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How to Take Your Favorite Motorcycle RVing With You

RVs and motorcycles are both great ways to roam the country full-time. These types of transportation allow you to see beautiful landscapes and experience new places.

But can you bring your bike with you while enjoying the nomadic life in your camper? After all, it sounds like a match made in heaven for many adventurous people.

Today, we’re exploring the logistics of bringing a motorcycle along for your full-time RV travels.

Let’s ride!

Why Do RVers Love Motorcycles?

If you’ve never had the chance to climb onto a hog and hit the open road, you’re missing out. The powerful engine, incredible acceleration, and wind in your hair cause a rush of adrenaline. Many find the thrill to be the perfect stress reliever. You’ll clear your head as the mile markers disappear in your side mirrors.

Like the full-time RV community, bikers often create tight-knit groups with other riders. Being a part of a crew allows you to meet new people, no matter where you’re riding. You can brush shoulders with people from all walks of life and experiences. Your bike could even become a conversation starter when meeting others.

Motorcycles and RVs go together well because of the relative ease of transporting them. Those traveling in a motorhome frequently need a secondary vehicle when set up in a campsite. These bikes can be a good option as they’re lightweight, compact, and easy to store. They’re generally beneficial in a variety of situations. 

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The Benefits of RVing With Motorcycles

Many nomads find having an RV and motorcycle incredibly useful. One primary reason that many choose to go this route is because of the fuel savings. Driving a massive recreational vehicle everywhere requires lots of gas or diesel. But depending on the bike, you can get between 35 and 80 miles per gallon.

Another benefit is the ease of parking. Pulling into a parking lot with a big rig can be challenging. In most situations, you’ll need to occupy multiple spaces. Luckily, you can fit into a single spot if you’re on a motorcycle. However, it’s not always about financial savings or convenience.

Choosing to bring a motorcycle along for your full-time RV adventures is better for the environment. While they’re not perfect, these rides require less fuel and create less pollution. Earth is our favorite of all the planets, and caring for it is essential. Any way we can protect Mother Nature is a win in our book.

How Can RVers Transport Their Motorcycles?

When toting a motorcycle on your full-time RV travels, one thing to consider is how you’ll transport it. Here are a few of the most common ways to haul your bike.

Purchase a Toy Hauler RV

A toy hauler is one of the easiest ways to transport a motorcycle while RVing. These rigs come in many styles. Some are towable, while others are driveable, all-in-one recreational vehicles. No matter the type, they come with ramps and garage space, allowing you to load and unload effortlessly. 

You’ll often find anchors to secure your bike and hold it in place while in transit. It’ll be safe and out of the elements while on to your next adventure.

Install a Hitch-Mounted Motorcycle Platform

Another option to consider is installing a hitch-mounted platform. These can be on the front or rear of your vehicle. Many folks appreciate that these add minimal length while keeping everything protected. Follow the weight ratings for your hitch as well as the platform. If not, it could fail and seriously damage your bike.

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Tow a Motorcycle Trailer

Many owners turn to trailers to bring their bikes with them. However, these are typically best for those in motorhomes. If you’re towing a fifth-wheel or travel trailer, you may have issues with triple-towing in some states. Both enclosed and open trailers exist for hauling your motorcycle while exploring full-time in your RV.

If you’d rather tow your camper with your bike, here are the 5 Best Motorcycle Camper Trailers.

Motorcycles on a trailer.
Towing is an option, with limits

Are There Disadvantages to RVing With Motorcycles?

While there are many benefits, you also have to consider the disadvantages. For example, running errands on a bike is more challenging than in a car. Groceries, firewood, and other supplies will have to be purchased in smaller loads unless you also have a car or truck with you.

Additionally, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. Sometimes, the weather isn’t ideal for a ride. Not having an enclosed vehicle can leave you in a predicament, especially if you plan to spend the day sightseeing. How good are you at riding in bad weather? If you’re unsure, you might want to focus on a toy hauler or some way to bring along another vehicle.

Is Full-Time RVing With Motorcycles Worth It?

Traveling full-time in an RV with a motorcycle can be an incredible way to explore. You’ll get the comforts of a camper and the freedom to explore on two wheels! 

However, it’s not always the perfect solution. While it can unlock tremendous potential, there are risks to consider. So think about the whole picture before deciding if it’s for you. You might determine that taking your car along for the ride isn’t such a bad idea.

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