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RV & Make Money: Author and CPA Earn Income While RV Living

Do you want to learn how to make money while living in an RV full time? Our new collaboration series aims to help you with just that!

Today we’re chatting with Adam & Lindsey from Nuventure Travels to find out how they’ve been earning income and traveling. With over 4 years on the road, they’ve mastered the art of balancing work and pleasure.

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How Do They Make Money & RV?

This RVing couple both have well defined jobs that translate nicely to their nomadic lifestyle. Adam is a traveling CPA that specializes in helping other nomads file their income taxes. Lindsey is a freelance writer and author of travel related books.

Adam: I have an accounting firm called Nuventures CPA that we started on the road from a minivan in New Zealand back in 2015.

Lindsey: I’m a freelance writer. I’m also an author; I’ve written three different books. And, I’m also a photographer.

You can find Lindsey’s most recent book here! We encourage y’all to give it a read.


How Did They Get These Jobs?

Neither Lindsey nor Adam had their jobs before hitting the road. Sometimes the lessons and experience of nomadic life lead people right to their new jobs and opportunities to make money!

Lindsey: I did not have this job before RV life! I learned the skills of writing and photography while we’ve been traveling. It really was from encouragement of people reading our blog and seeing our photos.

Adam: We stopped our jobs in June of 2014 and started traveling with just the want to travel. We didn’t even think about working on the road, but about a year into our travels I started a CPA firm geared towards nomads. We ran into a lot of people who had frustrations as they were trying to operate their businesses while on the road – we saw that niche and that was how the firm started.

How Many Hours A Week Do They Work?

Many travelers have a hard time balancing work & play. We’ve talked to RVers who spend the whole day working inside their rigs and we’ve also talked to RVers who can’t find work to make money. It seems like Adam & Lindsey have found a good work flow!

Adam: It’s seasonal. During tax season I’ll work 60 to 70 hours a week. Then after tax season I’ll try to take 2 to 3 months off – being available to answer emails, but more so hanging out with family and friends.

Lindsey: I’d say I work a normal 40 hours, but it depends on where we are and what’s exciting around us. We have control over our schedule, so we can pound out a full day of work or we can take off in the afternoon and do a hike.

Is Internet Connection Important for Your Work?

It’s hard to come by an RVer who isn’t reliant on the internet! Like Adam & Lindsey, we encourage every RVer to check out Technomadia’s Mobile Internet Resource Center for the best information to stay connected while traveling!

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 10.56.45 PM

Adam: It is absolutely critical for my job because all the software to do my CPA work is cloud based. I have to have internet. The Technomadia folks were my go-to source to figure out how to do all that. We have AT&T and Verizon so we can overlap when one doesn’t work.

Lindsey: Internet is very important for my job. The way I communicate with people, share what I’m working on, and submit my articles is all through the internet.

What is the Biggest Challenge of Working from the Road?

Lindsey: For me it’s community and accountability. I can make all the decisions and have all the creative power in what I do, but it can be very lonely. The way I’ve navigated that is to find community online. I found an accountability group – we meet every other week. We share what we’re doing; we share our goals.

Adam: For me, a routine – sometimes you need structure to be able to be efficient with work.

Do You Have a Dedicated Work Space?

RV workspaces are all over the internet! RVers have gotten super creative when it comes to developing unique spaces that maximize efficiency. Heath & Alyssa wrote a great article about these Unique RV Work Spaces.

Adam: We have a 17ft Casita travel trailer. I tend to work outside under the awning because I have a standup desk. If I’m forced inside, then it gets a little cramped.

Lindsey: Mine is actually our little kitchenette table. That is used for everything – dropping the groceries, doing the meals there…so I’m constantly moving that space around to fit our lifestyle and work.


What’s One Tip for the Nomadic Job Seeker?

Adam: Have a good talk with yourself about expectations. Going from an office environment to waking up in a Cracker Barrel parking lot and figuring out where you’re going for the day – if you don’t have a good talk with yourself about expectations, you’re going to be really frustrated.

Lindsey: I recommend giving yourself patience. It can be a challenge when you’re constantly on the move because a lot of energy will now go to figuring out where you want to go.

Remote Work Resources?

If you’re looking for a nomadic job to make money, we recommend checking out Remote Work 101 – this is a course that will teach you how to find a remote work job, tweak your resume for those remote work employers and give you access to a community of fellow job seekers.

We also wrote and article called 5 Tips for Finding Remote Work.


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