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5 Tips for Finding Remote Work

Finding remote work is hard!

Achieving a life of independence is one of our biggest goals. To us that means; the freedom to travel, the freedom to be our own boss and the ability to do these two things with as little stress as possible. Finding remote work allowed us to make that dream a possibility.

Today we’re teaming up with remote-work expert, Camille Attell, to discuss five tips for finding the ideal remote job.

#1 Mindset

It may sound simple, but get in the right mindset before looking for that ideal job. There are countless remote work oppritunites available across tons of sectors. The key is knowing where to find those listings.

Have confidence that your remote job is waiting for you to find it!

#2 Optimize Your Resume

Once you decide to find that awesome remote job, get your resume on board! Even if you haven’t worked remotely before, you may have experience that proves you’d be a great fit.

Have you completed online corses with success? Have you led a team to achieve a goal? Are you great at research? Do your self motivation and time management skills shine?

These are a few of the ways you can show a potential employer that you have what it takes to work remotely. So, give that resume a facelift and focus on your strong abilities and experiences that exemplify your best remote work qualities!

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#3 You Have The Skillz for Remote Work

To piggyback on the last tip, know what skills to nurture and share with employers during interviews.

Time management, independent thinker, self guided research: these can be a great strength when talking to potential employers.

Most remote work employers want to hire self motivated people that can solve problems on their own. Having to call or text questions often is not ideal!

#4 Online Jobsites

Now that you’ve got your skill set & updated resume, let the search begin! There are lots of places online to find these jobs, but some are scattered with scams or unsavory positions.

We’ve found that many nomads like to use the site FlexJobs and we’ve met a few that had great success with the site! Camille recommends the site We Work Remotely because it is free to use and has quality listings.

#5 Put Yourself Out There

Beyond applying for remote work jobs, dive deep into online communities that support and educate this goal! We like the RV Entrepreneur group on Facebook. Camille suggests checking out the Xscapers job board.

Mentor with Camille

If you’re serious about finding remote work and want hands-on guidance, we recommend checking out Camille’s online course. It’s called Remote Work School 101 and, from what we’ve seen, its an ideal tool for anyone new to the search for remote jobs!

Get $50 off the course when you use this CODE – RW10150off

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