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Keystone and Camping World Lawsuit is No Surprise

Keystone and Camping World are big names in the RV industry, and both are involved in an active lawsuit against them.

If you’ve interacted with either of these brands, it probably comes as no surprise. Over the years, the two have earned a negative reputation amongst consumers.

So, why are these customers taking both companies to court?

Let’s look and see!

A pen laying on top of a Notice of Lawsuit Form. How many lawsuits will it take before Camping World and RV manufacturers make positive changes?

Couple Seeks Justice With Keystone and Camping World Lawsuit

Owning an RV is a dream come true for many people. Life on the road unlocks the possibility of infinite adventures. Sadly, that wasn’t the experience for Robert and Janice Burns, who own a 2021 Keystone Cougar. Shortly after signing the papers for their new $77,000 camper, their dream became a nightmare. 

Several critical issues forced them to return their vehicle to the dealer for repairs, as it was practically unusable. They had a broken awning, a cracked shower floor, and countless other complications. 

The couple had an unending list of issues with their new rig. Time after time, they hauled their trailer back to the dealership for repairs that the warranty should’ve covered.

Between multiple manufacturing flaws and faulty repairs, the couple felt they had no choice but to take legal action. Neither the maker nor the dealer offered reasonable solutions to the couple, and they felt taken advantage of. So, the Burns filed a lawsuit against Keystone and Camping World.

What Are Some Problems Behind Keystone RV Lawsuits?

Robert and Janice Burns may be suing Keystone, but they’re not the only unhappy campers. Customers have been complaining about these RVs for years. 

It turns out many owners have had a handful of the same issues.

Water Leaks

Water is an RV’s enemy. Unfortunately, even a tiny hole or gap can cause big problems. Leaks are one of the most common complaints from owners. The Burns cracked shower floor could have let water get into hard-to-notice places and caused a rash of problems.

Other common leak locations include around gray or black tanks, slide-outs, and under sinks. By the time you discover the dilemma, you could already have extensive damage. 

Mold, mildew, and rotting wood can be impossible to fix without total replacement.

Air Conditioning Problems

Summer is the peak camping season for most of the country. However, Keystone owners often complain about severe problems with their air conditioning units. These can range from not cooling to unusual noises or water leaks. 

Unfortunately, a broken AC can have more substantial consequences than simply sweating inside your rig.

Some damages arise from a lack of maintenance, while others are faults with the system. These can drastically decrease the life of your appliance. Even more frustrating, they often last just long enough to fall outside of your warranty. 

Once that happens, the manufacturer is off the hook, and you’ll pay to replace them.

In other news: Keystone Closing Two Factories, Gives Notice to 300+ Employees.

Structural Defects

Another challenge owners face revolves around structural defects. Swelling floors, separated sidewalls, and broken window frames are all too common. While the other situations aren’t minor, these are significantly worse. 

Some are bad enough to leave you and your RV stranded.

Why Are People Filing Lawsuits Against Camping World?

Camping World is another large brand that’s no stranger to lawsuits. After all,  in 2021, Michael Jones of San Antonio, Texas, took legal action against the well-known dealership. His chief complaint was that the rig he purchased was defective when he bought it. He accused them of being deceptive and not fulfilling their end of the agreement for repairs in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, Jones’ experience with the company is similar to what we hear from others in the community. Some gripe that service departments fail to complete work correctly or on time. 

In his legal case, he claimed his camper sat out of service for more than 200 days. Considering this, it seems reasonable that he took legal action against them.

Overall, Camping World doesn’t have a positive reputation. Search their name in large RV forums online to see how people feel about them. 

Trust us, it’s not good.

More and more people are ditching CW. OPINION: Why I Dropped Camping World After Years of Loyalty.

Facebook Group Warns Buyers of Keystone RV Defects

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the issues these owners encountered aren’t new. It’s common to hear complaints that rigs built after 2020 have several faults. We found the “RV Buyers Beware of Keystone Trailers” Facebook page, which has over 3,500 followers.

Over the last decade, users have shared their horrific interactions with the maker. After reading their posts, it’s a wonder why anyone continues buying from the brand.

For example, Linda G. said, “We recently purchased a defective Hideout that almost killed me and my family on our first trip out.” She explains their new trailer was warped, which caused trouble with their leaf springs and slide-out bolts. When the load shifted, their trailer almost turned over on its side.

Most consumers with buyer’s remorse are pretty vocal about it. They’ll tell everyone they can to stop them from making the same costly mistake.

How Does the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act Relate to the Keystone Lawsuit?

Congress passed the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act in 1975. It’s a federal law regulating consumer product warranties, including those for recreational vehicles. The Act spells out the differences in contracts and requires the disclosure of conditions before a sale.

It protects consumers by ensuring fair and transparent warranties. And it offers consumers a fee-shifting provision that makes it easier for them to sue big companies.

In their lawsuit against Keystone and Camping World, Robert and Janice Burns accuse the companies of violating this Act. They state the included warranty wasn’t honored for their recreational vehicle.

This couple is going after some of the biggest names in the industry. Instead of settling out of court, they’re demanding a jury trial. They want to do all they can to attract attention to the case and hopefully cause changes in how the industry does business.

A pre-inspection and an inspection can save you money, time, and headaches: RV Inspection Deal-Breakers.

Will This Be The Lawsuit To Change Keystone and Camping World?

Unfortunately, the Burns’ lawsuit against Camping World and Keystone isn’t the first and won’t be the last. We’ve seen several complaints from other owners sharing similar situations. But manufacturers and dealers need you more than you need them. 

So, if you feel like you’re getting the runaround, take action. You deserve an RV that works the way it should. Don’t settle for anything less!

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