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10 Gift Ideas for RVers

As the holiday season approaches, we wanted to make gift-giving a little easier for those of you with a special RVer in your life! Whether they’re fullltimers, weekenders, or soon-to-be travelers, these 10 gift ideas will make shopping for Christmas presents a breeze.

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#1 – Gift Cards

Gift cards aren’t the most unique presents, but they can be thoughtful and efficient. Since storage space is a rarity in RV life, gift cards can be used for essentials, experiences, or even gas!

Our favorite type is an Amazon gift card – but any gas card, restaurant card, or sporting good store card is an awesome choice for an RVer.

#2 – RV Memberships

RV memberships are just as awesome as gift cards; they encourage exploration, create unique experiences, and save money!

Here are some of our recommendations for RV Memberships:

Passport America – This membership offers a network of campgrounds and resorts that give all members a 50% discount. We’ve saved so much money using PA, and have never struggled to find a participating campground.

Harvest Hosts – This membership offers a huge database of vineyards and farms that allow members to camp overnight. We’ve had many one-of-a-kind experiences using our Harvest Hosts membership. From Texas Hill Country vineyards to lavender farms in Washington, Harvest Hosts encourages us to explore places off the beaten path.

Mobile Internet Aficionados – If the RVer in your life is interested in the latest tech news, we highly recommend MIA. This group advises on how to stay connected while on the road. We learned so much about cell boosters, wifi boosters, and mobile hotspots from MIA during our first year of travel. They were also so kind to offer all of our readers a $5 discount by using the coupon code: DrivinVibinMIA

Boondockers Welcome – We love our BW membership! They provide a “driveway-share” database that connects campers with free boondocking. We find that it is most useful in urban areas where its hard to find affordable camping.

#3 – Vinyl Sticker Map

Our Vinyl USA Sticker Map gets more attention than any other exterior RV feature. It’s a great conversation starter and we think it looks cool, too!

These maps come with a big outline of the USA and individual state stickers to place as you travel. A vinyl sticker map would be the perfect gift for a newbie or soon-to-be RVer.


#4 – Travel Journal

Whether your 18 or 80, when traveling fulltime it’s easy to forget where you’ve been! A travel journal is perfect for documenting each location and having a hard copy to always remind you of your past adventures.

We use a travel journal every day!

#5 – Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers come in many shapes and sizes, but their function is undeniable – easy music listening with no cords needed!

We use our Bluetooth speaker on hikes, picnics, or simply when we’re lounging around outside. Most models are easily portable, and many are rugged and waterproof. We use a Braven BRV-X now, but most any will get the job done.


#6 – ReUsable Water Bottle

If the RVer in your life enjoys hiking or plans on spending months in the desert, a double walled, insulated water bottle is a must. We like the Hydro Flask and Klean Kanteen brands, but there are so many options available.

During our first few months on the road we were buying cases of bottle water. Once we switched to a reusable water bottle, we cut down on waste and were encouraged to drink more water.

#7 – Kindle

RV life has plenty of downtime – making for perfect reading conditions! Unfortunately, most RVs don’t have room for a library.

We recommend a Kindle as the perfect gift if the RVer in your life enjoys reading. The Kindle gives you access to unlimited books, magazines, and newspapers. It’s portable, easy to use, and light weight.


#8 – Goal Zero

The Goal Zero is a portable battery bank with solar charging capabilities. We have the Sherpa 100 and use if for our laptops, camera, and cell phones. The device is easy to carry – its so lightweight, we can bring it easily on hikes to keep our electronics charged.


#9 – National Park Pass

The America the Beautiful Pass allows access to most federal lands for one year. We’ve used ours at numerous National Parks, Forests, Recreation Areas and ACOE campsites.

It’s been one of the best money-saving passes during our first year on the road.


#10 – Antique Maps

Antique Maps are a unique way to commemorate specific locations. Whether its a home state, a planned destination, or to track your travels – an antique map adds character to any wall!

Ok, we have to admit – we love antique maps so much that we created a business on Etsy selling them. We currently have 2000 maps, ranging from the 1700s to the 1940s. Our shop is called The Wooden Earth, but there are plenty of options throughout Etsy to find the perfect map.


 Thanks for reading our blog. Help support our mission – to live freely and deliberately – by checking out our Etsy store or shopping Amazon through our link.

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  1. Just found your blog through /r/GoRving! I’m loving the travel journal and vinyl sticker ideas.

  2. Thanks! Glad to help 🙂

  3. RvChickadee says:

    I’m with amontereyblair- liked the vinyl sticker idea! Good ideas. It’s so hard to buy for a full-time RV’er! Especially ones who are still getting rid of their unnecessary stuff! I STILL look up to you two for living together in such a small space. I want to downsize to your rig’s size or somewhere around there. Slowly but surely! : )