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Air Head Composting Toilet – Why We Made the Switch

Air Head Composting Toilet – Why We Made the Switch

Today we’re talking about the Air Head Composting Toilet and why we made the switch from our Nature’s Head Composting Toilet.

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Air Head Composting Toilet

airhead-productThe Air Head is one of the most popular brands of composting toilets for marine and RV applications. If you’re not familiar with composting toilets, it’s a waterless system that separates liquids from solids. After use, the solids are agitated and mixed with a medium such as coco coir or peat moss. Over time the solids break down or “compost” into a non- offensive state.

The 5 gallon solids tank will hold about 60 uses, which would mean emptying around once a month. The liquids are collected in a separate reservoir to be emptied on a more frequent basis (approx  4 days for 1 person).

Why We Switched from Natures Head

The Air Head Composting Toilet is very similar to other composting toilets as far as how it works, but it has a few key design elements that we believe will make it more convenient and comfortable to use in the long run.

We will be sure to update you after a trial period to see if it holds up to our expectations,  but for now lets get into what appealed to us about this unit over our previous unit- The Natures Head.


  • Diversion system allows emptying of liquids without opening the solids tank
  • Rounded design fits tighter spaces
  • More comfortable toilet seat
  • Stronger fan
  • In-line screen on ventilation hose
  • Can specify seat size, handle side, fan housing angle, and solids tank shape
  • More gaskets around lid to prevent smell
  • Handles on solids tank

Installation Comparison

The Air Head was very simple to install and comparable to the Natures Head installation. There was one extra step of adding the in-line screen on the hose, but only added a few minutes to installation. The in-line screen is easy to access to be cleaned/ replaced, should any bugs find their way into the line.

Also, the urine and solids tank are mounted independently so there are 4 brackets to be installed vs the 2 on natures head, but the 4 brackets allows for the tanks to be emptied more easily, since they are separate. PVC glue is needed for two connections on the Air Head.


Overall, we had a good experience with our Natures Head composting toilet, but we felt it could use some improvements. The Air Head seems to have accounted for many of the issues we had with our previous unit.

We’re hopeful that our assumptions will hold true. After a few months, we will follow up with a Head to Head comparison of the two units.


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Patrick Ryan

Saturday 16th of May 2020

Now that you've used both toilets, what's the verdict?


Saturday 10th of October 2020

Thanks for all the helpful tips and reviews. I’m in the market for a composting toilet for the rig and those look like my best two options What’s the new word bird? Thanks again -Derick

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