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Custom Airstream Mattress by Mattress Insider

Custom Airstream Mattress

Our search for the perfect, custom Airstream mattress is finally over! We decided to go with a front bed in our 79′ Airstream Argosy, and that means we had to deal with the front radius corners. We were planning on buying a memory foam mattress and hacking the corners off and hoping for the best.

When discussing our plans with our friends the RV Geeks, they had a much better suggestion! They recommended ordering a custom mattress from Mattress Insider. Thats where they got their mattress and they were in love with it, Marc and Julie of RV Love were quick to second the sentiment, so we were sold!

Ordering Process

When we were ready to place our order, we called the company and they asked us a series of questions to help us figure our what type of mattress and what thickness would best suit our needs. We discussed things like – if we’re side sleepers or back sleepers, if we sleep hot or cold, and dimensions that our space would allow. After a quick chat, the recommended their 8″ Luxury Gel Foam Mattress. It’s one of their most popular mattresses, and has 4 different layers of foam!

We were excited to try it out and feeling good about our experience and trusted in our friends satisfaction, so we decided we would like to become affiliates! That way we can spread the word about a quality product and company and offer you guys a discount code too! (5% off with code – VIBE)

The Template

We wanted a snug fit with the front curves of the airstream, so we needed to create a template to get the radius corners just right. Thankfully, we were able to just trace the bed platform we made. We used brown craft paper to carefully trace the curve of the platform/walls and indicated what was the front and what was the back. Next, we wrote our order number on it and shipped it off to Mattress Insider. Super simple, right?



Once our template arrived at the factory, our mattress was made and shipped out in a week! It came in a large box and was rolled in vacuum sealed plastic. It inflated to full size instantly once it was unwrapped. And the best news??? It fit perfectly! We all thoroughly tested it out that afternoon, including River, and we all agreed – it puts our old mattress to shame!


We will update you after a few months of use and let you know if we’re still loving it.

If you are looking for a custom size mattress or just want to update to better quality mattress in your RV and you decide to go with Mattress Insider, you can use our code – VIBE to get 5% off your order!

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  1. Patti says:

    How is the Mattress working for you now that you have used it for a while?

  2. Steven/Heidi says:

    Excellent find and purchase. So excited for the two of you after watching your fixer-up project video of the trailer being “bare-bones.” You will love Airstream as I believe you have owned one before, correct? We have the Airstream Bambi and she is awesome. So cute and light enough for our SUV to be able to pull her. Have fun and again congrats.

    Steven and Heidi