging, especially when space is at a premium in your living area. 

The good news is we’ve compiled a list of 13 creepy items to help set you up for ghoulish decorating.

Let’s get spooky!

A pumpkin in front of a haunted house
Spooky or fun, Halloween decorations make the holiday!

How to Choose Halloween Decorations for Your House or RV

Children aren’t the only ones who enjoy October’s holiday. There’s enough fun for everyone, including big kids like you. And choosing decorations for your RV or home is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit.

The best part of decorating for the scary season is that it’s easy to let your personality shine. Tons of unique options are out there to show everyone your eerie side. 

Fortunately, it’s easy to find Halloween decorations suitable for every budget and living area, whether in a house or RV. You can even use walls and ceilings to add creepy touches without taking up precious space.

Looking for a place to park your RV in October? Here are 10 Spooky RV Parks Great for Halloween Family Camping.

13 Scary Halloween Decorations for Your House or RV

These spooky decorations are sure to startle the boys and ghouls in your neighborhood or RV campground this Halloween. Hopefully, this list will help you pick the perfect seasonal accessories for some scary fun.

#1 Frightening Groundbreaker Zombie 

To recreate a scene from Night of the Living Dead, all you need is the Frightening Groundbreaker Zombie. Place it anywhere in your home or yard, and visitors will feel like the zombie apocalypse is happening.

Using a motion sensor to activate light-up eyes and screaming sound effects, anyone passing by will get a scare. Since they come in two different colors and styles, you’ll be able to match them to the rest of your decor. The arms and hands also move, allowing you to find the perfect hiding spot to frighten visitors.

Price Check: Frightening Groundbreaker Zombie

#2 Chilling 3D Ghost Hand Decal

A simple sticker may not sound all that chilling, but wait until you see this one. The 3D Ghost Hand Decal is the perfect Halloween decoration for your RV or small home. It won’t take up any room since you place it on the floor or wall. 

However, the optical illusion of a hand reaching out to grab you makes the decal chillingly realistic. It’s a great item for spooking up your tight living space.

Price Check: Ghost Hand Decal

#3 Scary Halloween Body Parts Garland

The Scary Halloween Body Parts Garland certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. The banner provides gore so real you’ll forget you aren’t on a horror movie set.

Ideal for a haunted house or scary scene, the garland features body parts like hands, feet, eyes, and even a few organs. The materials used are high-quality latex, cotton, and laminated paper, making it look authentic. In fact, it might be too scary for some.

Price Check: Body Parts Garland

#4 Spooky 6-Foot Witch

Your RV or home will look instantly scarier with this Spooky Witch. Hang this figure from any door, wall, or vertical surface with a simple hook. 

The hat and hands are fully poseable, allowing you to customize her appearance. In addition, the eyes and mouth light up with colorful LED lights for an extra fright factor. You’re sure to startle visitors when they catch sight of this towering witch.

Price Check: Spooky Witch

#5 Inflatable Frightening Ghost

If you’re a Ghostbusters fan, the Inflatable Frightening Ghost will be right up your alley. This fun inflatable prop uses ropes and sandbags to keep it in place while scaring trick-or-treaters and neighbors.

Attach this Halloween decoration to any window on your RV or house using a plastic suction hook. Just plug it in and wait for the built-in blower to inflate the figure. Bright LED lights inside the ghost guarantee he’ll be visible from down the street.

Price Check: Inflatable Ghost

#6 3D Illusion Scary Clown Door Mat

Speaking of movies, fans of Stephen King’s It will love the 3D Illusion Scary Clown Door Mat. It’s another RV-friendly Halloween decoration thanks to its size and low profile. The sturdy rubber construction means you can place it indoors or outside.

Featuring a chilling image of Pennywise the Clown, the silvery grid overlay gives the illusion of a storm drain. While standing on it, you’ll feel the eerie presence right under your feet. It’s a simple but effective prop for the season.

Price Check: Clown Door Mat

#7 Spooky Halloween LED Candle Set

Candles make any space feel warm and inviting. Except for these Spooky Halloween LED Candles, that is. While they still offer a gentle glow, they’re delightfully creepy and perfect for the holiday.

Choose from various motifs, including pumpkins, spiders, skulls, or All Hallow’s Eve landscapes. They run on batteries, so you’ll never have to worry about fire hazards. Set a few in your window to show your neighbors you’re ready for the season.

Price Check: Spooky Candles

#8 Giant Hairy Spider

A classic Halloween decoration, the Giant Hairy Spider is sure to add a creep factor to your RV or house. The large arachnid is ready to scare every kid on the block.

The best part about this eight-legged prop is its size. Choose from a five-foot or six-and-a-half-foot spider, whichever fits your living space best. All the fuzzy legs are also fully moveable. Attach it to a door, window, tree, or wherever it looks scariest.

Price Check: Giant Spider

#9 Creepy Eyeball Solar Light Set

Solar lights are a sustainable way to light your yard or motorhome exterior. So why not invest in some creepy ones to amp up your RV’s Halloween decorations? 

Each two-piece set features eyeball-shaped bulbs that glow eerily in the dark. The lights come in purple, green, and red. You could buy a bunch in one color or mix and match for maximum creepiness.

Price Check: Creepy Eyeball Light Set

#10 Grotesque Bloody Handprint Decal Set

The Grotesque Bloody Handprint Decal Set is a truly chilling addition to your seasonal decor. These affordable stickers come in packs of eight. Just one or two sets are enough to cover your windows, walls, or floors in realistic-looking bloody handprints.

Of course, the decals are perfect for small spaces since they won’t take up any room whatsoever. Just be sure visitors are ready for the gruesome scene.

Price Check: Bloody Handprint Decals

Decorated yard for Halloween. Some people go all out with their house or RV decorations.
Some people go all out for Halloween!

#11 Realistic Murder of Feathered Crows

Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie, The Birds, created fear in many people. Now, you can channel that same dread with the Murder of Feathered Crows ornaments.

You’ll get a set of six realistic-looking black birds made with feathers and durable plastic. Their feet contain flexible wire, which allows you to place them on nearly any surface. They’re the same size as crows, so you’ll have no trouble finding space in your RV for this Halloween decoration.

Price Check: Murder of Crows

#12 Lighted Scary Witch Silhouette Decoration

Eerie silhouettes and shadows are great for setting a spooky mood. This Scary Witch decoration uses both to create a fun, frightening scene. As a bonus, the piece is simple and two-dimensional, so it takes up very little room.

Featuring a plastic outline of two witches standing over a cauldron, purple string lights backlight the figures. It can be attached to nearly anything, including walls, fences, and gates. You could even lean the silhouette against a pole or tree and still enjoy the creepy atmosphere.

Price Check: Scary Witch

#13 Spooky Bat Colony Hanging Decorations

Bats are a classic symbol of the spine-chilling fall season. Complete your RV’s Halloween decorations by dangling a colony of spooky bats around the rig.

Each set comes with 20 winged creatures of different shapes and sizes. You’ll also get transparent fishing line and adhesive strips for hanging or sticking to surfaces. Suspend the bats from tree branches or stick them on the walls around your home. They’re sure to show your neighbors you have the Halloween spirit.

Price Check: Spooky Bat Colony

Which Halloween Decorations Will You Get This Year? 

For many of us, decorating for Halloween is more fun than any other holiday. Luckily, it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, either. Even a few simple touches can transform your entire living space into a dreadful dwelling.

Now that you’ve found the perfect Halloween decorations for your RV or home, it’s time to get festive. Just make sure your guests are ready for the frights and scary sights!

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