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The Don’ts of Camping with Friends

Camping is a lot of fun, especially if you go with good friends who enjoy it like you do.

Sitting around the campfire, sharing stories and being in the moment with no distractions. It’s a great opportunity to build relationships and really get to know each other.

But camping with friends can come with a price if not done appropriately. Not all friends are fun to go camping with… here is how to avoid awkward moments.

Everyone Should Try Camping with Friends

There really is no better way to get to know someone than when going on a camping trip. There are no distractions like cell phones or busy life things.

It’s just you and your friends hanging out, going on hikes and sitting around a campfire.

Even chatting before sleep is a good time for conversations. There is something about the experience that is just good. Follow these 5 things to avoid and you will have a great time.

#1 Don’t Assume Everyone is Experienced at Camping – Be Prepared to Make Accommodations 

The first and biggest thing to consider when camping with friends is everyone has different experiences with camping.

Some have done it a lot and have everything needed to make it a fun trip. Others have never been before and don’t have a clue what they are doing. Just by making sure everyone that is going has everything they need will save a lot of headache.

For example, it’s good to ensure everyone has a place to sleep and something more than a blanket to keep them warm. Be open to sharing gear because if someone isn’t comfortable all they will do is complain.

Also, on the flip side someone with lots of camping experience might be a stickler when it comes to how they do things. Knowing this in advance will help you be more patient and allow them to do it how they like to make everyone happy.

#2 Don’t Make Group Plans Without Consulting Everyone

The next thing that is really important when it comes to camping with friends is making decisions as a group.

Someone in the group might want to do a 10-mile hike while others just want to sit at the campground all day.

If you discuss plans ahead with everyone there won’t be any surprises and they won’t feel obligated to do something if they choose. But setting expectations and allowing everyone to make their own decisions ahead of time will loosen any tension that could occur.

#3 Don’t Party Loudly All Night When Around Other Campers

This one is more to take into consideration for those around you.

It’s fun to be hanging out with friends especially around a campfire. When we have fun or there are enough people in the group to have multiple conversations at once volume tends to get louder. Keep having fun but do take into consideration the other campers around you.

There is usually a noise curfew which should be obeyed.

Show the same courtesy you would want if you were trying to sleep and the campsite next to you was a group of loud friends. Tents don’t have insulated walls, they are very thin and can hear everything.

#4 Don’t Supply Everything Yourself – Split Up Groceries and Responsibilities

This one is an important one so no one feels like others are taking advantage of anyone. Make sure to split everything evenly.

If that means one person buys all the groceries and everyone pitches in with money or everyone is responsible for their own food. Make sure there is an agreement so everyone is on the same page.

#5 Don’t Assume Everyone Knows Outdoor and Leave No Trace Etiquette – Lead by Example

Lastly, don’t assume everyone knows the rules of camping.

Again, everyone has different levels of experience and has their own way of doing things. If someone doesn’t understand the leave no trace etiquette pick up after them and make sure to lead by example.

It’s ok to remind everyone to clean up and help. But don’t single any one person out. Make sure to address the whole group that “we should make sure to clean up.”

#6 Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff… Go Camping With Friends!

Camping with friends is a fun and bonding experience. The last thing you want is the little things that could have been avoided getting in the way of a good time.

If you take these precautions you will have a great time. The last piece of advice is don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s camping and dirty and rugged and that should be the experience.

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