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101 RV GIFT IDEAS: For RVers Young to Old

The holiday season is here and it looks like you have a unique RV camper in your life. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re giving you a HUGE list…so extensive that it can be your #1 resource for RV camping Gifts.

The gifts are divided into helpful sections like stocking stuffers, RV tech, RV books, high-roller RV gifts and more!

Each section includes a “Featured Gift”. These gifts are the best of the best.

Stocking Stuffers | Small & Affordable RV Camping Gifts

This section is for you if you’re looking for small-ish, affordable RV gifts. You may need a pretty large stocking, though!

The featured Stocking Stuffer for RV Life are large body wipes! We’ve loved using Epic Wipes during long boondocking stays. They work well for us and our pup. Best of all, you can buy a box or individual wipes.


Additional Ideas

Books for RV Life

If you’re still in the research phase, these RV books are invaluable. Even for current RVers, the tax info and camping resources will make great RV gifts.

When we heard about Heather Ryan’s new book, Taxes for RV Owners, we knew it would be the best 8 bucks we spent all month!

Whether you own an RV, or travel full time in an RV, figuring out RV related tax deductions can be a huge challenge. As RVers, we’re regularly crossing state lines, and quite often conducting business in those various states.


Additional Ideas

RV Gifts for Tech Lovers

If the RVer in your life has a passion for technology these gifts will be perfect! The list includes cellular gadgets, GPS systems and RV security devices.

The WeBoost Drive Sleek is our featured RV tech gift. It’s the perfect RV gift because it allows travelers to get a boosted cell signal. This means, when you’re out in the boonies, one bar of cell service can become a full four bars…allowing for clear calls and data access.


Additional Ideas

  • Tire Pressure Monitor: Keep in eye on the tire pressure of your trailer or fifth wheel while you’re towing!
  • Wifi Extender: This will help you receive a stronger campground wifi signal.
  • Togo Roadlink LTE Router: The Roadlink is a new way to access cellular data in your RV.
  • RV Specific GPS: Using an RV specific GPS unit will help you avoid low underpasses and steep mountain grades.
  • MarCell RV Monitoring System: Keep an eye on the temp, humidity, and power or your RV while you’re away. This is great for RVers with pets.
  • GPS Dog Collar: Don’t lose your pup! With a GPS dog collar, you can track them if they get lost.
  • RV Tracker: An RV tracker will be of great help if someone steals your RV…or if you have family members that like to know where you are!
  • GoalZero Portable Battery: The Goal Zero is a portable lithium battery that can charge your phone or laptop when you’re off grid.
  • Amazon Echo: Who says you can’t have a smart RV?!
  • Ring Video Doorbell: Just like home application, the Ring Video Doorbell allows you to see who’s at the door.
  • RV Surge Guard: Protect your RV power system from bad shore power with the surge guard.
  • Boost Pro Jump Starter: Never be without a jump start!
  • Dash Cam: In case of an accident, it’s great to have documentation.

RV Gifts for the Campsite

Campsite gifts are the most fun because everyone loves to decorate their spot! From fun to functional, these gift ideas are a guaranteed success.

This year’s featured gift is the Solo Stove. If you love real, wood burning fires, but hate dodging smoke…you’ve gotta see the Solo Stove. It’s unique design creates maximum combustion and heat without the pesky smoke!

Solo Stove | RV Gifts

Additional Ideas

High Roller | Expensive RV Gifts

Big ticket RV items aren’t hard to find. However, this list includes many you probably haven’t thought of before. From eBikes to toilets, get ready to spend big on these RV gifts.

The Honda Generator is the featured “High Roller” gift. Sure, you can get an inexpensive genny….but this Honda will last for the next decade! The Honda 2200 gives you a lot of energy when you’re off grid.

Additional Ideas

  • Acuva LED Water Filter: Purify water the high tech way without using a lot of power.
  • eBike: Sometimes you don’t want to pedal…get an eBike 😂
  • Inflatable Hot Tub: Extravagant? Yes. But, your campsite will be the talk of the campground.
  • Projector for Movie Night: Outdoor movie night is a wonderful way to entertain.
  • Folding Kayak: This tandem kayak folds into the size of a large piece of luggage.
  • Composting Toilet: We still don’t know why these are so expensive?! However, its the perfect gift to say “I love you!”
  • DJI Drone: Get the most epic shots of your campsite.
  • Lithium Batteries: This gift will last a long time. With a ten year warranty, you’re guaranteed to have power for a decade!

RV Apparel

Hoodies and t-shirts are always good gift options. This list has all the best designs for RVers!

The classic “Van Down By The River” shirt is great for a humorous RV gift. Taken from a Chris Farley SNL skit, this tee will be proudly worn by any RVer 😁

Van by the River Shirt

Additional Ideas

The RV Experience | RV Gifts that Create Experiences

Give a gift that keeps giving! This list is full of memberships and experiences to enrich the RV lifestyle. From community to trip planning, you can’t go wrong with an “RV experience” gift.

The Escapees RV Club Membership is our featured RV Experience gift. This RV club is wonderful for building a community of travelers on the road. They provide educational events, informal gatherings and huge rallies. Here’s 7 reasons to join!

Escapees RV Club Hangouts
Escapees RV Club Hangouts

Additional Ideas

Gifts For The RV Kitchen

Cooking in an RV comes with a unique set of challenges. This list is full of items to make your RV kitchen more functional and fun!

The Instant Pot is probably the #1 RV gift of all time. In fact, you might already have one. If you don’t, make sure you give this to your RV-loved-one! It’ll make cooking in the RV a breeze.

Instant Pot | RV Gifts

Additional Ideas

Gifts For The RVer That Has Everything

We’re saving the best for last! Have you looked through this list and thought, “have that…have that…have that”? Well here are some RV gifts that are perfect for the RVer that has it all!

The Basu Sound Grenade is a small, key chain device that packs a huge punch. It serves two purposes. First, if you’re trying to scare off wildlife (or a weird neighbor) simply pull the top off and a blaring sound will send anyone or anything running! Secondly, if you’re stranded in nature and need to sound for help, the BASU is sure to get attention of nearby hikers.


Additional Ideas

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  1. Susan Johnston says:

    Great list! I wonder about the Ring doorbell though; in my ‘07 Newmar KS technology is still a bit lacking. Do those just work with my iPhone? Wonder what kind of stuff I need to add to the coach to use the full abilities of Ring?

  2. Rachel Reinhart says:

    This solo stove sounds awesome

  3. Norma Baldridge says:

    We are about 3/4 RVing and then home in NM, this was a great list and for me a great reference for what my hubby would appreciate. He’s all about 100% RVing but I’m not there yet. I love it when we travel but I sometimes just like to have more of my familiar stuff around me. It’s coming and I know it but I also love my mountain home. So wish me luck in adapting to full time. There were many things on this list that sparked my attention and helps me decide what to get my hubby for Christmas. Thank you.💜🙏🏼🇺🇸