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7 Festive RV Christmas Ornaments

7 Festive RV Christmas Ornaments

It’s the holiday season, baby! If you’re anything like us, you’ve already started decorating your RV for the season. Today we’re excited to share 7 RV Christmas ornaments to give your home-on-wheels a festive feel.

All of these ornaments are available online. And, if you order soon, they’ll arrive in time for your holiday travels!

PRO TIP: These ornaments also make great gifts. However, we totally forgot to include them in our list of 101 RV Gifts!

Let’s dive in!

RV Christmas.png

#1 Happy Camper Vintage Trailer

Price: around $10

Why We Love It: This is a classic “tin can” trailer ornament made out of high quality resin. Whether you like the vintage vibes or own a vintage trailer, this ornament has all the best “old school” style. It’s about 3in large – the size of a traditional ornament

Link to Buy:


#2 Retro Class C RV Ornament

Price: around $12

Why We Love It: We see lots of these retro Class C RVs on the road. If you or a loved one travels in a Class C, this ornament is a must. It’s hand painted and has beautiful craftsman touches. The largest dimension is 6 inches.

Link to Buy:


#3 Hallmark’s Cousin Eddie Ornament

Price: $23

Why We Love It: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is the perfect Christmas movie for RVers. This Hallmark ornament gives you all the quality of a beautiful ornament with the the humor of RV life!

It’s a little more spendy than other RV ornaments on this list, but that’s what comes with name brand manufacturing and movie licensing.

Link to Buy:

Cousin Eddie's RV Ornament.png

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#4  Personalized RV Vacation Ornament

Price: $15

Why We Love It: We love this ornament for RV families! You can add your names to the hats and completely customize it for your loved ones.

The quality of the ornament is great and the RV itself is more modern looking than others on the list.

Link to Buy:

RV Ornament for Family

#5 Vintage Airstream Style Ornament

Price: $14

Why We Love It: Well, we obviously love Airstreams….and this ornament looks pretty awesome! In fact, it would look good on anyone’s Christmas tree.

The ornament is made with high quality resin and measures 4 inches long.

A recent Amazon Reviewer says, “Joking with friends about moving into a mobile home and I saw this – it was a perfect gift! Now I am really ready to get on the road and my friends loved the gift.”

Link to Buy:

Vintage Airstream Ornament.png

#6 Luxury Class A RV Ornament

Price: $25

Why We Love It: It’s hard to find a good Class A RV ornament! This one fits the bill very well. It’s hand painted glass and has an “old school” ornament feel.

The dimensions are 6 x 3.1 x 2.5 inches.

Cecilia on Amazon says, “Was looking for an RV ornament that looked like a regular RV–not an Airstream or 5th wheel or trailer. Many ornaments I saw were made of resin or had a cheesy theme to it (e.g., National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation RV). This one was super nice & I gave them as gifts to 2 different couples who had just bought RV’s (I embellished them by adding the year with gold paint).”

Link to Buy:

Class A RV Ornament

#7 VW Bus Ornament

Price:  $12

Why We Love It: Finally an ornament with Santa & Mrs. Claus! Better still, they’re riding atop a vintage VW bus. This ornament is perfect for all RV nomads.

Hand painted on resin, it measures 7.2 x 5.8 x 5.1 inches.

A recent purchaser says, “Adorable and rustic! We liked the heaviness and handmade vibe of the ornament. A lot different from the store bought. mass produced items.”

Link to Buy:

VW Bus with santa.png

BONUS RV Christmas Decoration:

If you’ve got a lot of room for decorations we suggest the National Lampoon’s Christmas Village! It’s a figure set with all of your favorite characters & moments form the iconic movie.

If you’re limited on space, but still want a piece of the fun, check out the Cousin Eddie Black Water Figurine!

Cousin Eddie Black Water Figurine

Cousin Eddie Black Water Figurine

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