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The Urban Sentinel Peak RV Park is an Excellent RVer Launchpad in Tucson, Arizona

After leaving Casa Grande, our month-long “Arizona Borderland” sightseeing tour began in Tucson at Sentinel Peak RV Park. We plan to explore the historic southern Arizona cities and towns rich with Spanish & Mexican culture.

Tucson was a great launching point for this adventure, and Sentinel Peak RV Park proved to be the perfect centralized location to begin our explorations. To top it off, the park is brand new – everything’s in excellent condition and well-maintained.

Here’s the Rundown of Sentinel Peak RV Park:

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Price: View current rates here.

Date/Temp: January 31, highs in the low 80s, lows in the high 40s

Noise: The park had a strange noise, ambient city sounds. We’ve been camping in rural areas for the more significant part of two months, and these urban noises took us by surprise. It wasn’t loud or invasive, but it felt slightly odd. The park has a large exterior wall that removes most of the road noise.

Wifi/Cell: This place is cellular heaven. Our AT&T and T-Mobile were at maximum speeds day and night. We didn’t use the free campground wifi. The park asks its residents to use the wifi for only email and light surfing.

Grocery/Errands: The central location of Sentinel Peak offers a variety of options for groceries. There is a Food City less than a block away and many “mom-and-pop stores” within a few blocks. The park has a laundry facility on site.

Dog Friendly: The park gladly welcomes dogs. While there’s no grass inside the RV park, right across the street is Menlo Park (a city park with acres of open grassy area).

Entertainment: We only had one day to explore the city from Sentinel Peak RV Park, but we took full advantage of our time. We walked downtown and to the “hippy business district”. There are so many food and drink options.

There is a nearby walking & biking trail that spans over 100 miles. It would take months of exploring to run out of things to do here. The park offers a spacious clubhouse with ping-pong, foosball, corn hole, a large screen projector, and a cozy seating area.

Here’s a video of our explorations…

Overall: Being full-time millennial RVers, this park offers an urban experience in a thriving university city. It’s the kind of experience that’s hard to come by for those not stealth boondocking. We’d highly recommend this park to our Xscaper friends and any full-timer who wants an urban experience.

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  1. Thanks for the write-up and vid. As Tucson residents, we plan to spend some time at Sentinel in the very near future after we begin our full-time RV lifestyle. I’m sure you noticed that Tucson has a weirdly remarkable number of breweries and burger joints. 🙂

  2. drunkenvinyl says:

    Love it! I feel like I’m virtually traveling with you. Lol

  3. […] Since I invested a ton of dough on my metalsmithing classes, I spoiled Jim with full hookups at a Tucson RV park! What a blast to live large at the brand spankin’ new Sentinel Peak RV Park that our friends Drivin’ & Vibin’ recently spotlighted. […]

  4. Randy says:

    Like the USA Jaguars sweaty. Back in the ’70’s I played a lot of baseball on the campus.
    Love your videos and info!