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Top 10 Gifts for RVers

We’re making holiday shopping easy with these 10 gifts for RVers! If you’re anything like us, you understand the struggle of brainstorming for the perfect gift. We have lots of family with lots of different interests!

While we’ll still spend hours searching for those thoughtful gifts… we wanted to lend a helping hand if you happen to have an RVer in your life.

This year our “Top 10 Gifts for RV Life” include everything from stocking stuffers to big ticket items for those extra-special family members 🙂

Let’s start the countdown!


#10. RV Sticker Map


IDEAL FOR: New RVers and any type of rig. Stocking Stuffer and/or easy to ship!


No matter how an RVer travels (travel trailer, class A, teardrop, etc…), an RV sticker map is a fun way to track where they’ve been. We’ve been using ours since we hit the road two years ago and we’ve discovered that the map is a great conversation starter at RV parks. They can be placed on the RV exterior or on less visible places like the fridge or interior door. This is one of those gifts for RVers that can’t go wrong!

#9. RV Memberships


IDEAL FOR: New & Seasoned RVers. There are so many types of memberships available, so its easy to find one that fits for the traveler in your life.

LINK: Find all links below.

Here’s the quick rundown of Memberships we’ve found to be useful.

1) Passport America: This is a membership program that offers 50% OFF RV Parks across the country. They have a huge network of campgrounds and we’ve found it quite useful and cost-saving.

2) Harvest Hosts: This membership gives users access to a database of amazing  & FREE overnight camping spots at vineyards, farms & museums. So, if you love free camping & wine, give this membership a look!

3) Boondockers Welcome: Like Harvest Hosts, Boondockers Welcome offers a database of free campsites across the USA. The difference is that BW specializes in driveway camping with a focus on metro locations. We’ve found it quite useful in cities like Seattle & Denver.

4) Mobile Internet Aficionados: If the RVer in your life loves tech devices & internet connectivity, this membership is for them! MIA offers all the latest RV Internet Tech news, advice & QUICK help with any questions. We’ve gone from sketchy internet coverage to streaming in the boonies with the help of MIA.

5) Xscapers: The Xscapers is a community of working-age RVers that holds regular convergences & meetups. We met so many friends through this community and learned valuable lessons at the hosted discussions during community meetups. Give Xscapers a look if you long for a community of nomads.

#8. iBall Backup Camera


IDEAL FOR: Solo Travelers or RVers that need an extra eye while backing up!


The iBall backup camera is a great tool for making travel days a little less stressful. The camera mounts magnetically to the rear of your vehicle and the screen plugs into the 12v cigarette lighter input. We reviewed it on our Road Gear Reviews channel earlier this year!

#7. Travel Tees


IDEAL FOR: Every RVer that wears tee shirts! 🙂

LINK: We linked each company listed below.

Over our two years of travels we’ve stumbled upon so many great “travel tee” companies…and they all make for perfect gifts for RVers! When your not rockin’ the newest Drivin’ & Vibin’ tees, we recommend checking out the following: The Simple Nomads (full time RVers creating shirts for fellow nomads), Winks & Whiskers (dog inspired travel gear… we love it), Mountain Standard (a Colorado based company with great designs), Westward Apparel (you can’t go wrong with desert vibes), and Keep it Wild (a new twist on National Park designs)!


#6. Bestek 12v Inverter


IDEAL FOR: Travelers who want to power up their laptops in their vehicles


These inverters are perfect for travel days & van dwellers. It plugs into your vehicles 12v cigarette lighter, inverts the powers, and allows you to charge things like a laptop or DSLR camera. Our friends, Mark & Julie of RVLove, reviewed the inverter a few months ago!

#5. Bluetooth Speakers

AVERAGE PRICE: $25 – $250

IDEAL FOR: Campfire tunes, kayaking tunes, or any other tunes that travelers love!

LINK: $25: $250:

We love our Braven Bluetooth Speaker. It gets daily usage inside our RV and we use it at least once a week outside. The speakers can cost anywhere from $25 to $250. To some extent, you get what you pay for… but on the other hand, if you’re listening to tunes by the campfire, audio quality isn’t as important as simply “creating a mood”!

#4. Tree Tribe Gear

AVERAGE PRICE: $25 – $100

IDEAL FOR: Hikers & Adventurers


Tree Tribe creates eco-friendly hike & adventure gear…. and, best of all, they plant 10 trees with every order. We really like the wooden sunglasses and dual insulated canteen. Their leaf-leather wallet has a slim design and is completely vegan. Take a look around their site, buy a product and feel good about those 10 trees that get planted 🙂

Myra's Makeup copy

#3. Instant Pot


IDEAL FOR: Every RVer out there!


The Instant Pot was the most popular gifts for RVers of 2016… and it still deserves to make the list this year. This pressure cooker is great for one-pot RV meals. There are also so many Instant Pot recipes online, that you’ll never run out of fun meal ideas. Again, RVLove created a wonderful review video.

#2. WeBoost Drive Sleek Cell Booster


IDEAL FOR: Any RVer that wants OR needs better cell reception on the road.


The WeBoost cell booster completely changed our life on the road. We’ve been able to increase one bar of unusable cell signal to a full signal that allows us to stream Netflix. The Drive Sleek is an affordable option that requires no permanent installation.

#1. Outland Living Propane Fire Bowl


IDEAL FOR: RVers who love campfires, but hate the lingering smell of campfire smoke!


This is our absolute favorite of all gifts for RVers. We love the ambiance of campfires, but hate smelling like smoke for hours after. The Outland Living Fire Bowl hooks up to a standard propane tank and can be used for a long time. We’re able to use it at least 5 nights without running out of fuel. In our experience, we’re also able to use it even if there’s a fire ban. THIS IS A MUST HAVE! The box is big & pretty, making it a perfect gift to take up real estate under the tree 🙂


Thanks for reading our “gifts for RVers” blog! Our mission is to live minimally & deliberately as we explore the earth and it’s many communities. Help support our mission by shopping through our Amazon Link, visiting our Etsy shop, or better still, listening to our new album!

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We use affiliate links on this website – meaning, if you buy something through a link on this article, you’ll receive the normal price and we’ll receive a small percentage of the purchase. We only recommend products we consider quality (and, more than likely, use ourselves).

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  1. Eugene says:

    Hey. Drove by you guys in Lake Havasu today. If you go to Egnimatic Nomadics YouTube channel you can see where his van build party just relocated to.

    All kinds of rigs. Stop by if you’re lookin’ for a spot.

    P.S. we got his n her porta potties.


  2. ssichler says:

    Good list guys. On the inverter, I would consider opting for a pure sine rather than the modified sine you link to. Better for sensitive electronics –

  3. Excellent list guys! Thanks for some good ideas and links.

  4. Joe says:

    Every time I watch a video of yall, it makes me want to go camping right now haha!

  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this list! We need all of these things! Starting out full time this Spring!
    Blessings, Linda

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