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Is the CampersCard Discount Membership Worth It?

High campground reservation fees can eat into your budget, but CampersCard is here to save you cash. However, knowing the facts before signing up for another discount membership is a good idea.

Some programs are of better value than others. So, how does this new option compare to the rest?

Today, we’re discussing whether or not this card is worth your hard-earned money.

Let’s get to it!

Woman pouring coffee in her campervan. Does she use CampersCard?

What is CampersCard?

CampersCard is a subscription program providing members various benefits at partnering facilities. Currently, almost 1,000 locations throughout the United States and Canada participate. And the list is only growing.

Unlike many others, this card isn’t solely for RVers. Those looking to pitch a tent can join in the fun. But it’s worth mentioning that rules and regulations vary. Some of the places offering discounts only accept RVs. You’ll want to confirm availability before making your reservation.

In addition, CampersCard also offers discounts on Camping Gear, Entertainment, and Theme Parks. Plus, many of the campgrounds provide VIP extras and experiences for members.

Just as rules can differ, so do the perks. Some of the deals are better than others. Again, make sure you read the fine print, as there can be any number of limitations. 

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Who Offers the CampersCard Membership?

Joel Holland and the crew at Harvest Hosts launched the CampersCard program. In the announcement, Holland said, “We never want cost to be what prevents people from spending time on the road and having invaluable life experiences.” This is their way of helping folks keep more money in their pockets.

Harvest Hosts connects travelers with wineries, farmers, and nearly 7,000 establishments for overnight stays. In exchange for a spot to park, RVers agree to purchase or support the business financially. Generally, this is about the same cost as a campsite. However, RVers get a unique place to stay while supporting local companies.

How Does CampersCard Differ From a Harvest Hosts Membership?

CampersCard and Harvest Hosts are very different types of memberships. When using Harvest Hosts, you must limit stays to a single night. Facilities usually expect you to be entirely self-sufficient. You should have a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom inside your rig.

In addition, these sites generally don’t have a set fee. The expectation is that you’ll support the location through purchases. This could be a round of golf, a bottle of wine, or whatever products are available.

On the other hand, CampersCard is a bit more flexible. Because these are often well-established RV parks, they’re likely happy to host you as long as they can. Most typically have water, sewer, and electrical connections. Being self-contained is less critical in these spots.

Their partners have more transparent pricing and may offer daily, weekly, or monthly reservations. These can make it easier to know exactly how much you’ll spend during your stay.

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How Much Does CampersCard Cost?

The cost to join CampersCard is currently only $39 per year. Once you sign up, you can start enjoying the many perks and benefits. 

But we have some good news if you’re already a Harvest Hosts member. You’ll receive a 25% discount when applying for the card. The deal brings the total annual expense to less than $30. It won’t take long for this subscription to pay for itself.

How Do Campgrounds Benefit From the CampersCard Program?

Campgrounds and RV parks benefit from the CampersCard program because of the increased exposure. Members can easily search for participating locations near them or in a specific area they’ll be visiting. 

An empty site doesn’t make the park any money. Management may not have trouble selling out during peak months, but the off-season can be difficult. Offering these promotions can allow them to fill open spots.

Are There Other Camping Discount Programs?

While CampersCard can be a great way to save money, it’s not the only method. Here are a few other ways to keep your cash in your pocket.

Passport America

Passport America is another popular option. The current price is around $45 per year, slightly more expensive than CampersCard. But with 1,100 locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, you’ll also get access to more spots.

One perk of Passport America is that it’s a standard discount. Instead of having to guess what the bargain will be, you save 50% off at all participating sites. However, they may only accept the card at certain times or limit the number of nights you can stay. You’ll need to study the conditions of each park.

Good Sam

Another program to consider is Good Sam. At around $30 per year, the costs are relatively similar. They also have two- and three-year subscriptions with exclusive benefits and gift certificates. Plus, they provide a 10% discount to more than 2,000 parks in the US.

In addition to saving you money on overnight spots, Good Sam offers a variety of other ways to conserve your cash. You can get deals at retailers like Camping World, Pilot/Flying J, and Overton’s. While the reservation savings aren’t significant, they’re better than nothing. It can be worth signing up if you already shop at these stores.

Thousand Trails

Thousand Trails is one of the most confusing and expensive programs. Navigating the numerous plans and restrictions can be challenging. Memberships can cost thousands and require paying yearly maintenance fees that can be hundreds of dollars.

Although they list hundreds of sites, they may not all be available. You can purchase a regional pass, which unlocks only the campgrounds specific to your area. How long you can stay depends on the level of your plan. In addition, many find they have to spend a certain amount of time outside the network between stays.

It can be helpful, but it’s often a headache to navigate. That said, you can save thousands of dollars annually by exclusively using these locations.

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Is CampersCard Worth It?

Like the many other discount programs, CampersCard can be worth it. However, it’s only beneficial if you use it. 

Go to their website and scope out the deals at spots you’re considering for future stays. Run the numbers to calculate how much you could save by joining. With price drops of over 20% on some reservations, it’s easy to recoup your investment!

Is CampersCard Worth It?

Like the many other discount programs, CampersCard can be worth it. However, it’s only beneficial if you use it. Go to their website and scope out the deals at spots you are considering for future stays.

Run the numbers to calculate how much you could save by joining. With an over 20% savings on some reservations, it’s relatively easy to recoup your investment.

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