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Breaking News: A Popular Manufacturer to Add Motorized RVs

Motorized RVs are a new venture for one of the top-rated manufacturers of fifth wheels and trailers.

We know you’re wondering who it is and if they’ll live up to the company’s reputation for quality.

So, we’re going under the hood of this mysterious new offering. While they haven’t released many details, we’ll share what we know. 

Let’s check it out!

Will Grand Design create a new motorized RV based on Winnebago's Class A or Class C vehicles?
Will Grand Design create a new motorized RV based on Winnebago’s Class A or Class C vehicles?

Grand Design Announces Production of New Motorized RVs

A recent article in RV Business outlines Grand Design’s plans to release a new motorized line in 2024. After almost 12 years in business, the Winnebago subsidiary is branching out. As one of the most well-reviewed manufacturers in the industry, we’re looking forward to what they’ve cooked up. 

With the RV giant Winnebago behind the announcement, it seems like a guaranteed success. In the last year, the conglomerate acquired Lithionics Battery, the leading provider of lithium-ion batteries. This merger gives them better access to electrical system solutions for motorized rigs. 

Grand Design’s deep customer connection is a boon for the larger company. In fact, their parent brand co-opened a store with Camping World featuring the up-and-coming imprint. Looking at the existing market share between the Big W and Newmar, something like 18 to 20 percent, they’re gunning for more.

As excited as we are about the new vehicles, all parties are keeping things secretive for now. While there’s been a lot of discussion about the classes of rigs they’re designing, nothing’s been released. Winnebago CEO Mike Happe said, “The GD team will choose the time when they are comfortable sharing specific specs.” 

About Grand Design

Founded in 2012 by current CEO Don Clark and his partners Bill and Ron Fenech, Grand Design started with towables. All three men honed their skills at Coachmen RV, then Keystone for a decade more. With the experience they all brought to the table, it’s no surprise they had what it took to launch Grand Design.

Almost immediately, their dedication to quality and innovation drove their success. In addition, customer service took a front seat to their business model. Their goal of creating customers for life shows in their many RV Dealer’s Association Quality Circle awards. That and their lines of feature-packed fifth wheels and trailers brought people streaming to their company.

In their first four years alone, Grand Design shipped out 25,000 units, a number unseen in the industry. With their unprecedented growth, Winnebago Industries saw their potential and acquired them in 2016.

They’ve also brought a family atmosphere to buyers with a series of regional and national rallies. Each year, owners come together and celebrate their love of the RV life and the brand. 

With an eye toward the future, the company is poised to head into the new quarter-century in motorized RV style.

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Why Did Grand Design Decide to Build Motorized RVs?

As interest in the RV lifestyle increased in recent years, Winnebago saw an opportunity to expand. While they already produce many motorized rigs with their other brands, Grand Design only had trailers and fifth wheels. Since its sterling reputation keeps customers returning, it made sense to take the leap. 

Another consideration is diversifying the product line offered by the manufacturer. Not everyone who wants to purchase a camper has a truck capable of towing them. The added cost could make them look elsewhere. Instead of letting those sales slip away, adding to an already impressive lineup makes sense.

In the business world, less isn’t usually more. By expanding its lineup to include motorized units, Grand Design ensures that customers will keep coming back and hopefully trading up. 

The final form of this exciting decision remains to be seen. But whatever they build, we’re sure that quality and customer service will stay as hallmarks of the brand. 

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What Type of Motorized RV Will Grand Design Offer?

Grand Design’s motorized RVs still have some mystery surrounding them. While they haven’t said precisely what types they’ll offer, we have a few ideas.

Class A rigs are a good guess with the power of Winnebago behind them. These larger, more luxurious vehicles seem to fit the company’s demographic well. A focused, high-end product with the same commitment to quality could upset the market.

Of course, a Class C wouldn’t be a bad guess either. Trailers are known for having a bit more range when it comes to getting off-road. If they decided to continue in that direction, you could see something roomy and rugged rollout. 

Neither of the other brands Winnebago is associated with has something like that, and it could be an excellent addition to the family. Class B and B+ are also worth considering, especially if you take into account the small micro-campers they’ve come out with recently.

Whatever it is, we won’t have to wait too long. CEO Don Clark says the announcement should come in early 2024. 

Will Grand Design Motorized RVs Be Any Good?

One of the things customers love the most about this brand is their dedication to quality. Grand Design’s motorized offerings should continue that legacy.

Each rig that rolls off their production line in Middlebury, Indiana, goes through a 300-point inspection before shipping out to dealers. Add to this their desire to earn life-long customers, and you can bet they won’t compromise now.

When owners encounter problems with their rigs, GDR4Life is there to help. This forum is a deep knowledge base that offers suggestions on how to solve nearly any issue. Thousands of posts provide technical information and fixes. 

Additionally, Grand Design’s robust warranty policy covers factory defects and structural issues. With a dedicated workforce, their RVs have a reputation for quality that isn’t going anywhere.

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Detailed Announcement Yet to Come 

Grand Design’s announcement of adding motorized RVs to their lineup is no surprise. Winnebago Industries’ desire to dominate the market comes full circle with this new information. 

And, of course, we all love a little mystery. We’ll watch this story for future developments and see where it goes.

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