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11 Best Moab Camping Spots

11 Best Moab Camping Spots

The experience of Moab camping is among the best in the USA. The area is home to two amazing National Parks, an epic State Park and countless campgrounds.

In this article we’ll share the 11 best Moab camping options. From luxury RV Resorts to secluded tent sites, these 11 campgrounds are the best Moab has to offer.

All campsites we rank will include GPS, price range (some are absolutely free) and a “Moab Camping Vibes” score. This score is ranked from 1 to 10 and is determined by location, amenities, and camp experience.

Watch The Moab Camping Spots Video While You Read:

Arch View RV Resort

Arch View RV Resort is the quintessential RV camping option in Moab. It has a huge selection of sites with different offerings. This family friendly park has a pool, splash pad and playground. It’s dog friendly and has trails that connect straight to the campground.

GPS: 38.6768, -109.6875

Price: $40-$75

Ideal Camping Style: This site is ideal for the family RV traveler. With fun amenities and easy access to Arches National Park, this campground will be great for ease and enjoyment. They do offer tent sites & cabins as well.

Why You’ll Love It: You’ll love it because you love RV life with full hook ups. Your family travel style is challenging enough – Arch View RV Resort does the work for you. It’s close to the National Park.

There are plenty of activities to do onsite and there’s even a nice gas station attached to the lobby (I know that sounds sketchy, but think more like a high end gift shop that sell gas on the interstate).

Why You Might Not Love It: You might not like it if you’re into outdoor adventure. Moab is home to so many awesome activities and Arches RV Resort isn’t the best path to high intensity outdoor sports. It also may be a little too busy for you. This isn’t the best place for solitude.

What’s The Word: Mike on Campendium says, “Great location for visiting Arches NP and Canyonlands NP. We were here in the middle of August which is a very busy time for the Moab area. Much cheaper than trying to stay in Moab. Park has everything You need including the best bathrooms that We have ever experienced in an RV site.

Moab Camping Vibes Score: 6.5 (out of 10) The vibes are amplified by seeing actual arches in the distance, but the resort vibe doesn’t truly represent Moab.

Big Bend BLM Campground

Big Bend BLM Campground is located on the northeast side of town on the Colorado River. This federal land offers limited amenities but maximum vibes.

GPS: 38.6486, -109.4799

Price: $20

Ideal Camping Style: This spot is great for tent camping, van/car camping, and small RV camping. It’s family friendly, but at times can be rowdy.

Why You’ll Love It: This site has all the best Moab vibes. Beautiful red rock structures line the Colorado River. Water sports, hiking and biking is all nearby or connected to this Moab camping site.

Why You Might Not Love It: You’ll hate this campground if you love your cell phone. Our coverage here was little to none. Otherwise, this might be the most rad spot in town!

What’s The Word: RVn Like Royalty on Campendium says, “This was a great campground next to the Colorado River and only 6 miles from Moab. We were there the first part of October. There was only 8 spots, but several campgrounds close by. The campground was full by 2 pm each day”

Moab Camping Vibes Score: 8.5 The only negatives for this site are cell coverage and RV accessibility. Being tied to your cell during a camping trip is lame, but not being able to make that emergency call is pretty lame, too!

Lower Gemini Bridges BLM

Are you an adventurous camper with an awesome 4×4? If so, this is for you. Lower Gemini is so far off the main roads, you’ll likely have it to yourself or very few neighbors.

GPS: 38.6118, -109.667

Price: FREE

Ideal Camping Style: 4X4 off grid truck camping. We wouldn’t recommend anyone else try it!

Why You’ll Love It: You’ll absolutely love this site if you want an off road adventure. Moab camping often involves driving in dirt, but this drive is for a true lover of exploration.

Why You Might Not Love It: If you can’t access this campground, you might not like it too much. Also, cell reception is pretty sketchy here – even if you have a cell booster!

What’s The Word: Road It Up on Campendium says, “This is the perfect camping spot for high clearance 4×4 small rigs. Gemini Bridges rd is not for the faint of heart and do not attempt to get here with a bigger rig (or at least scout it out first!). Note that there is no signal here.”

Moab Camping Vibes Score: 6.0 Free always makes for good vibes. Accessibility and cell reception knock it down a few points.

Canyonlands RV Resort & Campground

This RV Resort is in the heart of downtown Moab and has lots of mature trees providing shade. The spots are pretty tightly positioned, but the location is awesome.

GPS: 38.5646, -109.5493

Price: $50 to $80

Ideal Camping Style: This campground is perfect for RV travelers. Families or retirees, the park offers full hook ups and nice pads to give you a comfy stay.

Why You’ll Love It: RV travelers willing to spend a pretty penny in return for amenities and location. Downtown Moab is vibrant – and is within walking distance from your RV site.

Why You Might Not Love It: Outdoor enthusiasts and budget travelers might not want to stay here.

What’s The Word: KellyGirl on Campendium says, “We love this campground! We went in June and it was packed in the middle of the week, but still quiet. Everyone goes to bed early and is respectful of neighbors. Right in Moab, easy walk to food & shops. Get essentials at the gas station right at the front entrance.”

Moab Camping Vibes Score: 7.0 Even though the park is pretty basic – being walking distance to downtown counts for a lot…especially in such a rural area.

Willow Springs Trail Dispersed Moab Camping

Willow Springs Trail offers easy to find camping spots very close to Arches National Park. Not to mention, this is another FREE campsite. This means you’ll need to be prepared to boondock – no amenities included.

GPS: 38.6967, -109.6751

Price: FREE

Ideal Camping Style: RV boondockers and van campers.

Moab Camping

Moab Camping – Arches National Park

Why You’ll Love It: The proximity to Arches is awesome. If you have solar power, you’ll probably love this site too. It’ll give you a chance to operate you solar with maximum results!

Why You Might Not Love It: If you rely on shore power, this site isn’t for you.

What’s The Word: TX on Campendium says, “This gem was easy to find and there were quite a few spots to choose from. There are sites on both sides of the road and some you can get off away from the road. Late evenings were when we noticed more people arriving, but there were plenty spots.”

Moab Camping Vibes Score: 7.0 This is another solid campsite that most folks can access. It encapsulates the vibe of Moab and hosts some amazing views.

Goose Island Campground

Like Big Bend Campground, Goose Island is BLM operated and positioned on the Colorado River. It’s a first come first serve site, so be prepared for disappointment if you can’t find a spot.

GPS: 38.612, -109.5575

Price: $20

Ideal Camping Style: Tent campers, small RV campers and van campers will be glad to stay here!

Why You’ll Love It: Scenery is the best at Goose Island. It also connects to a huge bike trail system. And, best of all, half the sites are located directly on the Colorado River. Unlike Big Bend Campground, you have a better chance of receiving cell service.

Why You Might Not Love It: If your rig is too big or if there aren’t any open available sites. This is an extremely popular campground. Don’t expect to find a spot on your first try.

What’s The Word: Raven on Campendium says, “We loved this campground! However, if you have dogs, beware that there are tons of foxtails! No bueno for the pups…the campground host ran a ‘do as I say’ tight ship so stay on his good side!”

Moab Camping Vibes Score: 9.0 Vibes abound on Goose Island!

Moab KOA

I know, KOAs can sometimes be overpriced and under-delivered, but Moab KOA is not that type of campground. It offers full hook ups, cabins and tent sites. If you’re RVing with your family, this KOA might be a good option.

GPS: 38.5244, -109.4959

Price: $65-95

Ideal Camping Style: Family travel in an RV

Why You’ll Love It: If you want full hook ups and a big pool. This site is good for a traveler on vacation hoping to hit all the big tourist spots.

Why You Might Not Love It: This park isn’t a good fit for solo travelers, young travelers or outdoor enthusiasts .

What’s The Word: The Flying Unicorn on Campendium says, “This KOA has many improvements including a new resort style pool. This park is clean with good internet. Spaces are tight and filled most of the time. Lots of families and kids around the park. You will have some road noise due to park being off Hwy 191 but all the campgrounds in Moab are that way.”

Moab Camping Vibes Score: 6.0 Nice views and modern amenities rank it up – crowds and noise rank it down. The staff is great at Moab KOA!

Moab Valley RV Resort

This RV resort “splits the difference”. Its kinda close to Arches, its kinda close to downtown Moab and it kinda has a cool vibe. This isn’t a bad thing (but it isn’t an awesome thing either).

GPS: 38.6007, -109.5757

Price: $60-80

Ideal Camping Style: This is another campground ideal for a family taking an RV vacation.

Why You’ll Love It: The sites have full hook ups and there’s a pool for the kids. Easy access to the Arches entrance makes doing the tourist-thing easier.

Why You Might Not Love It: If you have an adventurous bone in your body, this site will lull you to sleep. It’s not for those who want to explore off the beaten path.

What’s The Word: Tutulehr on Campendium says, “We are staying here for 3 nights. We couldn’t believe the incredible views of red cliffs right behind us. I even got photos of rainbows from the campground. The location is close to everything. You can walk to the river park.”

Moab Camping Vibes Score: 6.5 Location and views are pretty sweet. But, you could call this an RV resort for the “basic” traveler.

Drinks Canyon Campground

The canyon views are gorgeous at this spot. The price, $15, is super cheap. And, outdoor adventures can begin by simply stepping out of your door

GPS: 38.6344, -109.484

Price: $15

Ideal Camping Style: Off grid camping with epic views

Why You’ll Love It: If you like to be off grid, this spot is for you.

Why You Might Not Love It: If you cherish cell connectivity this site won’t be for you. Also, if you take comfort in reservations, this first come first serve style of camping won’t give you peace of mind.

What’s The Word: OneAddictedTraveler on Campendium says, “This site is close to Moab along Ut. 128. It is sandwiched between the highway and the river. In May the sites fill up fast. People are looking for a site before the last campers leave. Site 2 has little space and is next to a smelly biffy. Some sites are very nice.”

Moab Camping Vibes Score: 7.5 Canyon views in Moab is about as good as it gets!

BLM 143 Moab Camping

This free campsite outside of Moab is a true gem. BLM 143 is a washboard road that leads to epic views and a great boondocking community.

GPS: 38.8286, -109.7653

Price: FREE

Ideal Camping Style: Lovers of boondocking! All sizes & type welcome.

Why You’ll Love It: This is like a “locals only” spot among the RVing boondockers in the USA. If you love free camping – you’ll love this site.

Why You Might Not Love It: The only two reasons you might not like this site: 1) it’s kinda far from the touristy stuff and 2) you need full hook ups.

What’s The Word: Grovester on Campendium says, “Easy access off of 191. Washboard road entering camping area but not bad. Quite a few good spots to pick from we had 3 Rvs in 1 spot with no close neighbors. No amenities and Moab is 23 miles away. Great boondocking spot”

Moab Camping Vibes Score: 9.0 Simple. Beautiful. Free.

Under Canvas Moab Camping (Glamping)

Here’s one for all you glampers! If you must have a private yurt or quirky tee pee, you need this in your life

GPS: 13784 US-191

Price: $150 & up

Ideal Camping Style: Glamping, baby! Perfect for curated adventures and group events.

Why You’ll Love It: It’s fun, thoughtful and easy. This isn’t your standard camping trip, this is one for the memory books!

Why You Might Not Love It: Spendy! There’s a price for curated experiences.

Moab Camping Vibes Score: 8.5 The purists might knock it, but this is a truly unique experience in one of the most beautiful parts of the USA

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11 Amazing Moab Camping Spots – From Free to Expensive!

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    You didn’t mention the Dead Horse Point campgrounds. They’re $35, plus $15 per car. But they are awesome. You can see the La Sal mountains from your picnic table, and a two-minute walk takes you to the rim trail. One mile from the point. There’s electricity, concrete pads for RVs and walk-in sites for tents. Nice new bathrooms (at the newer campground), but no showers. Dish sink and drinking water. Even a dump station. You’re 10 minutes from Canyonlands and 35 minutes from Moab.

  2. drivinandvibin says:

    Awesome insight Lorraine!