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We Visited The Smallest Bar in the USA (and So Should You)

For most who venture into a bar, their attention is on the company they keep, the games on the television, or the pub food. For one bar in Florida, the bar itself is the main draw.

Visitors know it for its size and lack of drink selection. That’s because the smallest bar in the United States holds a record that is hard to beat, and it has every intention of keeping its title.

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What Is the Smallest Bar in the US?

Located in the South Florida ‘Caribbean’ center of Key West, the Smallest Bar Inn is officially the smallest bar in America. The bar specializes in small key lime drinks with a few fruity concoctions thrown in, as there isn’t room for much else. Its location is perfect for tourists and bar hoppers.

The Smallest Bar Inn is on Duval Street, one of the busiest roads and the town’s main thoroughfare. Considering its limited space, the Smallest Bar Inn can’t serve more than a few people at a time, so it rotates its customers. They come two steps in for a drink, then two steps out. 

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How Small Is the Smallest Bar in America?

Drinking in the smallest bar in the United States is like drinking in prison if you could smuggle alcohol into a jail. At 72 square feet, Smallest Bar Inn Key West is the same size as a jail cell without the orange jumpsuits. The bar allows room for exactly four bar stools with a small bartop across the entire width of the bar, dividing the interior in half.

There is no need for yelling across the room for a pint, as the bartender is your closest friend in this pub. But be prepared for tiny drinks with huge prices, all for the privilege of visiting the country’s smallest tavern.

Two women drinking cocktails together in a bar
Head to Key West to enjoy a drink at the smallest bar in America.

About the Smallest Bar Inn Key West

With a location right in the heart of Key West, the Smallest Bar Inn should be doing brisk business. There is only one problem: there’s not enough room to sell many drinks. Within the eight-by-nine-foot building, there is space for a bartender, a couple of drinks, and a few customers. Luckily, guests come and go quickly so that everyone can get a look at this tiny watering hole.

The Smallest Bar has endless visitors to its doors from dusk to dawn. Most come for the bragging rights, proud to have a drink at this world-famous location. It is probably best that no one expects a litany of cocktails, as there is no room for their ingredients.

However, the proprietor has incorporated all the trappings of Key West within his walls. It has tropical paintings, pirate ships, and even a giant neon sign. It’s quite a creative use for what would otherwise be a walk-in closet! If you have a few too many for the road, the Smallest Bar Inn has rooms for rent. Thankfully, they are a bit larger than the pub!

Woman holding cocktail
Enjoy a drink at a one of a kind destination in the smallest bar in America.

What Is the Oldest Operating Bar in America?

The country’s oldest bar is at the other end of the Atlantic coast in Newport, Rhode Island. The White Horse Tavern started serving drinks in 1672, and with a few years off while being used as a boarding house and the meeting place for the Rhode Island General Assembly.

The bar has served more drinks than McDonald’s! Customers know the White Horse Tavern for its comfort food, as well. People respect its reputation globally as one of the ten oldest bars worldwide.

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What Is the World’s Smallest Bar? 

If you are looking for an even smaller place to imbibe, go no farther than Blomberg, Germany. The Blomberger Saustell wins the top billing, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. At just under 56 square feet, this bar looks more like half a shed on the exterior.

It is hard to see how any customers would have room to raise a pint, much less sit down. 

Is It Worth Visiting the Smallest Bar in America?

If you like to chase records during your travels, buying a drink or taking a selfie at the Smallest Bar Inn in Key West will check that box. It’s a quirky, one-of-a-kind destination. You will be able to brag about it around the bar at your local pub. If you’re looking for a relaxing drink after a day of exploring Key West, you may be a bit underwhelmed.

What’s a unique bar you’ve visited on your adventures? Tell us in the comments!

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