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What is Slotin Auction House?

When you need a painting of Dolly Parton as the Venus de Milo, Slotin Auction is the place you’re likely to find it. 

Far different than famous houses like Sotheby’s, you’ll only see a particular kind of craft here. And, whether you know it or not, it’ll change your outlook on what constitutes art. 

What makes Slotin Auction House so unique? Well, you’re about to find out. 

Let’s check it out!

An auctioneer and bidders with raised paddles. Slotin Auction House currently only offers online bidding.

About Slotin Auction House

For most of its history, American art fell into a specific category. Self-taught artists, outcasts from formally educated European circles, were all we had. That’s not to say it was any less creative than what our cousins over the pond produced. Instead, it came from within and fit a unique definition. 

Slotin Auction House specializes in outsider art, pieces made by untrained crafters. You won’t find a Monet or Picasso, but you will see the best selection of original crafts around. 

For nearly three decades, Steve and Amy Slotin have brought the best in folk art into the public eye. Each year, Spring and Fall Masterpieces Auctions present hundreds of works from untrained creatives for sale. Starting out with small gatherings, they’ve grown to encompass folks worldwide. 

In 2022, the Spring Auction brought in over $1.725 million, with the highest bid being a mind-blowing $44,000. Some patrons flew in the week before to preview lots and leave bids behind. Ten operators took over 360 calls during the event, and 265,000 people viewed the catalog online.

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Where is Slotin Auction House?

While they no longer hold in-person auctions, Slotin Auction House has a physical storage space. Located in Buford, Georgia, it contains thousands of pieces waiting their day. 

Auction Hall, where the couple started their business, is packed with art. It’s a collector’s dream to have so many relics of human ingenuity in one place. For them, it’s an opportunity to showcase their passion. And, for bidders, it’s the perfect place to preview lots.

The hall isn’t open to the public, but there’s an online gallery documenting what they’ve got in stock. Even though it’s not the same as going in person, you can get an education in American folk art just by browsing.

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How Does Slotin Auction House Accept Bids?

Before their auctions became international sensations, they were intimate family-style events. But, with the explosion in art-as-investment, bringing everyone together is impractical. 

Now, they accept offers through three primary methods. Phone, online, and prior in-person bids are all recognized throughout the sales. Preview is the best time to leave one with the house. You’ll get the first crack at unique creations. 

Online and phone are more fast-paced and bring the energy of a live auction. You’ll either come away disappointed or flushed with victory.

Pro-Tip: Follow the Slotin Auction House Instagram page for alerts on upcoming online events. 

What is Outsider Art?

In the early 20th century, German psychiatrists began studying the art of mentally ill individuals. By the 1940s, French artists created a term, art brut, encompassing work outside cultural boundaries. In the 1970s, outsider art became the catchall term for crafts from untrained people throughout history.  

Styles vary widely from quasi-signage to highly detailed work. Some are less recognizable as a formal genre, while others are three-dimensional objects. The category frequently features artists from troubled backgrounds or with a gestalt moment that shifted their perspectives. 

At once transcendent and sexy, the sometimes rough or refined multi-dimensional creations have a sense of urgency. Instead of trying to meet some external ideal, an internal flame inspires these artists. 

Fun Things to Do Near Slotin Auction House

When visiting Buford to preview your next acquisition, check out the area. The town offers plenty of attractions to keep you busy. 

Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center

The Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center, a LEED-certified green building, strives to preserve the local natural surroundings. Architecturally speaking, it provides examples of sustainable techniques. 

Its impact is minimal, with a vegetative roof, porous pavement, and a horizontal cooling tower. Several exhibits explore responsible water use alongside a self-guided ropes course.

The whole family will enjoy spending time here. Open mostly on weekends, check their website for specific dates and times year-round. 

Tannery Row Artist Colony

Downtown Buford boasts many historic buildings and an artist colony took hold of one. In a landmark tannery building, 15 artists have studio space and exhibit annually. They’ve created a hidden treasure and haven for the creative type. 

You can check out pieces on display Wednesdays through Saturdays. 

Best Places to Stay Near Slotin Auction House

Buford is just north of Atlanta on the banks of Lake Lanier. You’ll love getting a coastal feel in the heart of Georgia.

Van Pugh South Campground

Van Pugh South Campground provides idyllic views of the lake’s shoreline with easy access to all the area offers. You’ll love exploring over 100 small islands on a canoe or kayak.

RV and tent camping spots are available. Each site provides water and electricity hookups. In addition, they have a dump station, laundry center, and showers for your use. 

While they don’t offer winter camping, you can book online for dates from March through September.

Legacy Lodge

A luxuriously rustic experience awaits you at the Legacy Lodge. The hotel sits on a peninsula and offers dining and several room configurations. Amenities include a saltwater pool and fitness center. 

You’ll enjoy fantastic views from a balcony while sipping on your morning coffee. And to make it even better, the lodge provides plush robes during your visit.  

SpringHill Suites

The SpringHill Suites fits the bill if a more standard hotel stay is your speed. Just across the street from the Mall of Georgia, it’s perfect for shoppers. Every room is a suite and has plenty of space to stretch out. 

Your visit includes a complimentary breakfast, and you’ll have access to the fitness center 24/7. They also have an outdoor pool and hot tub available when the weather permits. 

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Is a Road Trip to Buford Worth It?

Unless you’re picking up art from an auction or leaving a bid for an upcoming sale, you can’t visit Slotin Auction House in person.

That said, the region is one of the most enjoyable in central Georgia. Buford is right in the center of the Blue Ridge Mountains, with access to Lake Lanier. It’s a picturesque town with plenty of excitement nearby.

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